Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sweet, Smoky & Hot Flavors at Chili's

Sweet. Smoky. And refreshingly hot. Bold flavors comprising Chili's distinct and comforting Southwestern-inspired menu, masterfully blended in new and exciting dishes. 

Chili's introduces its new Sweet, Smoky & Hot line of signature dishes to spice up your summer, with starters and mains to complete your sweet, smoky and hot feast.

Cool down with Chili's refreshing Strawberry Lemonade (P 75, L) or why not go for the signature Classic Mojito (P 175, R), guaranteed to get you in a sweet, smoky, and hot groove as you wait for the new dishes.

Start your Sweet, Smoky & Hot feast at Chili's with the new Pulled Pork Corn Cakes (P 325), fresh grilled corn cakes topped with tender and juicy richly seasoned pork carnitas, drizzled with honey chipotle sauce, pickled red onions, cumin lime sour cream, queso, and fresh cilantro. The richness of the pork is tempered by the sharpness of the pickled red onion and balanced by the honey chipotle sauce for that unique sweet, smoky and hot blend of flavors. The corn cakes are soft with a subtle sweetness to complete the play on flavors, pairing well with the various toppings.

Then, it's time for the mains. Chili's new Ancho Rubbed Tilapia (P 425), soft and tender flaky tilapia with a spicy Ancho chili paste drizzled in a tangy citrus chili sauce, topped with corn succotash, queso, and fresh cilantro on soft and fluffy Chili's rice with steamed fresh vegetables, is a great light and healthy option. The delicate flavors of the tender tilapia are punctuated by the Ancho chili rub, adding a layer of sharpness and just a whisper of heat. The corn succotash, queso, and cilantro complete the flavors. A platefull of flavors without the guilt.

For heftier appetites, go for Chili's Sweet Mustard Seed Baby Back Ribs (P 665 Half Rack/P 965 Full Rack), tender pork ribs basted in Chili's very own sweet smoky barbecue sauce blended with mustard seeds, honey, and Worcestershire sauce, served with golden homestyle fries and and corn-on-the-cob. The sweet and smoky barbecue glaze adds loads of flavor to the tender ribs, paired perfectly with the sweet corn and fries.  Classic Southwestern ribs that's great for sharing.

And here's the beef....Chili's new Smoked Garlic Sirloin (P 845), tender smoked sirloin with roasted garlic, served with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables, draped in a sweet and smoky honey-chipotle sauce. Grilled to medium, with its distinct juicy pink center, the sirloin is tender and juicy with rich beefy flavors pumped up with the sweet and smoky honey-chipotle sauce. The roasted garlic adds a distinct nutty note to the steak to round out the flavors.

The creamy mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables complete the dish. All three mains come with your choice of two sides which include homestyle fries, corn-on-the-cob, Chili's cilantro rice and fresh vegetables, steamed white rice, mashed potatoes, and broccoli spears.

For dessert, Chili's new Apple Berry Cobbler, with cinnamon apples and blackberries underneath a warm house made nut crumble topped with caramel drizzled vanilla ice cream caps your Southwestern feast. Homey, rustic, and comforting, the Apple Berry Crumble blends the tartness of the berries with the sweetness of the cinnamon apples finished by the velvety smooth vanilla ice cream.

It's the perfect ending to your sweet, smoky and hot feast at Chili's. In the mood for sweet, smoky and hot flavors? Then Chili's is definitely the place...

Chili's is located at 26 Missouri Street corner Nevada Street, Northeast Greenhills, San Juan City or call 727-2959 for inquiries, reservations and delivery.

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