Thursday, May 9, 2013

Quick Bites: Meet Yellow Cab's Mrs. Hudson

Finally. Prosciutto on pizza. Thank you Yellow Cab for finally coming out with a real prosciutto pizza...  

Celebrating twelve great years, Yellow Cab recently opened their 100th branch in Newport City. And what better way to cap the celebration than with an all-new, limited edition pizza. Meet Yellow Cab's Mrs. Hudson's Pizza, Yellow Cab's first sauce-less pizza, with luxurious and indulgent toppings of prosciutto and herbed boursin cheese...awesome. To complete the medley of flavors, Mrs. Hudson's Pizza also has caramelized onions, fresh tomatoes, tarragon, and a cool combo of premium cheeses.

Despite having no sauce at all, each bite brings a burst of flavor, with the sharp prosciutto blending with the rich herbed boursin cheese. The subtle sweetness combines with the savory saltiness of the premium prosciutto for a unique, different and special flavor experience. And leave it to Yellow Cab for coming up with exciting new pizza flavors. 

Inspired by the historic Hudson River of New York, with a cinematic reference to Sherlock Holmes' landlady, Yellow Cab's Mrs. Hudson's Pizza brings classic Italian-American flavors with premium ingredients  for rich and bold flavors, even without the sauce.

And what's best paired with Yellow Cab's new limited edition pizza? What else but the classic Yellow Cab Spaghetti and Meat Balls, with rich and chunky red wine sauce and two hefty meat balls. Perfect.

Hungry? Find out more on Yellow Cab's newest limited edition pizza and other great flavors at And yup, you can even order online. Cool. Here's to twelve great years of Great Times, Great Pizza.

Yellow Cab Pizza Co. operates in three countries, woth over 100 stores worldwide. Visit or follow Yellow Cab on twitter at for more information. For 24/7 Great Pizza Delivery, call 789-9999 or visit to order online.

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  1. Hi Sir Gerry,

    Happy birthday! :) We're glad you enjoyed Mrs. Hudson's Pizza. Thank you so much! Cheers! :)

    Best regards,
    Kat Lopez

    1. Hi Kat, thanks! And Mrs. Hudson's just awesome! Thanks again!

  2. This sounds like a great pizza, you've made me hungry!

    1. Hi Caroline, it was awesome, great to hear from you!

  3. Sir Gerry I would like to use one of your Hudson pizza photo in my blog thanks

    1. Hi Vi Da, no prob. I'd appreciate it if you could include my blog credits or a link to the photo. Thanks Vi Da!


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