Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Menchi Katsu: More Katsu Love at Yabu, The House of Katsu

When it comes to picking winners, there's nothing like a sure bet. And when it comes to Katsu, there's nothing like Yabu's Rosu Katsu, tender and juicy pork coated in a crisp Panko layer...pure pork bliss. Out of habit, it's always been the Rosu Katsu for me. Call it my default dish, and I've never been disappointed. Until I tried the Soft Shell Crab. And the Menchi. And suddenly, there's a whole new world of Katsu... 

Menchi (which means "minced"), is a traditional Japanese dish made with finely minced meat, basically a fried meat cake, coated in Panko then deep fried like the regular katsu. Definitely new and different, and the day seemed perfect to try something new and different.  

And nothing like a cold Kirin (P 95) to go with the new dining experience at Yabu.

Menchi Curry Set (P 370), a blend of finely minced premium pork and beef coated in the signature crisp panko layer, deep-fried to perfection. But there's more. Yabu's Menchi includes a rich stuffing of cream cheese that adds a totally new flavor experience, and combine this with Yabu's thick curry sauce, and you have a Katsu like no other. Made with 45 secret ingredients, Yabu's curry is slow-cooked for at least 3 hours for that unique Yabu flavor. Yabu's curry is available in three different heat levels, starting with the Regular, all the way to Hot and Very Hot. If you like it spicy, go for the Hot curry, and have a cold Kirin within arm's reach. Each order comes with Yabu's unlimited Japanese rice, unlimited cabbage, miso soup, Japanese pickles, and seasonal fresh fruits.

Menchi Katsu Set (P 350), authentic blend of ground beef and pork seasoned with traditional Japanese spices and stuffed with rich, creamy cheese, covered in panko and deep-fried. The textures of the finely minced pork and beef, the creamy cheese and the crisp panko layer are both familiar yet different, and a worthy addition to any must-try list at Yabu.

The premium pork and beef blend, the cheese stuffing and the crisp outer layer are enough reasons to try this type of katsu.

For lovers of seafood, Yabu also offers the Creamy Dory Set (P 375), panko covered soft and delicate dory deep fried to a delightful crispness. Best paired with Yabu's tartar sauce, and another unique katsu dish. And with lent fast approaching, a cool option for Fish Fridays.

You can also order Yabu's signature oysters by the piece (P 110 ala carte). Yabu uses Hiroshima Jumbo Oysters, and the combination of textures and subtle flavors makes this another winner. Perfect when paired with a cold Kirin. The Rosu Katsu will still be on my list, but its now joined by new Katsu favorites from Yabu. And deciding which Katsu dish to order on my next visit will no longer be as easy as falling back on my default dish. But hey, its always cool to have so many options. And so many sure bets.

Special thanks to Erika Lim, PR and Events Specialist, Katsu-Ya Food Inc. for an awesome Katsu dinner at Yabu, House of Katsu. And yes, there's a whole new world of different katsus, only at Yabu, The House of Katsu. What's your favorite katsu?

Yabu House of Katsu is located at the Lower Ground Floor, Robinsons Magnolia, New Manila, Quezon City or call 961-4975 for inquiries. 

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