Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ramen and More at Ramen Oh

Good food at affordable prices, an ideal combo that's rare to find these days. And rarer still to find good Japanese food at friendly prices. Then, there's Ramen Oh, with its line of signature ramen without busting your wallet.

Ramen Oh offers an extensive menu highlighted by ramen and other Japanese dishes at affordable prices. Popular among students in the Katipunan area, one can see why. Large bowls of ramen at prices that are miles away from the usual price points. There's this saying, "you get what you pay for." But in the case of Ramen Oh, you won't be disappointed.

Ramen Oh's extensive menu include its Gyoza Plate (Japanese Dumplings, P 79), with four pieces of dumplings, always a great starter...

...the Tofu Steak (P 99), breaded tofu topped with ground pork and mushrooms...

...the Kani Salad (P 69), crabstick with fresh cucumber drizzled with Japanese mayo...

...and the Agadeshi Tofu (P 89), tofu with sweet soy sauce and sesame seeds.

Then, the signature ramen dishes arrived. Ramen Oh's large Master's Mix (Gyuyakiniku Ramen, P 99 Buddy, P 190 Super), with thinly sliced tender USDA beef, soft-boiled marinated egg and vegetables in a flavorful Shoyu broth. The broth may be thinner than the usual ramen served in the popular joints, but the flavors still come through.

Go for the Super, a large bowl guaranteed to satisfy large appetites. For those with smaller appetites, Ramen Oh also offers a "Buddy" size for just P 99.

You can kick up the flavors by adding more chili oil, but it's really good as is. The thin slices of beef are flavorful, and nicely complemented by the vegetables and broth. The noodles are just fine, though not as firm, but still good for the price.

Other ramen variants include the The Big Blue (Tanmen Ramen, P 99 Buddy, P 190 Super), a seafood ramen with fish, shrimp and squid topped with crisp shrimp flakes in a lightly spicy and salty broth...

...the Shogun Star (Chasyu Shoyu Ramen, P 89 Buddy, P 170 Super), with roast pork slices and egg in shoyu broth...

...and if you're looking for a spicy ramen, the The Ramenator (Tantanmen Ramen, P 89 Buddy, P 170 Super) is the one for you, loaded with ground pork, egg and vegetables in a spicy red broth.

Other dishes include the Beef Teppanyaki (P 170), stir-fried tender strips of USDA beef with onions in a sweet sauce with sesame seeds...

...and the Tonkatsu Plate (P 180), breaded pork fillet with shredded cabbage. Crisp and highly seasoned, but not as tender or thick as the more popular tonkatsus from more expensive restaurants. But then again, priced at around a third of the more mainstream tonkatsus, it's still a pretty respectable dish.

Ramen Oh also offers dessert, and serves some of the signature treats from Desserts by PopShakes, like the Red Velvet (P 55)...

...and the Blueberry Cheesecake (P 95). At these prices, you can definitely have dessert after your ramen.

Overall, Ramen Oh serves up a respectable line of ramen and other Japanese dishes, and the affordable price is a cool bonus. For the price, it's pretty good. Good food, great value.

Ramen Oh is located at the 2nd Floor, J&R Concon Center, 91 R. Alvero Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City (behind Shakey's Katipunan) or call 560-6606 for inquiries or delivery.

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  1. Oh, I should schedule a visit. :)

    1. hey mich, you should, good food and great value, always a winning combo!

  2. Hey! This is so nearby by office!!! I'll drop by here soon mosdef!

    1. hey Eric and Jaz, great value for money, good food too!


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