Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hip Cuisine at URBN Bar & Kitchen

It's rare to find classic cuisine at a bar, and rarer still to find good food in a hip bar. The cool vibe, the slick interiors and the sophisticated feel of the place add to one's dining experience at the URBN Bar & Kitchen.

Located at the third floor of Fort Pointe Building, an elevator whisks you up a seemingly exclusive and private space, revealing a large, high-ceiling bar and lounge. Just the place for a few cocktails, and yes, even a cool dinner. High in the clubbing scene's radar, URBN Bar & Kitchen is transformed every night with its regular DJs spinning nightly. But for a few hours before the arrival of serious clubbers, URBN Bar & Kitchen  also serves some awesome dishes. Always makes sense to have a full tummy before any serious clubbing...

The modern industrial look and feel adds to the cool vibe, and the place exudes a smart sophistication one expects from a club. But before the drums and base kicks in, URBN Bar & Kitchen's interiors are revealed in all its glory for the dinner service with subdued lighting.

Inside, one finds two seating areas, a smaller, almost private dining area, and a large lounge for clubbers, both with their own well-stocked bar. The large table with oversized chairs is a must see, better yet, bring along some friends for dinner and some after dinner drinks.

Nothing like a few cocktails before dinner. I start with the The Godfather, URBN Bar & Kitchen's cool blend of premium Scotch and Amaretto, definitely a cocktail you can't refuse. This one's good, the velvety smooth Scotch and subtle sweetness of the Amaretto makes this hard to let go, as you take in the cool vibe and go for another glass. 

A refined Mojito, URBN Bar & Kitchen's bestseller, made extra special with the addition of brown sugar, is another cool option before dinner. The earthy sweetness, almost like molasses, makes this one another winner. And it's quite easy to go for a second or third glass...good times.

Then, the starters arrived from Chef Benjo Tuason's kitchen, with the Caramelized Onions and Bacon Tartlets, topped with pesto cream cheese. Perfect little bites with a sharp flavor of bacon and the richness of the pesto cream cheese, a winning combo. 

URBN's House Salad came next, mixed greens with poached pears, candied walnuts, shaved parmesan and a raspberry vinaigrette. A refreshing and hearty bowl of greens with a sweet and tangy vinaigrette, perfect before any meal at URBN Bar & Kitchen.

Double Baked Manchego Souffle, with crispy Jamon Serrano and Manchego bechamel, a blend of rich and delightfully salty flavors from the Manchego, bechamel and Jamon Serrano. Simply yet elegantly plated, the dish packs a serious punch of flavors and textures, great with another Mojito. 

Seared Scallops, with cauliflower puree and Jamon Serrano, with the subtle sweetness of the fresh scallops and contrasting sharpness of the Jamon Serrano combining for rich flavors and textures. A light yet rich dish, a must-try.

And after a few cocktails, you just gotta have some burgers. The Mini Blackbenny Angus Burgers, topped with mild cheddar, bacon onion jam and aioli on brioche buns; and Mini Curried Shrimp Burgers, topped with curry mayo coleslaw on brioche buns sure winners. The thick and rich Angus beef patties give that solid and comforting beefy punch while the Curried Shrimp Burgers have a delicate sweetness. Time for another Mojito...

Then, the serious stuff come next. Dry-aged, bone-in Ribeye, a real man's steak, seriously good. URBN Bar & Kitchen dry ages its own premium steaks, and this one is good as is, even without the gravy. Tender, juicy with a nice smoky grilled flavor, the well-seasoned ribeye is a sure bet. 

URBN Bar & Kitchen's Chicken Fried Steak, tender beef with mushroom gravy and mashed potatoes, hearty and comforting. Richly seasoned, the beef is fork-tender, and a meal in itself. Classic comfort food.

Sticky BBQ Ribs, with rice pilaf and chili butter sweet corn kernels. Tender, fall-off-the-bone ribs, great with a cold beer. Or another Mojito. The sweet, smoky glaze adds a distinct layer of flavor to the ribs, and the rice pilaf and sweet corn are perfect matches. 

Australian Rack of Lamb, herb and horseradish crust, roasted pumpkin and a garlic yogurt sauce. Tender, juicy lamb with a flavorful crust and almost none of the usual gamey flavor. A personal favorite.

And dessert? URBN Bar & Kitchen can satisfy any late night sugar craving with any of their signature desserts, like the Mango Souffle with vanilla sauce...

...the Classic Chocolate Souffle with chocolate sauce...

...the Salted Caramel Cheesecake, a personal favorite...

...and the Chocolate Love-Ah Cake, drizzled with sea salt and olive oil. A great way to cap any meal at URBN Bar & Kitchen. 

If you're after one of the coolest bars on the local club scene, this is the place. And if you're after a real cool dinner, come early, and you'll be glad you did. And after dinner, stick around and grab another another Mojito...

Special thanks to May Liwanag, Chef Benjo Tuason, and Patricia Cortez of URBN Bar & Kitchen for an awesome dinner. Good food...good times.

URBN Bar & Kitchen is located at the 3/F, Fort Pointe II Bldg., 1200 Fort Bonifacio or call 966-9118 for inquiries. 

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  1. im drooling over the scallop and ribeyes! yummy!

  2. I feel like I wanna grab some of those mini burgers. Looks really YUM! And cute too ;-)

    1. Hi iska, great food, cool place! Great to hear from you iska!


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