Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Soup and Salad Days: Fresh Picks at Cravings

A healthy and refreshing Soup and Salad Buffet. Mongolian Buffet. Unlimited Juice. Plus a choice of one grilled item to pair with your soup and salad. It's time for Fresh Picks, every weekend at Cravings...  

The freshest picks, served every weekend for lunch and dinner at Cravings Shangri-La, Cravings Katipunan, and Cravings Molito. Fresh greens, a variety of salads and comforting soups, even a Mongolian buffet and unlimited juice plus one grilled item, all for only P 550++. Soup and salad days just got better at Cravings... 

Fresh and crisp vegetables sourced from their very own farms make up the salad buffet spread at Cravings. The wide variety of fresh picks include an equally wide range of salad dressings to choose from, including Thousand Island Dressing, Citrus Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Caesar Dressing, and Asian Vinaigrette. 

Along with the freshest greens at the Salad Station, you can choose your own mix of fresh vegetables and ingredients at the Mongolian Station to supplement your salad feast. Your bowl is stir-fried by the chef on station, and served to you in minutes. Fresh picked vegetables for that unique farm-to-table experience.

I start my Fresh Picks experience at Cravings with a freshly brewed cup of Di Bella Latte, premium coffee from Australia, and exclusively served at Cravings. A crop to cup advocate, the medium roast beans provide smoother, rounder, and richer flavors in every sip. And here's a tip. Try your first cup of coffee without any sugar to experience full flavors.   

The choice of grilled items vary every weekend, depending on what's fresh at the market. That day, the grilled choices included Chicken Kebabs (L) and Grilled Prawns (R)... 

 ...Grilled Hamburger Patties (L) and Grilled Cream Dory (R), each grilled item served with rice and a side of vegetables. Other choices include pork steaks, stuffed squid, grilled salmon, and chicken ala pobre. All these are included in the Fresh Picks Weekend Buffet at Cravings. 

I start with a bowl of comforting Egg Drop Soup, topped with crispy noodles, croutons, and a little pesto sauce.

A mesclun of fresh greens with cucumber, olives, julienned carrots, corn, and crumbled hard-boiled eggs with a tart citrus vinaigrette begins my salad feast. 

At the Mongolian Station, my fresh vegetables are given a quick stir-fry, along with some chicken balls, squid balls and chili in a sharp hoisin sauce. 

A second serving of salad? Absolutely. 

While at Cravings, cap your Fresh Picks buffet with one of many signature cakes from Cravings, like the Chocolate Caramel Cake

Pair your dessert with another freshly brewed cup of Di Bella Cappuccino to complete your Fresh Picks weekend buffet at Cravings. Experience a healthier farm-to-table weekend buffet with Fresh Picks at Cravings for only P 550++, inclusive of unlimited salad, soup, Mongolian, juices and one grilled item. And here's an even better deal. You can avail even more discounts with pre-selling coupons (P 495/head) or advance reservations (P 500/head for a minimum of four).  Experience a weekend buffet that refreshes, nourishes, and satisfies with freshly picked ingredients, only at Cravings.

For inquiries and advanced reservations, you can call Cravings Katipunan (441-6529), Cravings Shangri-La (635-6088), and Cravings Molito (556-0927).

Cravings is located at the 5th Level, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Edsa corner Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City or call 635-6088 for inquiries. 

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