Sunday, August 3, 2014

Wham! Burgers & Sausages: A New Look That Hits The Spot

A brand new look. And I'm liking it...

The Brand's previous playful, fun, and youthful image has been redefined to reflect a bolder, more mature personality. And this repositioning is reflected in the new logo, with simple, clean graphics with a more definitive focus. Along with the relaunch is an updated menu. Meet the new Wham!...and it certainly hits the spot.

Since it first opened in 2001, the Brand offered its signature char-grilled burgers to a hungry metro craving for more than the usual fastfood variety burger. The Brand has since evolved into Wham! Burgers & Sausages, with an expanded menu in response to the constantly changing consumer preferences.

Wham! Burgers & Sausages now serves, you guessed it, premium sausages along with its line of signature char-grilled burgers. The impressive U-Turn Sausage (P 279), a boldly flavored Swiss Sausage served fresh off the grill and paired with Wham!'s distinct Cross Traxx Fries. The unique yet traditional shape of the Swiss Sausage is the reason behind the equally unique name, and you'll definitely go for a u-turn after one bite of the firm and well-seasoned sausage. The fresh grilled smoky flavors and the light char on the outside contrasts with the juicy beef and pork stuffing with a rich spice blend adding flavor and a subtle layer of heat. This one's a seriously good sausage. Wham! Burgers & Sausages also offers Wieners, Kielbasas, Schublig with Cheese, and Beer Sausages.

And there's just no better way to wash it all down than with a cold premium beer. You heard it right. Wham! Burgers & Sausages now serves beer, including premium imported beer. Pair your U-turn with an ice-cold bottle of Bavaria Premium Beer (P 129) from the Netherlands. A golden blonde German style pilsner with clean and fresh notes, just the right brew with the U-Turn. Made from pure spring water, Bavaria Premium Beer is light and smooth, and the refreshing notes simply cuts through the richness of the sausage. Beer and sausages, just can't get better than that.

Other sides include this spicy number, the Pepper Poppers (P 98), jalapenos stuffed with cheese coated in a crisp breading. The creamy cheese balances the soothing heat from the jalapenos, and great with a cold beer too.

Or you can go for one of the signature burgers of Wham! Burgers & Sausages and rediscover why you loved it in the first place. Fresh, handmade one-third pound pure beef patties with an 80/20 lean meat to fat ratio, seasoned with salt and pepper, and absolutely no MSG, char-grilled to perfection as you order.

The Whammer (P 259), the classic Wham! Burger with an added crunch, with the signature all beef patty topped with deep-fried onion strings, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese on a soft brioche bun. The crisp onion rings and bacon add texture to each flavorful bite, contrasting with the creamy cheese and savory beef patty. The rich blend of flavors in this burger makes this winner, and this one hits the spot as well.

The Beer Sausage (P 149), first simmered in beer and onions, then grilled, is another must try at Wham! Burgers & Sausages. Topped with mayo, and served with chopped onions and pickle relish, this one delivers classic flavors.

Re-branded imagery and bold flavors. Burgers, wieners, and sausages. And Beer. The new Wham! Burgers & Sausages really does hit the spot...

Wham! Burgers & Sausages is located at The Block, Level 4, SM City North Edsa, Quezon City or call 442-0079 for inquiries.

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