Saturday, May 23, 2015

Friday Night Classics at The Nostalgia Dining Lounge

A steak dinner is always special. And Fridays are even more special at The Nostalgia Dining Lounge...

The Nostalgia Dining Lounge presents Friday Night Classics, with its sumptuous offerings of premium US Angus steaks. Part of the continuously unfolding culinary stories at The Nostalgia Dining Lounge (for more on The Nostalgia Dining Lounge, see my previous post here), Friday Night Classics brings back the timeless appeal of an elegant steak dinner, and another memorable dining experience at the Oakwood Premier-Joy Nostalg Center.

The tasteful and stylish interiors of The Nostalgia Dining Lounge exudes a comforting warmth, accentuated by table centerpieces reinforcing the "nostalgic' theme. A pianist adds yet another layer to complete the dinner experience at The Nostalgia Dining Lounge.

Thoughtful period pieces, like antique phones, typewriters, and scale model biplanes transport you back to the casual elegance of bygone days, just the perfect setting for a classic dinner. Dinner begins with freshly baked bread and rolls, enough to start you off as you decide on the main courses.

Friday Night Classics at The Nostalgia Dining Lounge offers three choices of premium US Angus steaks, including pasta and seafood dishes, plus a variety of appetizers, starters, and soups. But Friday nights are steak nights, and the steaks are definitely the way to go at The Nostalgia Dining Lounge.

Start with a rustic and comforting Onion Gratine (P 375), the classic French onion soup with a melted Emmental cheese top. The soft and thick layer of Emmental cheese adds both texture and rich notes to the mildly flavored broth. A great start before the main course...

Have a signature cocktail before the main course, Nostalgia's Sparkling Whisky Sour (P 440), with Cutty Sark, soda, lemon juice, and bitters. A good steak takes time, and a few cocktails are all you need as you eagerly await the arrival of your steak.

And here she is...the US Angus Ribeye (P 1,645/7 oz), perfectly grilled to medium rare with a juicy pink center, served with a side of buttered vegetables and Bearnaise Sauce.  The premium beef is incredibly tender and juicy, releasing a burst of rich beefy flavors in every bite. So good, you really don't need any sauce at all. But an occasional dip in the equally rich bearnaise sauce does the trick to balance the robust beefy notes of the steak. Other premium US Angus steaks include the 6 oz. Tenderloin (P 2,215) and the Striploin (P 1,560). Options for sauces include Bearnaise, Peppercorn, Bleu Cheese, Merlot Shallots, and Honey Mustard.

Pair your steak with some of Nostalgia's signature sides, which include Creamed Spinach, Baked Potato, French Fries, and Mashed Potatoes. I go for the Sauteed Mushrooms and Grilled Asparagus for my US Angus Ribeye.

Cap your classic steak dinner with Nostalgia's signature Deconstructed Black Forest (P 325), with layers of chocolate cake, pudding, cherries, whipped cream, kirsch, and fresh strawberries...

...or the equally indulgent Baked Choco and Hazelnut Cheesecake (P 425), an oven baked, silky smooth cheesecake, pairing well with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Friday Night Classics at The Nostalgia Dining Lounge is one of those best kept secrets in the metro for a classic steak dinner. Celebrate a milestone, a family event, or simply because it's Friday at The Nostalgia Dining Lounge, more than enough reason to enjoy a good steak.

A steak dinner this Friday? Absolutely. Friday Night Classics is available every Friday, from 6:00pm to 11:00pm at The Nostalgia Dining Lounge.

The Nostalgia Dining Lounge is located at the 6th Floor of the Oakwood Premier-Joy Nostalg Center along ADB Avenue in Ortigas center or call 637-7888 ext. 8603 for inquiries and reservations.

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