Friday, August 23, 2013

Sunrise at The Continental Club Lounge

There's just something about a comforting and leisurely breakfast at the break of dawn. The shifting light, the peaceful stillness, and the aroma of warm bread and coffee are just some of the elements that make an early morning breakfast special. Add warm and friendly service, great food, and some measure of privacy away from the crowds, then there's one place that fits the criteria for a special early morning breakfast. 

The Continental Club Lounge of The Marco Polo is exclusive to members of The Continental Club as well as guests in The continental Club Suites located at the 17th and 18th floors of the The Marco Polo. Located at the 17th floor, The Continental Club Lounge offers a panoramic view of the city and a perfect vantage point to catch the sunrise, which makes it the best place in the entire city of Davao for an early morning breakfast.

The friendly staff is up bright and early to greet members and guests of The Continental Club as well as sun chasers like me, and almost immediately one feels special. Very special. Granted special access to the exclusive lounge, my early morning breakfast was made even more special.

Inside the cozy lounge, the shifting light slowly reveals the city, like a blue haze gently unveiling itself. And as more of the city is uncovered by the rising sun, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee permeates throughout the lounge.  

Breakfast is then served, buffet style, as the first of the early risers arrived.

The buffet selection includes fresh fruit, cereals, chese and dairy, cold cuts and savory dishes, but my eyes were fixed on the central station...

...delicately roasted tomatoes

...crisp hash browns...

...and golden crisp bacon in all its glory.

The surrounding sea then transforms from a lifeless grey to a glistening white, as the sun rises even higher to reveal more of the city.

Other dishes include chicken and beef sausages...

...pork tocino and fish with vegetables...

...maki and homemade pork & beans

...and fish fillet.

More bacon is added, and I go for a second round...nothing like a plate of crisp bacon with an awesome view of the city.

...and some artisanal Malagos Cheese proudly made in Davao.

Fresh juices and fresh milk are also on tap.

Crisp bacon, a croissant, and roasted tomatoes...

...and two sunny side up eggs. Perfect. No surprise, you are after all, at The Continental Club Lounge.

Or you can go for an omelette with everything on it. Your breakfast, your way. Great food, great personalized service, an early morning breakfast made even more special at The Continental Club Lounge.

See more on The Marco Polo's impressive facilities at

Special thanks to Anthony Tan, The Marco Polo General Manager; and the Marketing team led by Emelyn Q. Mauhay, Director of Sales & Marketing; Patty Basa Tan, Media Communications Officer; and Phoebe Kaye Reyes, Public Relations Assistant for all the awesome breakfast experiences at The Marco Polo.

The Continental Club Lounge is located at the 17th floor of The Marco Polo, C. M. Recto Street corner M. Roxas Avenue 8000 Davao City or call (63 82) 221-0888 for more information. You can also visit their website at

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