Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pies, Tortes, and Cakes at The Sweet Studio

Freshly baked pies with savory fillings. Sweet tortes and cakes with an inventive twist. Welcome to The Sweet Studio...

The Sweet Studio opens its doors just in time for the holiday season, with its signature line of cakes, tortes and savory pies.

Located along Santolan Road near Greenhills, The Sweet Studio is just the spot to indulge in something sweet. And savory too. The Sweet Studio has something for you, each one baked fresh by pastry chef Ada Chua and partner Aby Chua. Inside The Sweet Studio, one is greeted by the appetizing aroma of freshly baked treats...

The simple, rustic interiors at The Sweet Studio have a comforting vibe, and you immediately feel right at home. Start with a freshly brewed cup of Vanilla Latte, which pairs well with the sweet and savory options at The Sweet Studio.

The Sweet Studio's signature Chicken Pie (P 320 for a box of 6), with a rustic, crisp and buttery crust stuffed with creamy chicken breast with carrots, potatoes, and melted cheddar cheese. The delicate flavors of the chicken, potatoes, carrots and cheddar cheese stuffing pair well with the buttery dough, combining for comforting flavors. Baked to a light golden brown, all the savory flavors are locked and sealed in the buttery dough, released with your first bite.

Preparing these savory pies isn't easy, but for Chef Ada Chua, it is. Trained as a pastry chef with experience in both Singapore and Australia, Ada Chua brings with her various skills and techniques honed with stints at the Grand Hyatt Hotel and Carlton Hotel in Singapore and Spoon Cafe, The Rare Pear, and Hamilton Island in Australia. And one bite of the savory pie is all you need to find out why these chicken pies are getting popular.

The overall flavors are delicate yet rich, a perfect balance of flavor and texture. The outer crust has a light and crisp layer, richly flavored by the butter, contrasting with the soft and chewy dough as you near the center.

The Sweet Studio's Chicken Pie is deceptively filling, and one or two of these pies should satisfy any hefty appetite.

Other savory pies from The Sweet Studio include their equally popular Tuna Pie (P 320 for a box of 6) and Spinach Shroom Pie (P 320 for for a box of 6).

Then, it's time for dessert. Why not indulge in some playfully inventive and creative desserts while at The Sweet Studio to complete your experience? The Sweet Studio's OMGreen Tea Cake (P 620 for a 9" whole cake), a soft and chewy white chocolate cake filled and topped with matcha green tea and ground almonds. The Sweet Studio goes for a double take with the matcha green tea, with a flavorful layer inside the white chocolate cake and on top, a real treat for green tea fans.

The Sweet Studio then pulls all the stops with another unique and indulgent creation, the Sea Salt Nutella Torte (P 420 for a 3" x 9" rectangular while cake), with layers of chewy meringue and Nutella with sea salt whipped cream, and topped with oven-toasted hazelnuts. Almost like a sansrival, The Sweet Studio's Sea Salt Nutella Torte playfully balances the sweet Nutella with the sharp notes of the sea salt whipped cream for contrasting flavors. And it works. Have another cup of coffee with yet another slice of of the Sea Salt Nutella Torte. Seriously good.

Or you can go for a classic, with The Forbidden Pie (P 270 for a box of 2), The Sweet Studio's take on the traditional Apple Pie. The Forbidden Pie is stuffed to the brim with red and green apples mixed with cinnamon and topped with crushed almonds and grated cheddar cheese. Have it warmed and topped with ice cream, or chilled as is, The Forbidden Pie is definitely one of those comforting classics you'll go back time and again.

There is a rustic and homey simplicity with this pie, yet each bite delivers a rich and bold burst of flavors, from the sweet and tart apples, to the distinct notes of the cinnamon, almonds and grated cheddar cheese. You may also want to try The Sweet Studio's Mad Mud Cake (P 920 for a 10" inch whole cake), guaranteed to fix your chocolate craving. Or The Sweet Studio's loaves, like The Plain Nana (P 220) and The Nutty Nana (P 270), rich and moist banana bread. Or their selection of cookies, like Peanut Butter Stuffies (P 200 for 10 pcs in a bag), White Chocolate Oaties and Teacher's Pet Cookies, The Sweet Studio's take on the classic chocolate chip cookies.

And just in case you're looking for that special, one-of-a-kind cake, you can browse through some of the previous creations by The Sweet Studio posted at the wall, or have a chat with Ada and Aby, and they'll help you come up with that perfect cake for any occasion.  

Simple, rustic, no-frills yet comforting and classic flavors, The Sweet Studio definitely hits the spot for something sweet. And savory. If you're looking to fill your Christmas shopping list, or craving for something new and unique, just drop by The Sweet Studio and let Aby Chua (L) and Ada Chua (R), the creative duo behind The Sweet Studio, show you their line of sweet and savory creations.

The Sweet Studio is located at 8 Jade Building, Unit 7, Santolan Road, Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila or call 584-7273 or 844-1793 or inquiries. You can also visit their FB Page for more information and updates here at

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