Thursday, August 7, 2014

Curry Your Way at Eri Curry

Crisp Pork Katsu on soft and fluffy rice with rich curry. Or maybe some crisp Chicken Karaage on curry. Or Tempura. At Eri Curry, you can have your curry any way you want it.  

Eri Curry lets you enjoy curry your way, with a variety of toppings to choose from for your very own comforting plate of curry. With the growing popularity of Japanese Ramen, this could be the next big thing...

If there's one dish that can truly claim to be a global dish, it's probably curry. The origins of the dish can be traced back to India, then a British colony, and history and colonization would take the dish around the world. And where ever the British would go, curry came along for the ride. When the British established trade with Japan in the late 19th century, the dish was also introduced, and since then, evolved into a unique Japanese dish. Milder flavors with a thicker sauce, with a rich blend of spices such as turmeric, cumin, and cardamom combined with fruits for a hint of sweetness, curry remains one of the most popular dishes in Japan.  And as you ponder on the role of curry in world history, go for Eri Curry's Grape Shake (P 125), a refreshing beverage to pair with your curry.

At Eri Curry, creating your own curry meal is simple with four easy steps. Step 1: Choose your curry plate. Your curry plate is the base for your dish, and Eri Curry offers fifteen delicious options including Katsu Curry, Fried Fish Curry, Burger Curry, Sausage Curry, Mushroom Curry, Fried Shrimp Curry, Spinach with Bacon and Butter Curry, Vegetable Curry, Thin Sliced Beef Curry, Quail Egg Curry, Thin Sliced Pork Curry, Eggplant Curry, Beef Curry, Karaage Curry, or Fried Squid Curry. Step 2: Choose your rice quantity. Choose from Small (200g or one cup of rice), Regular (300g or two cups of rice), or Large (400g or three cups of rice). Step 3: Choose your level of spiciness, ranging from Just Right (Mild or Regular), Spicy, and Fiery. And now the fun part, Step 4: Customize your curry with additional toppings. At Eri Curry, options include Beef Chunks, Sausage, Fried Squid, Burger, Mushrooms, Fried Fish, Katsu, Quail Eggs, Spinach, Bacon & Corn, Thin Sliced Beef, Thin Sliced Pork, Karaage, Tempura, Asparagus and Tomato, Vegetables, and Eggplant. Customized curry, now that's cool. Ready to create your curry? Here are a few combinations, tender Beef Chunks Curry topped with Karaage on rice, with contrasting textures from the savory beef and crisp chicken Karaage.

Tempura Curry with Spinach, Bacon, and Corn Curry on rice. The thick breading on the tempura, similar to the typical katsu breading, remains crisp and pairs well with the rich curry sauce. A piece of crisp tempura, some rice, and that rich curry sauce...perfect.

Thin Sliced Beef Curry with Mushrooms on rice, a hearty and comforting curry combination. You'll probably want some extra rice or curry sauce halfway through this dish.

Eri Curry also offers Japanese style Omelettes stuffed with rice to pair with your curry, like this Omelette with Beef Chunks Curry...

...or the Omelette with Pork Katsu and Burger Curry. The fluffy Omelet adds more texture to your curry dish for a unique curry experience.

Omelette with Pork Katsu, a basic combination packed with flavor and texture, another winning combination.

I go for the Burger Curry with Spinach, Bacon, and Corn Curry. The juicy beef and pork burger blend pairs well with the spicy curry, and the bacon, spinach, and corn rounds out the flavors. The spicy curry blend isn't overwhelmingly spicy, with just the right level of heat that lingers after every spoonful, balancing the rich flavors of the curry.

Why not go all-out with the ultimate curry combination, with everything on it? At Eri Curry, you's the Katsu, Tempura, and Chicken Karaage Curry with Spinach, Bacon and Corn on rice. Crisp tempura, pork, and chicken on rice covered in a rich curry sauce... that's a winning combo.

After your curry meal, refresh your palate with one of Eri Curry's indulgent desserts, like the Rainbow Kakigori (P 190), a shaved ice dessert with strawberry, blueberry, and green apple flavors...

...or the Lychee Kakigori (P 190), a perfect ending to cap your curry feast at Eri Curry. Eri Curry takes your curry experience to a whole new level, and the idea of customizing your very own curry dish makes the whole experience a lot more fun. Ready to create your very own curry dish? Curry your way, only at Eri Curry.

Eri Curry is located at the 3rd Floor, Atrium, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City or call 0917-821-2305 for inquiries.

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