Friday, May 8, 2015

The Flavors of Japan Baked Daily at Kumori

Soft, light, delicate and indulgent, these distinct qualities have long been associated with premium Japanese breads, cakes and pastries. Now you can experience freshly baked and authentic Japanese breads and pastries at Kumori...

Kumori, one of Japan's biggest and largest bakeries comes to Manila with two branches at the lower ground floors of Landmark Makati and SM Makati, bringing its line of signature breads, cakes and pastries baked fresh daily using the finest ingredients with that distinct Japanese quality.

Kumori, which means "cloudy" in Japanese, conveys the sunshine and positivity that comes after the rain, capturing that feeling of calm and comfort reinterpreted through a wide variety of premium Japanese breads and pastries. Kumori's modern yet intricate approach to baking gives traditional recipes a contemporary flair and flavor. 

Though baking is generally a western concept, early Japanese artisan bakers adapted indigenous ingredients to appeal to local tastes. Since then, local artisan bakers adhered to a simple guiding principle, that the best breads can only come from the best ingredients. Using the finest Japanese ingredients for that unique flavor and texture, Kumori offers authenticity with the highest quality in each of their freshly baked products. Absolutely no artificial additives and preservatives are used, allowing you to enjoy full and wholesome flavors in each bite. A sampling of Kumori's signature bestsellers include (clockwise from L-R) the Fuwa-Fuwa Cream Bun, a delicate handcrafted soft bread dusted with snow sugar powder and filled with creamy egg custard; the Soft Matcha Bun, with creamy matcha filling; and the classic Croissant, a flaky layered Danish pastry enriched with pure, premium European butter. The pillow soft texture is immediately experienced on the very first bite, followed by subtle yet clean richness of flavors that can only come from the freshest and finest ingredients.

Kumori's Signature Hanjuku Cheese, a half-baked cheese original made from premium cream cheese with a distinct velvety smooth and light texture that just melts in your mouth releasing a burst of creamy richness, is another must-try. With its elegant packaging, Kumori's Signature Hanjuku Cheese makes an ideal gift for friends and family. Or you can simply reward yourself for that well-deserved treat.

Available in Original and Chocolate variants, both deliver rich flavors with contrasting soft, light yet moist texture that enhances the flavors. Pair this with a robust cup of freshly brewed coffee...perfect.

Other products include the savory Salmon Bonito, with Kumori's signature soft buns filled with flavorful salmon filling drizzled with homemade teriyaki sauce and topped with delicate bonito flakes. The savory tuna combines well with the sweet teriyaki sauce and the smoky bonito flakes, finished by the soft and mildly sweet buns. It's a unique and refreshing taste of Japan in a light snack.

Quality and authenticity from the freshest and finest ingredients baked fresh, it's Japan baked daily, at Kumori.

Kumori is located at the Lower Ground Floor of SM Makati and Landmark Makati. For more information, visit their FB Page at

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