Saturday, March 30, 2013

Suzu Kin: Affordable Japanese Food, Everyday

Affordable Japanese food every day, and for the past thirty years, Suzu Kin has been doing just that. And its comforting to know that Suzu Kin still serves the same great-tasting Japanese dishes at affordable prices. 

The close supervision of Mrs. Suzu Kin (yes, that's her real name) has ensured that the quality of dishes remain the same, as the iconic chain's rich heritage is passed on to new owners. And for Leslie dela Cruz, continuing the tradition of Suzu Kin remains a personal mission. Good food at reasonable prices, every single day.

Located northbound along Edsa, the new restaurant is given a fresh and updated look, but the dishes remain familiar and reassuring. I remember the days when one can go for some good tempura and Japanese Fried Rice without busting one's budget, and the new Suzu Kin is still the place to go for affordable Japanese food.

Inside Suzu Kin, its bright and simple contemporary modern look complement the wide open layout, just the spot for a quick meal. A private function room is also available at the second floor, equipped with Karaoke...if you feel the need to belt out a few songs.

The starters then arrived, with Suzu Kin's signature sweet and crunchy dilis (anchovies) and breaded oysters, perfect with a cold beer.

Then, Suzu Kin's signature dishes arrived, starting with the Ebi Tempura (P 200), crisp, delicately breaded deep-fried prawns with a light crunch. And it tastes exactly the same as I remember, perfect with a bowl of Suzu Kin's Japanese Fried Rice, as more of Suzu Kin's familiar favorites were served.

Suzu Kin's California Maki (P 198 for 12 pcs), crab meat, mango, cucumber, ebiko, and sushi rice rolled in nori. That's twelve pieces, for less than than two hundred bucks. Very cool.

Salmon Sashimi (P 205), fresh salmon served with wasabi, buttery and creamy, always a good choice at Suzu Kin.

Tuna Sashimi (P 175), raw tuna served with wasabi, an all-time favorite, and a must have with any meal at Suzu Kin.

Yaki Meshi (P 68), Japanese Fried Rice, the perfect match with many of Suzu Kin's signature main dishes.

Tenderloin Beef Teppanyaki (P 198), stir-fried tenderloin beef in Suzu Kin sauce, richly flavored and a great meal option.

Hiyashi Udon (P 123), cold thick white noodles with special dipping sauce, filling and refreshing, a healthy choice for summer. Suzu Kin also offers a variety of noodle dishes at reasonable prices, so you won't run out of options.

Yaki Udon (P 132), stir-fried white noodles with vegetables, richly flavored wit a light soy sauce enhanced by fresh, crisp vegetables.

Suzu Kin also offers value meals, like the Suzu Kin Super Meal (P 210), a full meal with Ebi Tempura, Yaki Udon, Sakana Furai, Tamago Sashimi, Crabstick roll, rice and soup...

...and Suzu Kin's All-Day Everyday Meal (P 123), with Chicken Furai, Ebi Tempura, Fried Dilis, Pork Kushi Yaki, Tuna Steak, rice and soup. Hearty and filling, without hurting your wallet.

Save room for dessert, with Suzu Kin's Coffee Jelly (P 80) topped with ice cream, perfect to cap any meal at Suzu Kin. It's great to see Suzu Kin back in the mainstream, serving familiar favorites with excellent value for money. And I'm pretty sure Mrs. Suzu Kin would approve. Special thanks to Leslie dela Cruz, Owner/Manager of Suzu Kin, for an awesome lunch.

Suzu Kin is located at K-Zone, Shell Station (Northbound) Edsa corner NIA-PDEA Road, Quezon City (near MRT GMA-Kamuning Station Northbound side) or call 861-9108 for delivery or inquiries.

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