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Choose Your Steak. Choose Your Rub. Choose Your Sauce. At The Butcher Shop & Pub.

 Great steaks at affordable prices, and more... your neighborhood back-alley pub, The Butcher Shop & Pub. Have a steak, a late breakfast, or a few rounds at the bar with some pub grub...all in one place.

The newest gastropub to open at The Fort, The Butcher Shop & Pub offers breakfast/brunch daily, from 10am onwards, as well as cool cocktails down at the bar, and steaks. Good steaks at reasonable prices too. The price points at The Butcher Shop & Pub are a lot "friendlier," which differentiates it from the other gastropubs. 

The Butcher Shop & Pub has a long bar on the ground floor, well-stocked with premium spirits and alcohol. The Butcher Shop & Pub also offers an extensive range of comforting pub grub to pair with your drinks, ranging from local favorites like the Dumaguete Sisig as well as burgers and bangers.  

But it's the steaks at The Butcher Shop & Bar that got me curious. Offering a wide selection of cuts and grades, The Butcher Shop & Pub has just the right steak to satisfy your carnivorous craving.

The Butcher Shop & Pub prepares the actual cuts in-house, butchering whole slabs of meat, thus keeping the prices at a more affordable price point. Inspired by the classic London butcheries, an in-house butcher selects and cuts the freshly slaughtered meat delivered daily. And everyday from 10:00am onwards, you can "Make Your Own Steak" by choosing your cut, special rub, and sauce for that cool steak dinner. Like a Steak Happy Hour, you simply have to choose your meat: Beef Tenderloin, Ribeye, Sirloin, or Skirt Steak in 50g, 100g, and 200g cuts with prices ranging from P 250-P 850. You can also opt for a 200g Tuna Steak, 200g Pork Belly, or Boneless Chicken or Leg Quarters.

Then it's time to choose your rub and sauce. The Butcher Shop & Pub offers a variety of fresh rubs in the following flavors: Cinnamon-Thyme (a bit on the sweeter side), Hungarian (spicy), Oregano-Cumin, Garlic-Fennel, and Barbecue. Pair it with special brush-on sauces like Mustard-Pepper, Peanut Butter (yup, peanut butter, which gives your steak a unique Asian sate-like flavor), Spiced BBQ, Bourbon, and Yakitori. Then choose your sides, pasta or salad to complete your dish. Now that's a cool concept.

Go chat with Executive Chef Consultant Michael Gemperle Figdor (L) to guide you on some possible combinations, and once you describe your preference, Chef Jane Adair (L) starts preparing your own customized steak.

While your steak is grilling, have a cold bottle of Katipunan Craft Ale's dark Signal No.1 Stout served with a chilled beer mug. And my very own customized steak is served, a 200g Ribeye (P 850) with Garlic-Fennel Rub brushed with Mustard-Pepper sauce.  

Tender and juicy ribeye grilled to medium rare, and the rub and sauce combine for rich flavors. The size is just right, as the kitchen prepares the next round of dishes. The Butcher Shop & Pub also boasts of its very own smoker, to cure their meats, ribs, and bacon. 

The wide range of dishes at The Butcher Shop & Pub is impressive, just check out the huge blackboard on the side, and you get the picture. From The Butcher Shop & Pub's Breakfast Craic to steaks, and pub grub from their Longford Bar, you can pretty much come in anytime, or stay the whole day. At the Longford Bar, go for some signature cocktails and pair it with the Nuts & Trail Bites (P 50), a medley of peanuts, caramel popcorn, banana chips, cracker nuts, and shards of chocolate chips. A cool and refreshing take on trail mix with a salty and sweet Filipino twist. And at fifty bucks a bowl, it's a pretty good deal. Make that one more round of Katipunan's Signal No.1 Stout and another bowl of Nuts & Trail Bites, please. And there's more...

Loaded Kamote Chips (P 120), crisp sweet potatoes drizzled with sour cream and ranch dressing and topped with cheddar cheese and scallions. Your favorite kamote chips, all dressed up and perfect with another round of stout.

The Dumaguete Sisig (P 200), tender pork cheeks with creamy and spicy green chili aioli, topped with crispy chicharon. The Dumaguete version plays with contrasting soft and crunchy textures, and the heat from the chili is perfectly balanced by the rich and creamy aioli.  Different, yet comfortingly familiar.

The Antipasti Selection (P 400), a platter with a variety of cured meats and cheese, a light option to pair with your cocktail or glass of wine.

Eggplant Parmiggiana (P 200), breaded with panko crumbs and topped with a rich pomodoro cheese blend. A light meal on its own, with fresh and tart flavors.

Bangers and beer, always a winning combo. Sausage Fiesta (P 690), an assortment of wieners, bangers, and shublig drizzled with mustard served on a bed of sauerkraut. The variety of flavors in this one dish, from mild to spicy, plus that kick from the mustard and sauerkraut, always pairs well with a beer.

The Butcher Shop & Pub also offers a selection of rustic pizzas, includig the BBQ Smoked Bacon Pizza (L) with their very own smoked bacon, and the Vegan Pizza (R), to complement its wide range of dishes. 

Looking for pasta? The Butcher Shop & Pub offers several kinds of pasta dishes, including this comforting bowl of Bolognese, with just a layer of spice to complete the flavors.

Breakfast? The Butcher Shop & Pub's got that covered too, like the aptly named The Best F^#%ing Pork & Beans Ever (P 265), and it probably is, with a thick slab of pork chop and sunny-side up on steamed rice and baked beans. 

Smoked Hash (P 250), smoked chunky corned beef cured in-house with potatoes, onions and peppers topped with a sunny-side up. Break the runny yolk for a comforting blend of flavors with the briny corned beef and potatoes. Seriously good.

Oriental Chicken Goujon (P 295), a unique and inventive breaded Hainanese Chicken with broth-flavored rice covered in a rich mushroom onion gravy with a side of French beans. Definitely different.   

Cap your meal with The Butcher Shop & Pub's Irish Whiskey Creme Brulee, served with a side of rich cream.

Unpretentious, nothing fancy or extravagant, just simple yet great comfort food with great prices. Easy on the palate, easy on the wallet. With an extensive menu for all-day dining plus cozy interiors and a friendly staff, The Butcher Shop & Pub is definitely a welcome addition to the local culinary scene. 

The Butcher Shop & Pub is located at Lane P corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City or call 831-3543 for inquiries and reservations.

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