Monday, August 12, 2013

Alex III: Serving Comfort Food For Over 27 Years, And Still Hungry For More...

Classic comfort food, familiar flavors from traditional home style family recipes. A winning formula that has worked so well for Alex III for the past 27 years. And it just keeps getting better leaving you hungry for more... 

From the same family behind the iconic Aristocrat chain of restaurants and the Reyes Barbecue, Alex III has been serving familiar favorites from family recipes, including the popular chicken barbecue with Java rice and sweet barbecue sauce as well as other Filipino and Japanese dishes. Familiar and comforting, Alex III continues the family tradition of serving timeless classics, all made from scratch, sourcing the best local and imported ingredients for all its dishes. With the second generation at the helm of Alex III, the family recipes are preserved to savor and enjoy for many more years.  

Alex III's diverse menu features Japanese dishes, a favorite of the family patriarch, adding international flavors to the line of dishes. Start with the Tuna and Salmon Sashimi (P 285), fresh premium tuna and salmon with a subtle sweetness, a sure sign of freshness.

Follow this with Baked New Zealand Mussels (P 369), imported plump mussels with a sweet and briny flavor baked in cheese and butter. Squeeze a little lemon for that sharp note to contrast with the richness of the cheese and butter, and you'll definitely go for seconds and thirds.

Creamy Spicy Tuna Maki (P 259), with a refreshingly cooling heat from the chili, adding another layer of flavor. And don't forget the side of flavorful seaweed salad, served with all of Alex III's sashimi and sushi dishes.

Hototai Soup (P 359), a classic all-time favorite, a Filipino Chinese dumpling soup with fresh vegetables and assorted seafood. Like all dishes served at Alex III, each dish is freshly made from scratch, and the fresh vegetables still have a delicious crispness for texture. On a rainy day, or any day really, this one's still a winner.

Pinakbet sa Bagnet (P 399), another classic combo of fresh vegetables cooked in shrimp paste topped with crispy pork belly. The rich flavors of the pinakbet combine well with the crispy pork, and the pork retains the crispness long after its served. One bite and you'll know why this is a consistent bestseller at Alex III. Seriously good.

Boneless Chicken Barbecue (P 299), a childhood favorite that just brings back so many memories, and it still tastes as good as the first time I tried it. The lightly crisp layer of skin and the juicy and tender chicken meat paired with Java rice and Alex III's barbecue sauce is a real classic, and each bite tastes and feels like home.

Ox Tail and Tripe Kare-Kare (P 519), with imported beef for clean and rich flavors, and made from scratch sauce, perfect with rice and Alex III's flavorful bagoong sauteed in pork. Extra rice? Definitely.

Bibingka (P 89), Pandan Jelly Tapioca topped with pinipig (P 86), and Puto Bungbong (P 89), paired with a cup of rich hot chocolate, just perfect to cap any meal at Alex III. Familiar, comforting, only at Alex III.

Firmly rooted in tradition yet boldly facing the future, Alex III remains one of the iconic institutions in the local culinary landscape. It is, after all, a family tradition...made even better.  Alex III now has a brand new website, you can check it out here at Special thanks to Norman and Gigi Cruz of Alex III for an awesome lunch, and for bringing back some great memories.

Alex III is located at 201 Wilson Street, Little Baguio, San Juan City, Greenhills or call 726-4444 for inquiries and reservations. You can also visit their new website at

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  1. We LOVE Alex III!!! EB hosts order there regularly too for their Saturday lunch! YUM!

    1. Hi Eric and Jaz, nothing like classic comfort food, great to know that EB hosts order from Alex III!

  2. hungry for more ... of course


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