Saturday, November 22, 2014

Flavors of GenSan: A Tuna Feast at Greenleaf Hotel's Mint Cafe

When in GenSan, you've got to have tuna...

A early morning flight to GenSan to visit Pacman and Air Asia's CEO and Founder Tony Fernandez at Pacman Wildcard Gym (see more on that amazing visit here at, and that up close experience on my other travel blog here at kicks off my first ever visit to the "Tuna Capital of the Philippines."

Our day in GenSan begins at Greenleaf Hotel, the city's premier hotel. The majestic facade and driveway simply tells you, this is the place to stay while in GenSan. The elegant and spacious lobby greet you as you enter Greenleaf Hotel, and my first ever visit to GenSan is off to a great start. 

Along the driveway to Greenleaf Hotel, one is greeted by an impressive fountain depicting GenSan's rich marine resource, the iconic tuna, and a prelude to an all-tuna feast at Greenleaf Hotel.

Start with the traditional Tuna Kinilaw (P 200), a local version of ceviche, with fresh and clean flavors of premium tuna highlighted by chili and vinegar. The raw tuna is slowly cooked by the vinegar, and the color transforms from a deep red to a pale orange. The simple dish is just bursting with pure flavor, with the tuna's subtle briny sweetness kicked up by the sharp notes of the vinegar and chili. One bite, and you just know you're in the country's famed tuna capital.

Bistek Tuna Belly (P 280), a variation of the local dish using premium tuna belly instead of beef, with onions and tomatoes. The tuna belly has a crisp outer layer, deep-fried, contrasting with the juicy and tender meat. Paired with steamed white rice, perfect.

Sinigang na Tuna sa Miso (P 320), a hearty and comforting dish with the tart and sour notes of the traditional sinigang broth enriched with miso and premium tuna rounds out your all-tuna feast at GenSan. When in GenSan, you simply got to have tuna...

Mint Cafe is located at Greenleaf Hotel, San Miguel Street corner J. Catolico Street, General Santos City, South Cotabato or call +632-376-9840 for inquiries and reservations.

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