Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Sweet Treat from Ronna's Sweet Treats

A sweet and crumbly French Apple Streusel Pie with a dollop of creme anglaise on a weekend afternoon. Sometimes, life can be perfect, even for a few moments. Ronna's Sweet Treats make moments like these even more special. 

Introduced to baking at a young age by her paternal grandmother, Ronna Anido fondly remembers childhood summers in Baguio, baking sweet treats for the family in their summer home. During high school, Ronna pursued her love for baking by taking lessons with Sylvia Reynoso. A former banker, Ronna has turned her passion into a small business, with Ronna's Sweet Treats. From cupcakes, cookies to cakes, Ronna's Sweet Treats offers a full line of specialty desserts, including her signature Chocolate Eclairs, Pastillas de leche Cheesecake, Cookie Dough Cheesecake, and decadent Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes.

But the French Apple Streusel with Creme Anglaise remains on the top of my list. Fresh apples lovingly baked in a buttery crust with a crumbly Streusel topping, capped with a generous scoop of creme anglaise, a  rich and thick vanilla custard. Perfect.

The indulgent dessert definitely goes a notch higher with Ronna's secret vanilla custard. The sweet baked apples and the crust provide contrasting flavors and textures, capped by the creamy Creme Anglaise.

Indulgent layers of buttery crust, sweet apples, Streusel topping and Creme Anglaise, and a good cup of coffee...just can't get any better than that...

Following one's passion can take you on a long and arduous road that may even be elusive for some, but Ronna's Sweet Treats puts it all in the proper perspective. Sometimes, a  slice of French Apple Streusel Pie is all you need. And I'm pretty sure Ronna's grandmother would agree.  

To see more of Ronna's Sweet Treats, visit for more information and contact details.

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  1. Looks good! I want to try the cheesecakes! ;)

  2. Wow, I thought I was already full from dinner but oh man, that pie can make anyone's mouth water. :P

    Nice blog you have here, the Food Dude! I'll be coming back again. Visiting from Food Trip Friday, Madz from Pig Out Sessions! :)

    1. Hi Madellaine, thanks! Hoping to hear more from you soon!


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