Thursday, September 10, 2015

Changing the Game at Recession Coffee

The freedom to pay what you want can be a unique and liberating experience, and at Recession Coffee, you determine the value... 

Recession Coffee challenges the traditional business model with its novel pricing strategy, addressing the varying value perception and price sensitivities of consumers for its line of premium coffee. Simply walk up the counter, place your order, and pay what you want...

Located inside the Eastwood store of Digital Walker, the country's largest retailer of premium gadgets and accessories, Recession Coffee is the latest in-store concept from the innovative retailer. Shop around for the latest gadget, and have a soothing cup of coffee. All in one place. 

Stocked with all the iconic brands and latest gadgets, Digital Walker is a virtual candy store for adults. And Recession Coffee simply completes the experience, with its line of premium coffee. But what makes it even more special is the innovative pricing structure. You determine the value, and pay what you want...

For a first-timer, Recession Coffee offers a simple guide to aid you with their unique pricing structure. There are no rules and no minimum fees, you determine the price. My advice, stay classy. You can choose to pay whatever you deem is fair and reasonable, and no one will judge you. But Recession Coffee serves the good stuff, and absolutely worth what it costs if you decide to pay between the "You're the water to our beans" and the "Please marry us" range.

Recession Coffee uses #YKW Signature Espresso Blend by the Edsa Beverage Design Group, with its Dark Matter Theory Signature Espresso Blend and Single Origin Coffee like Ethiopia Sidamo Guji Suke Quto, Guatemala Lobos Estate, Panama Carmen Estate, and Kenya Wakulim, along with pastries by Scouts Honor's Miko Aspiras.  

I start with Recession Coffee's freshly brewed Cafe Latte, a blend of bold and robust espresso with steamed milk. The full-bodied and subtle chocolate notes of the espresso are tempered by the creamy milk for balanced and soothing flavors, and it just keeps getting better after every sip. This is one seriously good cup of coffee and definitely worth paying between the "You're the water to our beans" and "Please marry us" range.

Pair your coffee with one of the featured pastries from Scouts Honor by Chef Miko Aspiras, like the colorful Honey Ombre Cake (P 140)...

...or the savory Lechones (P 75), a traditional scone stuffed with lechon and served with traditional lechon sauce, capped by the indulgent Scouts Honor Triple Cookie (P 110), with  its flavorful trifecta of molasses oats, rocky road, and choco chip. Recession Coffee offers a wide array of indulgent pastries by Chef Miko Aspiras, with so many options to pair with your coffee and mood.

One more caffeine fix to cap my afternoon at Recession Coffee, with the rich Flat White, topped with a thin microfoam of velvety smooth steamed milk. Just like the Cafe Latte earlier, the bold notes of the freshly brewed premium espresso comes through with rich yet smooth, rounded flavors, with none of the usual bitter taste. It's premium coffee, and they do it well at Recession Coffee. Other options include the Piccolo Latte and the Cappuccino, made with the premium espresso blends from the Edsa Beverage Design Group.

Excellent coffee, inside a retail outlet with the coolest gadgets, and a unique pricing structure where your value perception comes into play combine for a unique experience at Recession Coffee. Can't decide which brand of speakers or headphones to get at Digital Walker? Have a cup of coffee at Recession Coffee. Then have another cup after purchasing your gadget. And it all just makes sense at Recession Coffee.

At Recession Coffee, it's all about choices. And you decide on the value. It's an innovative concept that just adds to the overall experience at Recession Coffee in Digital Walker. It's a bold and game-changing strategy that already sets it apart from the usual coffee joint. And if you decide to be generous and fair, it's absolutely worth what it cost.

Recession Coffee is located inside Digital Walker, 3rd Floor, Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City or call 584-3745 for inquiries.

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