Sunday, May 31, 2015

Flavors of Ilocos: A Fusion of Flavors at Bigaa GastroPub

Pizza, pasta, and quesadillas with a surprising and flavorful local twist, and the comfortingly familiar become new, exciting, and different. And that's what you can expect at Bigaa GastroPub. 

A visit to Vigan allows you to experience the rich history and culture of the capital, but there's nothing quite like local flavors to get you in the proper Vigan vibe. Bigaa GastroPub offers its own unique take on classic favorites infused with local flavors, completing your Vigan experience.

Conveniently located at the Vigan Plaza Hotel right across the town plaza, Bigaa GastroPub is known for its playful and inventive twists on international cuisine, adding local and regional flavors to classic dishes like pizza, pasta, and even the familiar quesadilla. 

Named after the local indigenous taro plant, the capital's name is said to have been derived from Bigaa. And while in Vigan, a visit to Bigaa GastroPub is the perfect introduction to its local flavors. The resulting flavors are delightfully balanced, and the fusion idea works. Like the unique Bagnet Sisig Quesadilla (P 190), with the soft tortilla stuffed with chopped pork cheeks and onions, and served with pico de gallo. The richness of the savory filling is tempered by the sharpness of the pico de gallo, and the soft tortilla absorbs all the flavors perfectly in each and every bite. The transformation of the traditional quesadilla, infused with the local bagnet sisig, is refreshing and different, and Bigaa GastroPub offers even more inventive dishes...

Pigs in a Blanket? Why not try something local, like the Longganisa in a Blanket (P 185). Pigs in a Blanket with an Ilocano twist, stuffed with Vigan longanisa and  cheese. The bold notes of the traditional garlicky longanisa are complemented by the creamy dip for yet another unique taste of Vigan.

Two equally inventive pasta dishes were also served, with the The Bigaa Pasta (P 150), a localized pasta with bagnet, bagoong, and mangoes delivering rich savory, tart and sweet notes...

...and the Classic Rusangis Pasta (P 190), with local shellfish topped with cheese, each offering distinct Ilocano flavors. The combination of bagnet and bagoong, a typical Ilocano staple, is given another layer of unique local flavor with the mangoes, while the rusangis adds rich briny notes to the pasta. Both deliver authentic local flavors, reinvented with pasta.  

The Vigan Longganisa takes the spotlight once more with the Longganisa Panizza (P 350), a thin rustic crust topped with the iconic local sausage of the province. The rich and savory pork, the nutty notes from the garlic, and the mildly sweet flavor of the Vigan Longganisa play well with the cheese and as a topping.

Simply pick up a slice, add some alfalfa sprouts, roll it up, and you've got a panizza, Vigan-style. Clearly, Bigaa GastroPub's reinvention of classic dishes, infused with local flavors, are an attraction in itself. And there's no better way than immersing yourself in the local vibe than with local flavors. Playful twists and inventive spins, Bigaa GastroPub is the place for a unique taste of Vigan.

After a sumptuous dinner at Bigaa GastroPub, take a stroll along the town plaza, and catch the Dancing Fountain and Light Show to cap the evening. And just like the playfully inventive cuisine at Bigaa GastroPub, you can always expect delightful surprises while in Vigan.

Bigaa GastroPub is located at the Vigan Plaza Hotel, Mena Crisologo Street, Vigan, Ilocos Sur or call 0917-477-1907 for inquiries.

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