Monday, March 18, 2013

A Buffet Dinner at Primero Casa Filipino

Comfort food, buffet style, in an ancestral home, can it get any better? An extensive selection of dishes, from starters to mains all the way to desserts, just the place for one cool dinner.

It was my first time to visit Primero Casa Filipino, and I was there early. The dinner buffet service was being set up, and I had to restrain myself from grabbing a quick bite. As more dishes were prepared and displayed, the once empty food stations started to look real good. And with Primero Casa Filipino's reasonable buffet rates, it's a deal you just can't pass up.

Located in the predominantly residential area of Quezon City in one of the many side streets along Tomas Morato, Primero Casa Filipino is another cool gem offering great comfort food. A converted ancestral home, Primero Casa Filipino has a certain charm and feel, and dining at Primero Casa Filipino feels like dining in a friend's home. And the buffet style dining just adds to the homey overall experience.

The spacious dining area is great for groups, including cozy little corners for family get-togethers. The food stations are easy to navigate, which makes it convenient for return trips. And you'll definitely go for seconds and thirds.

Primero Casa Filipino also has function rooms for corporate events on the second floor, or for private gatherings. Additional seating options include a cool al fresco dining area and a bar. 

Throughout the cozy interiors, one can still find touches from the original home, including impressive stained glass windows by the staircase. It's little details like these that make dining at Primero Casa Filipino a cool dining experience.

The buffet offerings at Primero Casa Filipino changes daily, so each visit presents a new dining experience. If you are going on your second or third visit, it might be a good idea to give them a call and find out if your favorite dish will be available on the day of your visit. Here's a sampling of what one can expect from a typical buffet dinner at Primero Casa Filipino...

Starters include these unique Mustasa Wraps, with flavorful ground pork rolled in mustard greens. The seasoned ground pork stuffing blend well with the sharp notes of the mustard greens, definitely different and a cool starter before the main dishes.

Next, Sisig Shooters. A familiar flavor presented with a unique twist. Spicy Sisig in a crisp wrap, simply pour a little soy chili sauce, and enjoy. The chili adds a nice kick to this little treat, but if you don't like the heat, simply remove the chili. Or have a cold beer within easy reach.

Primero Casa Filipino continues to surprise with its Fresh Lumpia Shooters, bite-sized rolls in shot glasses. Add a little sauce and crushed peanuts, and a shot can easily lead to another. And another.

Other interesting starters include the Baked Aubergine and Cumin, bite-sized with subtle flavors, perfect before going all -out on the buffet...

...and crisp Tofu Cakes, great with some soy dipping sauce.

It's easy to lose control with just the starters, the salad and soup stations, but you'll need some serious self-control if you want to go on with the main dishes. Primero Casa Filipino's Zubuchon, tender juicy roast pork and crispy skin, a regular item and favorite at the buffet. Available every day, one bite will tell you why this is a regular at the buffet. With a choice of sauces, this one's a winner. Perfectly crisp crackling, and tender juicy meat. Seriously good.

And then, there's the Roasted Angus Beef, tender premium beef that's great as is, or with some gravy, another regular item featured every day at Primero Casa Filipino. But there's more...

The buffet selection at Primero Casa Filipino that day included a rich Seafood Kare-Kare, loaded with various shellfish, squid and shrimps...

...a light and flavorful Tofu and Clam al Ajillo, with a nice hint of garlic...

...homestyle Tortang Gulay with Peanut Sauce, a refreshing vegetable dish...

...Fish Fillet Adobado, great with Primero Casa Filipino's Adobo Fried Rice...

...and the homey Pork Stew, great with more Adobo Fried Rice.

Primero Casa Filipino also offers freshly baked pan de sal, and the Pork Stuffed Pan de Sal is another winner.

A pizza was also available, the Pesto Pizza with a rich pesto, tomato and and cheese topping. You can have the pizza reheated, and the courteous staff will gladly do this for you. If there is one thing that can be improved by Primero Casa Filipino's kitchen, it's the pizza crust, which was a bit hard and chewy. But there's stop, desserts.

The dessert station has an impressive display of pastries and sweets, including Palitao, glutinous rice cakes topped with grated coconut...

...Mango Crepes, topped with chocolate...

...and Halo-Halo Shooters, shot glasses filled with fruit preserves, milk, shaved ice and topped with ube (purple yam). A sweet ending to cap a perfect dinner at Primero Casa Filipino.

Primero Casa Filipino also has its own soft-serve ice cream, in chocolate and strawberry flavors. Nice. The buffet offerings at Primero Casa Filipino is impressive, and for the price, definitely one of the best deals in the metro. Primero Casa Filipino's buffet is available daily, Monday-Thursday at P 398 net, and Friday-Sunday at P 498 net. And there's ample parking space, a big plus. Good food, great value. Special thanks to Kim Marcelo for an awesome buffet meal.  

Primero Casa Filipino is located at 26 Scout Torillo corner Scout Fernandez, Sacred Heart, Quezon City or call 921-2448/921-1850 for inquiries. You can also visit their cool Facebook Page at for more details.

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  1. The pan de sal and mango crepes weren't there when I went there. :(

    1. Just like what Gerry said, deary, PCF changes the dishes daily :)
      if i'm not mistaken, the Mustasa Wrap and Baked Aubergine were not there as well when we dined in....

    2. hey mich, more reasons to visit again! Thanks for the awesome dinner Kim!

  2. great presentation, especially the sisig shooters and mustasa wraps. i like this idea of converting old homes into restaurants. it's warm and welcoming, like visiting the grandparents on a weekend. appetizing photos!

    1. Hi Luna, lots of cool surprises at Primero Casa Filipino, good food and great value too! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Ramona, it definitely is, and great value too! Good food without the high price, great to hear from you Ramona!

  4. My God! That roast pork is to die for!

    1. Hi iska, and with the crisp cracklings, awesome! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Replies
    1. Hi FTF, it was awesome, great to hear from you!

  6. nice place, good food, awesome pictues makes my tummy rumbling!

    1. Hi Nette, thanks, great buffet and fantastic value! Thanks for stopping by!


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