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Flavors of Davao: Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant

Blessed by an abundance of marine resources, Davao's local cuisine is often characterized with simple flavors using the best and freshest local seafood grilled to perfection. And no culinary tour of Davao would be complete without a stop at one of the city's most popular seafood restaurants, the Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant.

Named after the iconic tuna found in the region, Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant serves some of the best and freshest seafood in Davao. And if the best way of really discovering the city is going where the locals eat, then Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant offers the best introduction to Davao, the "City of Blooms."  Offering a wide array of local favorites, Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant is truly "Deliciously Davao."

Inside, one finds many of Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant's popular dishes on display, including Adobong Tuna Buntot (stewed tuna fish tail), Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant's consistent bestseller. We were then met by one of Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant's owners, Juan Carlos "Pao" Angeles, a young lawyer who is also assisting his father in the family's growing restaurant business. Now with three branches, Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant also has a successful catering service. And a taste of any of Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant's signature dishes is all you need to know why the restaurant has been a popular institution in Davao for years.

Imbao, a large clam common in the region, in a simple broth cooked with ginger and lemongrass, and easily one of my favorites. The deceptively simple soup has rich, complex flavors and I just couldn't stop slurping away. The large clams are plump releasing a delightfully fresh and briny flavor, with a subtle sweetness that is common to all fresh seafood in Davao. Seconds? Definitely.

Then, the first of Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant's popular tuna dishes arrived, starting with the Grilled Tuna Belly. Perfectly grilled, with just salt, pepper and some soy sauce and calamansi for flavor, you don;t need much for tuna this fresh. Tender and moist, all you need is a fork to slice a chunk of flaky tuna meat.

Adobong Tuna Buntot, Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant's signature dish, is served next. Slow cooked in a flavorful soy sauce and vinegar base, the fish tail is tender and moist, absorbing the sweet sauce base. Great with steamed white rice.

The Sizzling Seafood Platter, a delectable assortment of fresh tuna belly, squid, shellfish, tuna bagaybay (gonads) and tuna Ubol-Ubol (tendon) in a sweet sauce with pickled atchara on the side. I've tried bagaybay before, and the sizzling bagaybay served at Yellow Fin is one of the best. It was my first time to try the Ubol-Ubol, and the tender texture was something different. This, and a cold bottle of beer. Perfect. And in Davao, none of the tuna is discarded or wasted. Definitely a must try when you visit Davao.

The Yellow Fin Greaseless Chicken, another of Yellow Fin's signature dishes. Crisp on the outside, soft, moist and tender on the inside. And yes, it isn't greasy at all like the usual fried chicken. And how do they do it? The secret...will remain a secret in Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant's kitchens. Seriously good.  

For dessert, you can't miss Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant's Durian Lumpia, a crisp spring roll with sweet durian, the king of fruits in Davao. Though I still have to get over eating the real fruit, this I can dig. And I enjoyed it. A lot. You can also go for Yelow Fin's halo-halo, one of Davao's best.

Deliciously Davao. Imbao. Awesome seafood. And the Greaseless Chicken. Just some of the reasons to visit Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant when in Davao.  Special thanks to Juan Carlos " Pao" Angeles (L) and Mr. Ken Angeles (R) for an awesome dinner at Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant.

Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant is located at Sandawa Plaza, Quimpo Boulevard, Ecoland, Davao City or call (63 82) 297-8777 for inquiries. You can also visit Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant's cool Facebook Page at

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  1. Divine divine divine!! You come up with unbelievably menu ...

  2. Angg Sarraapppppp, ilang beses na ako na pa daan dito sa Yellow Fin, but decided not to go in, and just choose the much cheaper place to eat near Yellow Fin. Maybe someday me and my wife would eat sa place na yan. Although the prices was not mentioned, would it be best to visit as a couple or as a group?
    If you have time, come visit my wife's site
    Thanks :-)

    1. Hi Toto, thanks for stopping by my blog! Ideal for groups so you can try more of Yellow Fin's many dishes, but works just as well for an intimate dinner for two. Thanks again!

  3. Hey Dude .... you make me cry
    Yummy! I know Ken (my Kumpare) personally and I haven't seen him in ages. I didn't know they are in restaurant business. Wow!! Three branches, he must doing well. My next visit to the Phillippines this I will be in my priority lists. I will visit his restaurant and surprise him ... eating in his resttaurant.
    BTW my Joy from Manila send me your blogger. Again many thanks for posting his restaurant, I'll call Ken to extend my regards to you.

  4. Hi Sir,

    I am writing an article about Davao Authentic Cuisines for our company Magazine. I would like to ask permission if I can use some of your photos published here. Rest assured, proper credits will be included.


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