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Fried Chicken, Noods, Sweet Pies and More: Angel's Pizza Introduces New Savory Offerings Plus Desserts Too

The heavens unleash an array of new savory and sweet offerings for a tasty encounter that will make you fall in love all over again with Angel's Pizza. From fried chicken to local noods andesserts, Angel's Pizza's exciting roster of new dishes is another heaven-sent treat you just can't pass up...

Emerging as one of the more popular go-to dining andelivery hotspots arounthe country, Angel's Pizza solidifies its position with the introduction of new dishes inspired by comfortingly familiar local flavors to supplement its signature best-selling line of pizza and pasta. Spicy Fried Chicken, Chicken Fingers, Palabok Special, Saba Con Yelo, Ube Macapuno Pie, Banana Langka Pie and Triple Chocolate Cake. Game? Then read on...

Riding high with its specialty pizzas bannered by its unique all-time bestseller Creamy Spinach Dip Pizza, Angel's Pizza builds on its solid line-up of flavorful hits with new additions to add to your list. More choices and options means you don't need to make another stop to complete your feast. You'll find it all at Angel's Pizza (for more on Angel's Pizza, see my posts Angel Sent: The New Creamy Spinach Sushi Bake Pizza by Angel's Pizza and One Stop, Delivered and Done for Angel's Pizza, Tien Ma's, and Figaro Coffee at Cafe Portofino from The Figaro Group). 

"Angel's Pizza continues to grow and become the restaurant of choice for many local consumers, so in line with that, we also strive to provide more choices of delicious food that our customers can enjoy together with our fan-favorite pizzas, such as noodle and pasta dishes, chicken dishes, andesserts," shared Ace Azarraga, Brand and Partnership Director of Angel's Pizza.

First up on the list of new menu additions is the Angel's Pizza Spicy Fried Chicken (P 585-6 pcs) from its Angel's Box of Chicken line. And who doesn't love a good fried chicken, right?

A fiery hot take on their original fried chicken offering, the Spicy Fried Chicken turns up the heat with each crisp and juicy bite. You get to enjoy the same crunchy and juicy fried chicken we love from Angel's Pizza but with a mildly spicy kick to change up your fried chicken game. Marinated with salt, pepper and chili powder, the Spicy Fried Chicken teases the palate with its soothing layer of spice.

The Spicy Fried Chicken isn't overwhelmingly spicy nor is it lip-numbing hot, but it's there and just enough to tickle your palate. A dip in gravy balances and completes the flavors. Available in the Angel's Box of 6 or a choice for the various chicken combo meals, the new Spicy Fried Chicken from Angel's Pizza may be just what you need for that extra yet gentle flavorful kick.

And if you still need more to fix your fried chicken craving, Angel's Pizza has a lighter option that hits the spot with the new Angel's Pizza Chicken Fingers (P 130/P 160 with rice or as a side item). Deep-fried for that crisp and juicy finish, the Chicken Fingers with gravy satisfies any fried chicken craving in tasty bite-sized strips of solid flavors.

Paired with rice or as a side, the Chicken Fingers is the answer to your insatiable fried chicken cravings. Add it to your feast of pizza, Spicy Fried Chicken and noods for a sumptuous feast at Angel's Pizza.

And talking about noods, Angel's Pizza adds a familiar local staple to its menu with the new Angel's Pizza Palabok Special (P 110 Solo/P 145 for two/P 355 Platter good for 4-5). The savory noodle dish brings a distinct Filipino flavor to the menu at Angel's Pizza, and for many this is a welcome addition to the already vibrant mix of flavors and options

With its traditional blend of ingredients like minced beef, tinapa flakes and annatto giving it both its distinctive color and flavor, the Palabok Special brings nostalgic notes to the table. Soft yet springy white rice noodles draped in a thick and rich shrimp based sauce topped with succulent shrimps and eggs, that just brings back so many nostalgic memories. 

A hearty noodle dish always brings a festive and comforting vibe to any meal, and the Palabok Special at Angel's Pizza hits close to home to warm your palate. With its repertoire of pasta dishes like the Classic Spaghetti, Carbonara, Mac & Cheese and Cheesy Lasagna, the stellar cast of noods at Angel's Pizza is now complete with the addition of the Palabok Special. 

Dessert? Angel's Pizza has that covered too. Angel's Pizza then aims for a larger slice of the pie with its new sweet pie offerings like the Banana Langka Pie (P 90) and Ube Macapuno Pie (P 90) to cap your dining experience on a high note.

The Ube Macapuno Pie is an indulgent combo that works with the sweetness of the soft coconut pairing well with the deep nutty richness of purple yam adding depth to complete the flavors... 

...while the Banana Langka Pie with its own unique blend of flavors from the banana and jackfruit is another tempting treat for that perfect sweet ending. From the sweet pastry shell to its equally sweet filling, the new pies are pockets of pure indulgence showcasing familiar local flavors.

If chocolate is more your jam, the Triple Chocolate Cake (P 110) gives you a triple dose of the good stuff in a layered cake creation.

Angel's Pizza doesn't hold back with this decadent chocolate triple play. Each deep dive with the spoon brings layers of luscious and pure chocolate goodness. 

One more treat rounds up the new menu offerings at Angel's Pizza with the sweet and refreshing Saba Con Yelo (P 100) to cool you down after a hearty feast. One spoonful makes you realize how much you've missed the timeless and comforting flavors of the iced dessert.

Imagine sweet, creamy and milky layers of saba, milk, tapioca pearls, brown sugar syrup and shaved ice in a glass for another classic dessert staple from childhood that still as good as you remember it. Scorching hot summer or rainy days, this one still makes the list. 

Now with over 97 outlets nationwide and counting, Angel's Pizza remains the fastest growing pizza brand in the country. And its the continuous roll-out of new and innovative products like the Spicy Fried Chicken, Palabok Special, Chicken Fingers, Ube Macapuno and Banana Langka Pies, Triple Chocolate Cake and Saba Con Yelo that keeps the brand well ahead of the game. Product innovation never stops at Angel's Pizza as the brand aims to satisfy even more consumers with an increasingly growing and diverse range of tastes and preferences.

Variety and value always works. Anchored by its line of specialty pizza selections like the Creamy Spinach Dip Pizza which you'll only find at Angel's Pizza, the addition of new dishes keeps the brand top-of-mind when it comes to dining or delivery options. 

Constant innovations and unique product roll-outs enables the proudly homegrown brand to keep in step with the times and changing consumer preferences. Pizza, fried chicken, noods and dessert too. Let Angel's Pizza fix all your cravings...

How to order the newest offerings from Angel's Pizza? Simply go to the Angel's Pizza Mobile App, the Angel's Pizza website at www.angelspizza.com.ph, via store hotlines at (02) 8922 222 for Metro Manila and through GrabFood and foodpanda. You can also visit their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/angelspizzaph for more information and updates.

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