Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"Tontekified" at Tokyo Tonteki

Ramen. Katsu. Now, another Japanese dish takes center stage and maybe, the next big thing in Japanese food. 

Tokyo Tonteki opens its second branch at Greenbelt 5, serving its signature "tonteki" or "pork loin steak," and yet another alternative to Japanese pork dishes.

The quest for the perfect pork loin steak led Shusaku Namikawa to open his own "Tonteki" restaurant in Japan, with his own unique way of cooking pork loin steak combined with his own proprietary sauce made with aged fruits, vegetables, and spices. At Tokyo Tonteki, you can experience Shusaku-san's tender and juicy pork loin steak and more. 

After the successful opening of its first branch at UP Town Center late last year, the AmPhil Group, the same group behind Chili's, Super Bowl of China, and Nanbantei of Tokyo, followed this up with a second branch located in Greenbelt 5. Start your Tokyo Tonteki experience with their signature appetizers, like the refreshing Marinated Tomatoes (P 90), tart yet sweet cherry tomatoes and onions with Tokyo Tonteki's Japanese vinaigrette dressing.

Looking for something new and different? Go for Tokyo Tonteki's inventive Spring Roll of Prosciutto, Avocado & Onsen Egg (P 190), a unique spring roll with the bold notes of premium prosciutto replacing the usual roll wrapper for even more flavor, stuffed with a perfectly cooked egg and creamy avocado. The salty notes of the prosciutto are perfectly balanced by the rich egg and avocado combo for a medley of rich flavors. This one's seriously good, a personal favorite.

Stir-Fried Japanese Mushrooms  (P 250), a flavorful medley with three kinds of mushrooms, with Enoki, Eringi, and Shimeji Brown mushrooms sauteed in butter and seasoned with select Japanese spices topped with Katsuboshi, or smoked Japanese fish flakes, for added flavor. The tender and nutty notes of the  mushrooms are pumped up by the richness of the butter and the sharp notes of the smoked fish flakes, a blend of complex flavors yet perfectly balanced.

Then, it's time for the mains. Tokyo Tonteki's Tonburg Steak Set (P 375), tender and juicy hamburger patty made with 100% pure ground pork with diced onions on shredded cabbage and signature onion steak sauce. I've always enjoyed burgers and meat balls, and Tokyo Tonteki's Tonburg ranks high on my list. The delicate flavors of the ground pork are complemented by the bold notes from the proprietary onion steak sauce for a full flavored and comforting meal. Each Tonteki Set is served with bean sprouts, shredded cabbage, pickled cucumber, steamed Japanese rice, and pork miso soup. And extra refills of these side dishes are free. Now that's cool.  Other options include the Cheese Tonburg Steak (P 410) and Pineapple Tonburg Steak (P 400).

Tokyo Tonteki also offers Chicken Steak Sets (P 350), boneless fillet of tender and juicy chicken on shredded cabbage. The chicken fillet has that buttery flavor and texture, a signature cooking technique at Tokyo Tonteki. Select your sauce to pair with your Chicken Steak, from the original Tonteki Sauce, or the sweet Teriyaki sauce, or the signature Onion Steak Sauce.

But it's time to sample Tokyo Tonteki's signature pork loin steak. "What makes us unique is that our pork loin steak is not breaded. What you get is a piece of thick, tender and tasty tonteki, with fresh sides and sauces made from scratch," explains Laine de Jesus-Vallar, Senior Marketing Manager of Tokyo Tonteki. Tokyo Tonteki uses only the choicest, premium high-grade pork loin meat with just the right marbling of flavorful fat, then slow-cooked in low temperature making it tender and locking in all the natural juices. The result is a thick yet tender and juicy slab of pork, rich with flavor. The signature Tonteki Set, premium pork loin steak (P 375 Regular/P 450 Large), served on shredded cabbage topped with garlic chips plus unlimited pork miso soup, rice, and cabbage. One bite and you'll immediately appreciate the tedious process in preparing this specialty dish, from the premium pork loin to the complex cooking technique. Seriously good. Other options include the Ginger-Flavored Pork Loin Set (P 375) and Chopped Tonteki (P 375).  

And there's more. Tokyo Tonteki's Ebi Fry (P 340), with four pieces of plump and fresh tail-on shelled shrimps breaded and deep-fried on shredded cabbage, with unlimited rice, cabbage, and pork miso soup.

The Ebi Fry comes with a dipping sauce that pairs well with the breaded deep-fried prawns for another dish that's rich in flavor. Other dishes include the Salmon Fry (P 360) and Menchi Katsu (P 270).

Pair your Tonteki Set with the Special Fried Rice with Egg (P 250), with premium Japanese rice sauteed in garlic, chili, premium Japanese shortening, select spices and seasonings, spring onions, and toasted garlic chips topped with a sunny side-up egg. The rich blend of flavors from the various spices contrasts with the richness of the egg for balanced flavors. This one's just perfect with any meal at Tokyo Tonteki.  

And yes, you can have dessert too at Tokyo Tonteki. Real desserts, not just a fresh fruit platter.

Cap your meal at Tokyo Tonteki with their signature Chocolate Pudding with Whipped Cream (P 120)...

...or the classic Creme Brulee (P 120), both rich and indulgent, and the perfect ending to any meal at Tokyo Tonteki.

There's definitely more to Japanese cuisine than bento boxes, ramen, and katsu. Tokyo Tonteki offers a flavorful alternative that's different and unique, prepared with the choicest ingredients and innovative cooking techniques. Ready to get "Tontekified"? Check out Tokyo Tonteki, now open at Greenbelt 5...

Tokyo Tonteki's newest branch is located at the 2nd Level of Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati or call 744-8652 for inquiries.

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