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Tea Time with a Vibrant Splash of Colors and Flavors, It's Sanso Afternoon Tea at The Writers Bar in Raffles Makati

Art and tea. A feast for the senses comes together in a masterful and seamless weave as afternoon tea takes on the vivid colors inspired by national artist Juvenal Sansó at The Writer's Bar... 

An indulgent and lavish feast for the eyes and palate is brewing in one of the metro's most elegant spots. In a unique and creative collaboration, The Writers Bar of Raffles Makati showcases the visual arts with the Modern and Contemporary Art Festival 2023 (MoCAF) and Fundacion Sansó for an afternoon tea experience like no other. Dubbed as Sansό Afternoon Tea, Raffles Makati's Executive Chef Bela Rieck and his team create their own culinary masterpieces of sweet and savory bites and nibbles in a colorful tapestry of intricate andecadent notes for a memorable afternoon at The Writer Bar. Come in for a soothing cup of tea and feed your eyes with the the Best and Last of Sansό's Modernos...

Art is nothing new to The Writers Bar in Raffles Makati, in fact it's inspired by it. From literary classics to fashion and modern culture, the afternoon tea experience has been reimagined in countless memorable editions of its popular tea offerings and long-running tea tradition (for more on afternoon tea at The Writers Bar, see my previous posts Afternoon Tea Turns Japanese with Sakura Afternoon Tea at The Writers Bar in Raffles Makati from April this year, Afternoon Tea and Italian Style: High Fashion an High Tea in an Elegant Weave at #FURLAAfternoonTea in The Writers Bar of Raffles Makati from November last year, Show Me The Honey: The Honeyholic Afternoon Tea for Two at The Writers Bar in Raffles Makati from July last year, Doing It Right: Tea Etiquette at The Writers Bar's Queen Victoria Royal Afternoon Tea from six years back, Tea with a French Accent: The Royal Afternoon Tea Series Featuring Marie Antoinette at Writers Bar from 2017, Breakfast at Tiffany's? Make That Afternoon Tea at Tiffany's. At Writers Bar...from 2016 anAfternoon Tea with a New York Twist at Writers Bar from way back in 2014).

"Art is very close to the heart of Raffles Makati as it houses over 1,600 art pieces by local artists with select masterpieces being highlighted through an art tour, available to interested hotel guests, and is conducteby the Hotel Curator and Heaof Butler Service, Mr. Julio Lapuz," shared Fairmont and Raffles Makati's Hotel Manager Aubrey Ada

Through the years, the afternoon tea tradition has been a much awaited and anticipated offering at The Writers Bar. For its latest edition, The Writers Bar at Raffles Makati takes a closer look at one of the country's distinguished living artists, Juvenal Sansó, matching his bold brush strokes of vibrant hues with Executive Chef Bela Rieck's own masterful creations for Sansó Afternoon Tea in a visceral palette to palate experience.

Born in Spain and raised in Manila, Juvenal Sansó's vision and culinary style was shaped by his own experiences from his traumatic "Black Seriesduring World War II reflected through his often gruesome and edgy black & white images to his now iconic strokes of bright red, green, blue and orange hues with the Brittany Series of floral works, the Breton House Series, the Abstract Series and the Moderno Series. His works of art are now part of the exclusive collections of well over forty museums around the world. And now, his vision is reinterpreted in an equally colorful spread of flavors by Executive Chef Bela Rieck... 

...for Sansó Afternoon Tea at The Writers Bar in Raffles Makati. Draped in the warm glow of natural light and serenaded by a live musical performer, The Writers Bar remains one of the best spots in the metro for afternoon tea.

First, pick your tea. The Writers Bar offers a wide selection of premium teas including Pink Garden, Moroccan, Genmaicha, Japanese Sencha, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Raffles Makati Tea Blend, Royal Darjeeling, Comptoir Des Indes, Lemon Bush and Pai Mu Tan. If you prefer to buck tradition and go your own way with a soothing cup of fresh brewed coffee, that's no problem too as The Writers Bar also offers Brewed Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino and Mocha.

An elegant three-tiered tray is then served to formally begin your Sansó Afternoon Tea experience at The Writers Bar...

...with its selection of savory treats to tempt your palate like Gazpacho Shots, Ham and Cheese Puffs, Fresh Tomato Bruschetta, Tortilla Squares with Spiced Chorizo and Filipino Fresh Lumpia with Peanut Sauce. The play on Spanish, Filipino, French and Italian notes is an homage to Sansó's roots and travels delivering fresh and bold flavors just like his famed brush strokes. 

The richness of flavors and delectable textures of the Ham and Cheese Puff drapes the palate with its lingering notes, perfectly washedown and smoothened by the deep finish of the Raffles Makati Tea Blend

Moving up the three-tiered tray, Executive Chef Bela Rieck continues to paint his canvas of flavors with the playfully inventive Churro Bites with Cinnamon and Chocolate and Leche Flan. Laid on a chocolate disc, no need to dunk the churro in a cup of hot chocolate while the Leche Flan is adorned with an ornate honeycomb-like pattern for some creative touches by Executive Chef Bela Rieck.

The familiar notes and textures of Spanish churros in a bite-sized rendition with a chocolate disc is pure genius... 

...while the lusciously silky smooth Leche Flan with its intricate honeycomb is both nostalgic comfortingly indulgent with its unrestrained sweetness and decadent finish. Just like Sansó's timeless pieces, Executive Chef Bela Rieck doesn't hold back on flavors.

At the top tier, Executive Chef Bela Rieck presents a decadent finale with his Mango Tartlets, Turron de Chocolate, Tres Leches Cake Bites and Ube Cupcakes in time to refill your pot of tea.

Take a closer look at the intricate desserts and you'll find splashes of color just like Sansó's art pieces woven into the experience. And that's the perfect sweet ending for a memorable afternoon at The Writers Bar.

The Sansó Afternoon Tea Set also comes with Olive Scones, Classic Scones, a jar of honey harvested from Raffles Makati's very own bee farm in the property, clotted cream and jam.

The Sansó Afternoon Tea is available from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm on a Reservations Only basis until September 6 for P 2,900 for two inclusive of coffee or tea of your choice. You can also opt to customize your experience with upgrades like Two Glasses of Splendor Mocktails (P 550+), Two Glasses of Tranquility Cocktails (P 800+) and Two Glasses of Moёt Brut Champagne (P 1,800+).

Throughout the duration of the exclusive promotion at The Writers Bar, Fundacion Sansó's "Best and Last of Sansó's Modernos" memorabilia and paintings will be on display as you enjoy Sansó Afternoon Tea

The pure pleasures and enjoyment of art and food is an immersive experience, and you can change up your afternoon tea game with the seamless palette to palate weave at The Writers Bar for a limited time until September 6. Add a splash of vibrant colors and flavors to your afternoon tea experience with Sansó Afternoon Tea at The Writers Bar, and book your table via

The Writers Bar is located at the lobby level of Raffles Makati Hotel, 1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, 1224 Makati City or call 28555 9777 for inquiries. You can also visit their FB Page at for more updates.

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