Thursday, May 2, 2013

Food News: Join Yabu's Katsu Craze and Win an iPhone 5!

You know you want one. Nothing like Yabu's Katsu. And now, you can win special gift packs, GCs and even an iPhone 5. Very cool.

And it's easy to join. Here's how:

1.  Download the Katsu Craze app from the App Store.
2.  Take a photo of your Katsu or a photo of you and your friends/family with your favorite Katsu.
3.  Add a cool filter. Yup, Yabu's new Katsu Craze App has filters!
4.  Add a creative caption in the thought balloon. Be creative...crazy thoughts are welcome...
5.  Save to DEVICE and click on SHARE ON Then, encode your e-mail address and the caption.
6.  Share on your Instagram or Twitter with the caption "It's the #katsu craze @yabuph! I want a #yabuiPhone5!".

Easy, right? The Top 10 most creative entries selected by Yabu's panel of judges will win special gift packs and P 2,000 Yabu GCs each, and the first prize winner for the iPhone 5 will be announced on May 31, 2013 on Check out the full promo mechanics and see some cool samples of entries here a

The app is available for Apple users only, but no worries. Yabu has iPads in their branches so you can create and submit your entry. Enjoy authentic Katsu at Yabu, and you might even bring home an iPhone 5. So if you're hungry for katsu, and feeling a bit creative, join Yabu's cool Katsu Craze!

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