Monday, February 27, 2023

Ramen at Home? Make That Ramen To Go by Ramen Nagi

The afternoon rains and cool weather of January and February are slowly transitioning to the onset of summer. But one's craving for ramen never stops, rain or shine. It's for those days you need to stock up on Ramen To Go by Ramen Nagi...

Every crisis presents an opportunity. The lasting impact of the more than two-year long pandemic experience resulted in countless innovations in the local culinary scene such as convenient DIY kits allowing consumers to recreate the same restaurant style quality servings at home. Ramen at home? Easy. The Ramen To Go line of Ramen Nagi solves that in minutes. But with the long days of quarantine behind us, is it still relevant? I think so. Now let's make some ramen...

From the first release of the Ramen To Go series by Ramen Nagi at the height of the pandemic three years ago, the innovative DIY solution clearly filled a need being the right product at the right time (for more on my first Ramen To Go experience, see my post Dining in the Next Normal: Be A Ramen Chef at Home with the Chicken Paitan King Ramen To Go by Ramen Nagi from 2020). Ramen cravings are, after all a serious matter. The fleeting novelty of the concept may have waned a bit in the post pandemic phase, but you'll have to agree nothing beats a hearty bowl of restaurant quality ramen at home anytime the craving strikes. 

While at Ramen Nagi, why not pick up a few hot items for take-out to pair with your ramen feast at home? The specialty Gyoza and Chicken Karaage works all the time.

The crisp and juicy Chicken Karaage and savory Gyoza offer tasty bites with flavorful bursts to complete your ramen feast at home. As a side or light snack, the Hot Ramen To Go selections of Ramen Nagi solves the meal time situation at home in a snap.

For today's main course, let's do the Red King. The Ramen To Go package by Ramen Nagi contains all the ingredients individually packed for the perfect bowl of ramen at home. For the Red King, each package contains two servings with the base Tonkotsu Broth, Ramen Noodles, Pork Chashu, Red Minced Pork, fresh Vegetables, Kikurage or wood ear mushrooms, Minced Garlic and special Fire Sauce.

With simple and easy to follow instructions detailed on each package, your own perfect bowl of ramen begins with heating the rich broth followed by cooking the noodles (10 seconds-Hard, 20 seconds-Medium and 60 seconds-Soft) and heating the assorted toppings. When all the components are ready, you can assemble all the cooked ingredients in your favorite bowl. Top with a soft-boiled egg and Ramen Nagi just made you a ramen chef.

Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. The rich Tonkotsu Broth base infused with Chili Oil, Cayenne Pepper, Garlic, a ball of Miso with Minced Pork and Pork Chashu brings layers of flavors with each soothing sip capped by a comforting and lingering heat. The spice levels temper the savory richness of the Tonkotsu Broth, Minced Pork and Pork Chashu for that balanced finish without overwhelming the palate. One sip leads to another all the way until the bottom of the bowl.

For most days, the Red King by Ramen Nagi does the job of satisfying your ramen craving with its spicy kick...

...while for some days, it's the Original Butao King that makes the cut. Just like the Red King, each package of the the Original Butao King Ramen To Go by Ramen Nagi contains two servings. The creamy and milky texture of the broth drapes the palate with its rich notes while the different components conspire for that perfect bowl of ramen replicated in minutes at home.

Just like what you'd expect at any Ramen Nagi branch, you get to enjoy your bowl of ramen fresh off the pot at its flavorful peak at home. And that's no ordinary ramen you just made, that's the Original Butao King (for more on the Original Butao King, see my post The Original King: Ramen Nagi's Classic Butao On A Rainy Day from 2017).

The DIY Kit is one of those innovative trends from the pandemic allowing ordinary people like us to prepare restaurant quality dishes at home. Sadly, the resumption of the daily routine with dining out as the norm may have dented the popularity of DIY Kits. But there are days when those sudden cravings for ramen strikes late at night and the Ramen To Go by Ramen Nagi always saves the day.

Are DIY Kits like the Ramen To Go by Ramen Nagi still relevant in the current scenario post pandemic? Let's have another sip and bite to ponder on the question. One more sip and yes, the unique concept born out of the pandemic still has a place in the evolving culinary scene specially for those late night cravings for ramen. Agree? I'd like to hear your thoughts...

Ramen Nagi is located at the Ground Floor, Robinsons Magnolia, New Manila, Quezon City or call 470-1356 for inquiries and more information. You can also visit their FB Page at for updates.

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