Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Brasserie Cicou Opens KA by Cicou at SM Mega Fashion Hall

Light, flaky and crusty layers of bread dough with the rich flavor of butter and caramelized sugar, freshly baked every day. It's a treat that's hard to pass up. And now, there are twelve new reasons to try this classic Breton dessert.

The classic Kouign Amann, made popular by Brasserie Cicou's Cyrille Soenen, now has its very own kiosk at SM Mega Mall. Chef Cyrille Soenen takes you on a culinary journey with his creative blend of flavors at KA by Cicou, giving this traditional Breton dessert a refreshing and flavorful twist.  

Located at the second floor of Mega Fashion Hall, KA by Cicou showcases twelve brand new flavors of its signature Kouign Amann just in time for the holiday season. Sweet and savory, and everything in between, Chef Cyrille Soenen pulls all the stops with his new Kouign Amann selection at KA by Cicou.

A culinary specialty from the French region of Britanny, the Kouign Amann, or Breton Cake, is a round, crusty cake made with layers of bread dough, butter and sugar. A perfect gift for the holiday or an indulgent and well-deserved reward to yourself, KA by Cicou is definitely on my holiday list.

My sampler box of nine Kouign Amanns included a selection of flavored variants like the signature Chocolate (P 50), Caramel (P 50), Chorizo (P 60), Lemon (P 50), Coffee (P 50), Choc-Nut (P 55), Bacon (P 60), PB Jelly (P 55), and Ensaymada (P 55). Cyrille Soenen's other Kouign Amann flavors include Cheesecake (P 60) topped with blueberries, as well as savory variants like the Sundried Tomato & Basil (P 60), and Leeks & Goat Cheese (P 60). The range of flavors are pretty impressive, with just about something for everyone, and every mood and craving. That's twelve new flavors, and twelve new reasons to stop by KA by Cicou and rediscover the classic Kouign Amann.

And the Kouign Amann pastry, the classic blend of layers of bread dough, a lot of butter, and caramelized sugar plays well with the variety of toppings and flavors. Each Kouign Amann is slowly baked until the rich butter puffs up the layers of buttery dough while the sugar caramelizes. If you loved the original Kouign Amann from Brasserie Cicou, you'll definitely find a new favorite at KA by Cicou.

The sweet and buttery layers of dough are light and flaky, with a subtle crispness contrasting with the soft and chewy center. Each flavor gives the Kuign Amann a unique and distinct profile, from the sweet glazed variants to the bolder flavors of the premium and savory selection.  

The Chocolate and Caramel variants are the perfect introduction to Chef Cyrille Soenen's Kouign Amann, with the sweetness of the chocolate and caramel balanced by the light yet rich and buttery dough. The Lemon variant adds that subtle layer of clean citrus notes that cuts through the richness of the buttery dough. The Coffee flavored Kouign Amann is another perfect match, and yes, perfect with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. The Choc-Nut and Ensaymada variants blend comfortingly familiar flavors with the rustic pastry, and both deliver rich notes, also pairing well with the buttery dough. The PB Jelly is another winning combo, sweet, tart, and nutty with the buttery richness of the Kouign Amann. The Cheesecake flavored Kouign Amann is a cool new way to get your cheesecake fix. Then, there's the unique savory selection which includes Bacon topped with cheese, a personal favorite. The subtle smoky and salty notes of the bacon, the sharp flavors of the cheese, and the buttery dough combine for another flavorful Kouign Amann experience. The Chorizo variant is another combination with rich yet balanced flavors, with the sharp and bold notes of the chorizo balanced by the Kouign Amann's buttery richness. Each one distinct and full of flavor, Chef Cyrille Soenen has a winning dozen at KA by Cicou.

Each Kouign Amann glistens with the richness of butter, making each bite burst with flavors. Sweet or savory, Cyrille Soenen's KA by Cicou is one of those indulgent and unique treats that remind you of the simple joys of pure flavors. Enjoy a piece, or go for a dozen. And discover Cyrille Soenen's imaginative and inventive take on the classic Breton Kouign Amann, now at the second floor of the Mega Fashion Hall.

Kouign Amann "KA" by Cicou is located at the Second Floor of the new Mega fashion Hall at SM Megamall, EDSA, Mandaluyong City.

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