Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Now Roasting: Mediterranean Flavors at ZABO Chicken

Slow-roasted Mediterranean style chicken with rich and bold flavors from a proprietary 18-spice blend. A wide range of comforting Mediterranean dishes. And great value for money. Here's one the metro's best kept secrets... 

...and you can find all these at ZABO Chicken, now roasting in five locations around the metro.

Launched only this year, ZABO Chicken brings the unique flavors of Mediterranean style chicken with a rich and flavorful 18-spice blend at affordable prices giving consumers more bang for the buck. And the range of dishes provide options to fit any appetite or budget.

At ZABO Chicken, you can expect rich flavors and healthier alternatives. Start with ZABO Chicken's Hummus (P 70), made from mashed chickpeas, olive oil and a blend of spices, served with warm pita bread. A light starter and a perfect introduction to ZABO Chicken's unique flavors.

Falafel (P 75), crisp, deep-fried balls made from ground chickpeas. Mildly flavored, drizzle some garlic sauce and some chili oil for a healthy yet flavorful bite. There are only a few places in the metro where you can find Falafel, and ZABO Chicken's version is by far one of the best. Light and comforting, and another great starter to pair with ZABO Chicken's other dishes.

Craving for fries? No worries, ZABO Chicken's got you covered. ZABO Chicken's Large Cut Fries (P 75), thick fries that's soft inside with a crisp outer layer should satisfy your craving. Perfectly seasoned and great on its own, or with ZABO Chicken's various condiments.

Zabo Beef Wrap (P 160), tender beef with vegetables wrapped in pita, and served with garlic sauce. The rich flavors of the marinated beef and vegetables combine for a light yet filling meal option,perfect for a quick bite on the go. You can also enjoy ZABO Chicken's signature 18-spice roast chicken in a wrap as well, with the ZABO Chicken Wrap (P 145) and Chicken Turna Wrap (P 145), along with other options like the Beef Turna Wrap (P 165) and Veggie Wrap (P 165).

But it's the signature 18-spice roast chicken that truly sets ZABO Chicken apart. The Quarter Roast Chicken with Rice (P 165), is the perfect option to sample ZABO Chicken's signature dish, served with rice and a whole range of condiments. For heftier appetites, go for ZABO Chicken's Half Chicken with Rice (P 240), or the Whole Chicken (P 420), ideal for family and groups.

One bite and you'll immediately taste the different notes from the complex blend of Mediterranean spices, including peppercorns, cloves of garlic, rosemary, turmeric, cinnamon, and much more. Another bite brings hints of lemon, paprika, and nutty olive oil. The complex flavors from a proprietary 18-spice blend keeps you guessing as you go for another bite of the tender and juicy chicken. The spice blend does not overpower the delicate flavors of the tender chicken, with subtle layers of distinct notes providing balanced flavors. Fresh-chilled and never frozen, the delicate flavor of the chicken is preserved for pure and clean flavors. Other meal options include a hefty and satisfying Chicken Rice Bowl (P 99), with shredded strips of ZABO Chicken's signature 18-spice roast chicken on ZABO Chicken Rice, Chicken Turna Bowl (P 99), and Popcorn Chicken Rice Bowl (P 99), as well as other options including a Beef Rice Bowl (P 120), and Veggie Rice Bowl (P 165) to fit your preference and budget

Zabo also offers a variety of sauces to go with your main dish, including a creamy Garlic Sauce, Tarator Sauce, Chili Oil, Sweet Chili Sauce, a dark Sweet Sauce, and thick brown Gravy. The rich flavors of ZABO Chicken's signature 18-spice chicken is perfectly balanced by the rich Garlic Sauce or the Tarator Sauce. If you're looking for a spicier kick, drizzle some chili oil for that soothing heat. For hearty and comforting flavors, go for the thick gravy. Each sauce dramatically changes the flavor profile, and you can shift from one sauce to another to go with your meal.

For an additional P 29, you can enjoy an unlimited rice buffet with your meal. Choices include ZABO Chicken Rice, ZABO Spicy Chicken Rice, Carrot Rice, Brown Rice, Garlic or Steamed White Rice. The ZABO Chicken Rice, flavored with drippings from the signature 18-spice chicken is the way to go, a perfect introduction to ZABO Chicken's unique flavors. For something spicier, the ZABO Spicy Chicken Rice does not disappoint. And it packs some serious heat. Healthier yet flavorful options include Carrot Rice and Brown Rice. At ZABO Chicken, you have an impressive range of options for that perfect meal. And there's more. For only P 49, you can have unlimited premium Lavazza Italian Coffee. Big on flavor, great value too.

A healthier and flavorful alternative to the usual chicken dish, ZABO Chicken is a welcome addition to the metro's dining scene. The homey and casual vibe and unique dishes combine for a cool dining experience. And the mere sight of ZABO Chicken's rotisserie in action is enough to pull you in.

Rich, bold, and distinct flavors at affordable price points, always a winning formula. And at ZABO Chicken, you'll definitely feel like a winner with any of their meals. Special thanks to Ferdie Avendano (second from right) and his staff at ZABO Chicken for an awesome experience.

ZABO Chicken is located at the Ground Floor, SM Jazz Mall, Nicanor Garcia corner Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati City or call 553-5239 for inquiries. You can also visit their FB Page here at

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  1. We wandered into this restaurant a couple of weeks ago but didn't eat there. We decided against it after asking the counterpeson twice what the Chicken tastes like and all she answered was that it was roasted... twice. Basta it was roasted daw - that was all that she knew and all the information she offered even after a bit of probing. So ito pala yun... I wish their counter-person knew better.

    1. Hi Joey, thanks for the feedback, appreciate it!

  2. Zabo Chicken has become a habit ... love the rice buffet where I get to enjoy brown rice and unlimited coffee ... wonderful post food dude Gerry :)

    1. Great food and affordable too, thanks for stopping by my blog!


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