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The Best of the World Comes to San Juan: One World Deli Opens Latest and Biggest Branch at The Corner House

In one of the truly unique establishments that takes your palate on a flavorful culinary journey around the world without leaving the city, a new gateway opens for a bigger and grander experience. The world's finest and freshest comes to One WorlDeli, and One WorlDeli now brings the world to San Juan...

From the freshest responsibly sourced seafood around the world to gourmet cheeses and ingredients, premium meats to artisan sausages, fine wines andecadent chocolates, gelato and garden fresh organic greens, exquisite teas and coffee, all you need for your gourmet kitchen at home can be found at One World Deli. Searching the world's markets for the very best, One World Deli is your portal to the finest local and imported products under one roof without leaving the metro.

The success of the original location in Makati soon became the springboard for the launch of its latest location at The Corner House in San Juan. And it's the biggest yet. Since 2022, One World Deli has been known for its welfare-friendly meats, sustainable seafood, unique pantry staples and organic local produce as more and more discerning consumers now demand food provenance placing value on where their food comes from, how it's raised and processed. Step inside the newest branch of One World Deli in San Juan and enjoy the world's best in one place...

The aptly named pristine white structure prominently situated at the corner of C. M. Recto and P. Guevarra Streets in San Juan isn't difficult to spot for those familiar with the neighborhood. And it's easy to see why the sleek modern lines of The Corner House will soon be the next hottest dining destination in San Juan. Located at the grounfloor, One World Deli opens up infinite possibilities in transforming your dining experience at home with their wide and curated selection of the finest premium ingredients from international purveyors and local food artisans (for more on One World Deli, see my post The World's Finest in One Place. At One World Deli... on their first branch in Makati from last year).

More than just a deli, One World Deli is also a café, bakery and bar offering hearty cuisine using many of the premium products from their own shelves as well as soothing libations from wines and spirits in their own collection. The seamless merging of retail and dining spaces is one of the many features that sets One World Deli from the rest for a class all its own. Currently the biggest branch to date, the elegant space takes inspiration from the country's oldest underground reservoir in San Juan. The high arches and warm lighting recreate the cavernous features of El Deposito, gently immersing you in the unique One World Deli experience. What to expect at One World Deli? Here's a virtual tour...

At the launch, guests were handed a detailed guide and virtual passport to a world of flavors to fully experience what One World Deli has to offer while allowing you to customize your plan of attack. There is no required sequence, simply hit the spots that catches your eye and collect the necessary stamps. Savor the flavors of the world at your own pace for an immersive experience in one of those rare establishments in the metro that can magically transport you anywhere in the world with each bite and sip in just a few steps.

Mark your journey with a healthy and refreshing start by harvesting your own bowl of organic greens. The Farm Fresh area is your first stop with its mix of local and imported vegetables including impressive towers of hydroponically grown salad greens...

...and a lavish salad selection. During the formal launch of One World Deli, Pedro Farms showcased their fresh harvest of organic vegetables for that perfect salad with a variety of dressings.

You can opt to builyour own salad just the way you like it or simply go for the conveniently prepared salads in cups, just pick your dressing for that fresh and organic nutrition boost. 

The Farm Fresh area with its tempting variety and selection of organic salad greens and vegetables is already one of many reasons to visit One World Deli.

Plus, the wide array of local and imported fresh fruits are another attraction at One World Deli. Fresh from farms across the globe and straight to the shelves, One World Deli truly is the world's market.

Each spot at One World Deli highlights a specific range of products from their wide and extensive curated selection of premium offerings...

...including pantry essentials from Italian air-dried pasta, spices and condiments to snacks, desserts and breakfast staples... a lavish frozen section with its wide variety of products. Find something you're instantly craving for? Pull up with your cart then and load up. 

Coffee or tea? One World Deli has that covered too including the local artisan tea offerings from Tsaa Laya and premium coffee blends from Henry & Sons. That evening, Jamir Ocampo of Tsaa Laya shared their bestselling brews while Michael Harris Conlin of Henry & Sons sampled their prized coffee beans.  

The Cellar with its stellar selection of fine wines from both the old and new worlds is your spot to add to your own personal collection at home. Have a chat with One World Deli's own sommelier for his picks and recommendations.

Then, that unmistakable whiff of comforting fresh-bakegoodness draws you to the other side of One World Deli...

...for the lavish baked creations of Chef John Lees, the genius behind The Tattooed Baker.

One of many chef driven offerings at One World Deli, Chef John Lees brings both classic tradition, inspired inventiveness and creativity to his exquisite fresh-baked repertoire of indulgent desserts and rustic line of artisan bread.

From intricate viennoiserie like croissants, pain au chocolat and Danish pastries along with sourdough bread and French baguettes fresh off the oven... elegant pastries, macarons (you need to try his creative and even surprising flavors of macarons) and sinfully luscious cakes, The Tattooed Baker by Chef John Lees is one stop you shouldn't skip at One World Deli. Better yet, grab a croissant paired with The Tattooed Baker's fresh-brewed cup of coffee after shopping and checking out your cart of goodies from One World Deli.

Carnivorous cravings are easily fixed at One World Deli with the savory offerings at Meat Anton helmed by Chef Migs Gianan. That's right, the same dude and all-meat wizard behind One World Butchers (more on my post, A Fiery Start to a Carnivore's Dream at One World Butchers Resto and Deli in Poblacion).

