Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Cool Weekend Brunch at Malcolm's Deli

The best part about the weekend is a long and leisurely brunch, unhurried and no stress. Nothing like savoring each bite, each sip, without even looking at the clock. It's definitely time to head over to Malcolm's Deli at The Fort...

Inspired and named after a New York Butcher, Malcolm's opened its first location, Malcolm's Place, six years ago in Makati. This was then followed by Malcolm's Deli at The Fort, and Malcolm's Burger in several locations. Known for its premium KitaYama Wagyu Beef dishes, from choice steaks to burgers, Malcolm's Deli at The Fort now serves breakfast and brunch daily, with its signature pancakes, omelettes and benedicts, including a wide range of dishes featuring premium KitaYama Wagyu Beef. Voted as one of the Philippines' Best Restaurants of 2012 by Asia Tatler, this was going to be a special brunch.

Tucked away at the ground floor of Fairways Tower along 5th Avenue corner McKinley Road, Malcolm's Deli feels like a private sanctuary, homey and comforting, just the place for a leisurely brunch. In addition to the signature dishes, Malcolm's Deli also offers a Breakfast Buffet featuring cereal and congee and other popular breakfast dishes. 

The leisurely brunch at Malcolm's Deli begins with a serving of Malcolm's Chicken Skin Cracklings served with vinegar dip. Crisp and flavorful, just the starter to set the tone for an indulgent brunch at Malcolm's Deli.

Malcolm's Stack (P 280), three thick and fluffy buttermilk pancakes served with butter, maple syrup and berries.Unbelievably fluffy, and impressively thick, Malcolm's Pancakes are definitely one of the best in the metro. Rustic, hearty and filling, the softened butter and rich maple syrup complete the flavors. This one goes into any top ten list for pancakes, and ranks high in my personal list. This alone, with a side of bacon and eggs, should be a complete breakfast at Malcolm's Deli, but there's more...

Malcolm's Irish Benedict (P 300), two farm-fresh eggs, poached, with a classic hollandaise sauce on oven-baked pandesal, KitaYama Wagyu Corned Beef, country potatoes and a side salad. The delicately poached eggs and the rich hollandaise sauce combine well for a truly indulgent breakfast or brunch, and the premium and tender KitaYama Wagyu Corned Beef is another winner. The country potatoes add a rustic touch to the dish, and the side salad adds clean flavors to contrast with the richness of the dish. Seriously good.

Malcolm's Benedict, tender, sauteed beef with mushrooms, onions and spinach, another signature dish. The tender and flavorful KitaYama Wagyu Beef and nutty mushrooms add another layer of flavors to this classic dish. KitaYama Wagyu Beef is the only locally bred wagyu beef in the Philippines, and you get world-class quality with premium beef delivered fresh from KitaYama's farms to your plate. And you can immediately taste the difference in the quality of the beef in this dish.

Steak and Eggs (P 550), premium cut Kitayama Wagyu Beef, two farm-fresh eggs, and country potatoes. Tender premium steak, two eggs prepared any way you want, and rustic potatoes, can't get any better than that. One bite immediately reminds you of Malcom's tedious and meticulous process in serving its prime KitaYama Wagyu Beef. KitaYama Wagyu Beef is chilled, never frozen, and at Malcolm's Deli, the delicate aging process is continued in-house with their very own aging chillers. Malcom's remains the only free-standing restaurant with this special process as compared with other establishments that simply import frozen cuts. There's probably no better way to start the weekend than with Malcolm's premium Steak and Eggs.

KitaYama Wagyu Corned Beef, crisp and perfect with a cup of garlic fried rice ans a sunny-side up. There's just something so homey and comforting with this simple breakfast dish that brings back so many childhood memories, but this isn't your your everyday corned beef.

Macolm's Deli also serves it's own in-house desserts and pastries, including tarts and other desserts, like the Peach Almondine (upper left), almond creme with pate sucre and fresh peaches; and the Pear Almondine (lower right).

This, and a good cup of coffee, is another perfect sweet ending at Malcolm's Deli. Go al fresco, with Malcolm's Deli's outdoor dining area, to complete the mood.

And stay awhile. There are other dessert options at Malcolm's Deli, all baked in-house to satisfy any sugar craving. And go have a second cup of coffee.

We also sampled Malcolm's Deli's tender KitaYama Wagyu Beef Short Ribs, smoked in-house for rich flavors. Fork-tender with a butterlike feel, the short ribs is another must-try. And you don't need any sauce at all. It was way past lunch, and I still couldn't walk away. It was a weekend, so why rush. Can't just leave these short ribs just yet...

Great pancakes, awesome Benedicts, and impressive KitaYama Wagyu Beef. Definitely worth waking up a little early for a weekend brunch at Malcolm's Deli. Malcolm's also serves an extensive menu of classic American comfort food, including premium KitaYama Wagyu dry-aged steaks, salads, pizzas, pastas and desserts, including an impressive wine list and cocktails. Breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, if you're looking for premium Wagyu Beef, Malcolm's Deli serves it all day. Now that's my kind of place.

Special thanks to Vicky Lauchengco (L), Sales & Marketing Director, KitaYama; Norman Zamora (C), Operations Director, Malcolm's Deli; and Jerome Mitra (R), Marketing Manager, Malcolm's Deli for an awesome brunch.

Malcolm's Deli is located at the Ground Floor, Fairways Tower, 5th Avenue corner McKinley Road, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig or call 556-3186.

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  1. these are gorgeous breakfast dishes! i'd love the try the wagyu corned beef--looking at these photos make my tummy growl.:p

  2. Everything looks delicious. I can go for the pancakes. - Luto Ni Nanay

    1. hi lencilicious, the pancakes were awesome! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Dude I'm so pissed i missed out on the short ribs!!


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