Sunday, May 19, 2013

Food News: Coco Royal Makes Waves at Namnam

There's a brand new drink in town, and its making waves. A line of healthy, all-natural beverages that's just perfect to beat the summer heat.  

Coco Royal is a line of healthy beverages using all-natural and premium raw ingredients with the latest in assembly line-in processes. Available in six delicious variants, including Pure Coconut Water, Coconut Water with Aloe Vera, and Coconut Water with Water Chestnut for thirst-quenching hydration; and Basil Seed with Honey, Mango Juice and Pineapple Juice round out the flavor line, all refreshing beverages to beat the summer heat.

At the formal launch at Namnam Restaurant in Greenbelt 2, special drinks were prepared using Coco Royal for some refreshing cocktails, guaranteed to give you a cool tropical vibe. Like the Maui On My Mind, a cool blend of Coco Royal Pure Coconut Water, Rhum and Triple Sec, a personal favorite.

Then, there's the Tahitian Bikini, with Coco Royal Basil Seed with Honey, spiked with vodka, triple sec and sweet and sour mix. Other cool cocktails include the Hawaii High-O, with Coco Royal Pineapple, triple sec and sweet and sour mix; and the Waikiki Sunset, a cool blend of Coco Royal Mango, tequila, triple sec and a Margarita mix. After a few shots of these cool cocktails, you'll definitely feel sand on your feet, and I go for a second round.

Appetizers were then served, including this spicy dulong spread with coconut milk, just the right level of heat before dinner. Great with an ice cold Coco Royal Pure Coconut Water.

To better appreciate the different flavors of Coco Royal, NamNam Restaurant prepared a pairing menu for each of the Coco Royal variants, starting with the Corn Okoy with the Coco Royal Coconut Water with Water Chestnut. The crisp and mildly spiced corn okoy is a perfect match with the sweet Coco Royal Pure Coconut Water with Water Chestnuts.

Next, the Coco Royal with Aloe Vera is paired with the Enselada Paco, a refreshing fern salad with red egg and tomatoes. A refreshing salad paired with an equally refreshing drink.

The Coco Royal Pure Coconut Water is then paired with crisp Pinsec Frito with chili sauce, a refreshing pairing with the spice of the chili sauce contrasted by the sweet Coco Royal Pure Coconut Water.

The sweet and refreshing Coco Royale Pineapple Juice is paired with the sharp and savory chorizo and kesong puti spring roll, a delicious blend of flavors and textures perfectly washed down with the sweet pineapple juice.

For the Coco Royal Mango Juice, Namnam pairs this sweet beverage with sauteed baby squid. Complex flavors ashed down with ease with Coco Royal Mango Juice.

And lastly, the Coco Royal Basil Seed with Honey is paired with Batil Patung, a richly flavored noodle dish that goes down nicely with the unique flavor of the Coco Royal Basil Seed with Honey.

And desserts were also given the Coco Royal Treatment, with the unique Banana Cupcake with Coco Royal  Basil Seed and Honey Icing, a tasty Vanilla Cupcake with Coco Royal Pure Coconut Water with Water Chestnut Icing, and a Carrot Cupcake with Coco Royal Mango and Pineapple Icing. Inventive, creative and tasty, and the flavors work quite well.

Six cool flavors, great straight up, or spiked for a cool cocktail, or paired with your favorite food, Coco Royal's refreshing flavors are guaranteed to get you in a tropical mood.

Don't be left out, catch the tropical vibe with Coco Royal. Coming soon in selected supermarkets and retail outlets.  

Coco Royal is exclusively distributed by Conrad & Co., Inc. and will soon be available in selected supermarkets and groceries in Metro Manila.

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