Located at the center of One World Deli, Meat Anton brings an impressive line-up of world-class meats to the counter... 

...bannered by John Stone Beef dry-aged meats from Ireland, Braveheart Black Angus Beef from the US, Dingley Dell Red Duroc Pork from the UK and Satsuma Fukunaga Wagyu from Japan.

You'll also find the artisan specialty sausages, cold cuts, cured meats and charcuterie from One World Butchers at Meat Anton in One World Deli. Now where's the Sisig Sausages, loading up on that one.

That night during the launch, Meat Anton rolled out their savory arsenal of meat specialties paired with gourmet cheeses for delectable nibbles.

When it comes to seafood, alive and kicking is always a sure sign of freshness. 

And it just doesn't get any fresher than this. The chilled aquariums lining the wall with live sustainably sourced seafood caught off the cold frigid waters of the Atlantic and Bering Sea reveal yet another feature unique to One World Deli. Maine Lobsters and Alaskan King Crabs are just some of the day's freshest live catch... the station team hauls in another big catch of Yellowfin Tuna to the counter. It's sights like these that elevate the deli experience, with the freshest premium catch at First Catch Seafood Bar.

The Yellowfin Tuna gets its time in the limelight before being carved for the sweetest sashimi at First Catch Seafood Bar

The magnificent first catch is celebrated by Jun Sy, the man behind One World Deli and many other successful dining concepts from PYC Foods Corporation flanked by sustainable and traceable seafood advocates Christian Schmidradner and Claudia Rose Mendez of SeaTrace International (for more on SeaTrace International and the Philippine Sustainability Movement, see my post Sights and Flavors at the Philippine Sustainability Event by SeaTrace International at Marriott Manila).

All the seafood offerings at First Catch Seafood Bar are sustainably and responsibly sourced like their Oysters... 

...and that means your Lobsters...

...and Alaskan King Crabs for tonight's special dinner at home are free from any unethical practices for your guilt-free indulgence.

First Catch Seafood Bar also offers a premium selection of succulent oysters including Gallagher Oysters from Ireland, Fine de Claire Oysters from France and large and plump Hokkaido Oysters from Japan. Have a seat at the bar and enjoy some freshly shucked oysters with a cold beer. 

The Yellowfin Tuna is masterfully sliced, carved and served with the fresh yet bold briny sweetness draping the palate with a decadent and luscious richness. It's as fresh as it can be, an you can always expect that level of quality at One World Deli.

A soothing sip of Perrier Lemon cleanses the palate, and you're ready to continue on your flavorful journey to a world of flavors at One World Deli.

A welcome stop at the Café presents yet another opportunity to sample the varied and diverse flavors of One World Deli with their meticulously and thoughtfully crafted meals using ingredients available at the deli. 

That evening, Chef Nadine Howell Fanlo demonstrated the intricate art of shaping fresh pasta to highlight one of the signature offerings at the Café...

...along with their rustic and comforting pizza creations.

Who doesn't love a good gelato? One World Deli stocks one of the best artisan local gelatos in the country with Chef Zarah Manikan's indulgent Gelato Manila (for more on Gelato Manila, see my post One Wicked Collab: Gelato Manila Collaborates with Engkanto Brewery for Some Enchanting Gelato Creations). One of the pioneers in gelato, Chef Zarah delighted guests with her luscious, silky smooth and creamy scooped indulgence. But Chef Zarah goes a step further by encouraging guests to customize their gelato with a variety of toppings and sauces for that dream cup. And now you know where to find Gelato Manila in San Juan.

Chocolate expert Christian Valdes shared the subtle and even nuanced yet decadent differences between various types of chocolate at the Risa Chocolate station, a proudly local and artisan brand. From European and Belgian style chocolate to bars made from local cacao, the richness of chocolate never fails to tease the palate.  

And that's not all. You'll even find items for your home and garden at One World Deli, even beauty and wellness products making it truly the one-stop shop for premium shopping. 

At the end of your flavorful global tour, enjoy a refreshing round of libations at Top TippleOne World Deli's very own bar with its collection of choice wines and spirits. A tipple after shopping? Absolutely. The team behind One World Deli simply thought of everything for a seamless experience.

But it's the innovative concept of culinary customization that defines the One World Deli experience. The design and layout of One World Deli enables customers to hand-select and pick their ingredients from the vast array of premium offerings displayed throughout the elegant space. From choice cuts of meat, live seafood, organic vegetables or gourmet cheeses, curating a personalized feast at home for that special occasion becomes an interactive and empowering experience. This allows you to have a deeper connection with food while creating a bespoke dining experience. And that, along with the impressive offerings on the shelves, is what makes One World Deli a class in itself.

With its original location in Makati plus two new branches in SM MOA and the biggest yet in San JuanOne World Deli is fast becoming the source for the best and finest the world has to offer. Once inside, all it takes are just few steps to begin a flavorful journey offering memorable and delicious stories to your own culinary adventures. Let One World Deli bring the best of the world to you at their newest branch at The Corner House in San Juan...

One WorlDeli San Juan is located at The Corner House, C. M. Recto Street corner P. Guevarra Street, San Juan, Metro Manila. You can also visit their FB Page and IG Feed at and for more information and updates. 

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