Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Side Views: Davao's Pamulak Kadayawan

The last day of Davao's annual month-long Kadayawan festivities, the Pamulak Kadayawan is a floral  parade along Davao City's streets, featuring some of the most elaborate floral floats from the different communities, civic organizations and corporate sectors of the city.

And with The Marco Polo's VIP Stage located near the hotel's entrance, you get the best seats in the house.

After another perfect breakfast at The Marco Polo's Cafe Marco, it was time to hit the streets. Time to check-in The Marco Polo's VIP stage for the best seats to view the festivities.

In thanksgiving to the region's bountiful agricultural and marine harvest, the Kadayawan is an annual festival showcasing the cultural diversity of Davao. The Pamulak Kadayawan highlights the richness of the region's natural resources with elaborate floats decked with flowers and agricultural produce.

Davao's finest leads the parade of floats, with contingents from the various maritime, military and police academies march through the city streets beaming with pride.

Then the first of many floats take center stage, often accompanied by young drummers and dancers adding a rhythmic beat to the parade.

Representing the region's abundance with ornate floral designs, a float in the shape of Davao's iconic tuna slowly navigates the route.

And more floats slowly roll along the route, with many highlighting the region's strong agricultural base.

The private and business sector is also well represented with their own floats...

...and stars from the country's leading TV and media networks added some glamor, and cheers from the local fans.

And yes, "Life is here" in Davao. From the vantage point of The Marco Polo's VIP stage, one gets a closer peek at the city's rich cultural diversity, as well as the city's growing pride. As the drums slowly fade in the distance, I know that I will miss the city's optimism and pride as I look forward to next year's celebrations.

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The Marco Polo is located at C. M. Recto Street corner M. Roxas Avenue 8000 Davao City, or call (63 82)221-0888 for inquiries and reservations. You can also call the Manila Sales Office at (63 2) 893-0888 or send an e-mail to davao@marcopolohotels.com. Visit their website at www.marcopolohotels.com for more information.

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