Friday, September 25, 2015

Traditional Sushi Served with Modern Technology at Genki Sushi

Your favorite sushi and sashimi, delivered by the iconic Shinkansen Bullet Train, or a Formula 1 race car, or a Space Shuttle, straight by your tableside...

It's traditional sushi served with a modern touch, combining fresh flavors with technology for a totally new immersive dining experience only at Genki Sushi, now open at the Bonifacio Stopover Pavillon. The freshest sushi and the fastest service, all with a simple tap on the screen...

Genki Sushi updates the usual "Kaiten" revolving conveyor belt system with its new and advanced Kousoku Express System, adding a unique 21st century touch to your dining experience. The advanced system ensures the freshness of each dish, prepared and served only as you order.

And your dining experience at Genki Sushi starts with the innovative and fully integrated iPad Touch Screen to kick off the ordering and serving process with its Kousoku Express System. Simply select your dishes by tapping on the screen, and your orders are freshly prepared ala minute, served in less than 10 minutes.

And just like that, your order is served with the arrival of the fast moving trays on special tracks, announced by a buzzer. Once you pick up your dishes, simply push the yellow button and the tray goes back to the kitchen in a flash to deliver the next round of orders. Traditional sushi and modern technology converge at Genki Sushi.

Navigating the touch screen is simple and easy, with its functional iOrder System displaying the full menu and prices, as well as a preview of your bill. And the dishes just kept coming. With two levels of special tracks, the smooth flow of deliveries arrive without skipping a beat. And no, absolutely no traffic jams on Genki Sushi's high-speed tracks.

Genki Sushi's Salmon Sashimi (P 200) and Tuna Sashimi (P 200) are delivered fresh from the kitchen, all within minutes of entering your order at the screen. The whole process adds to the dining experience at Genki Sushi, with technology setting it apart from the usual sushi bars.

A steaming hot cup of green tea is available by your tableside, just add some green tea powder and pour some steaming hot water from the tap. Refills? Absolutely. With the hot water tap and Matcha powder by your side, you can have as much green tea as you want. 

Also by your tableside is Genki Sushi's proprietary Shoyu sauce and Japanese Gari, thin slices of pickled ginger, a refreshing palate cleanser in between bites of sushi and sashimi. With my green tea and shoyu dip with wasabi ready, my feast continued with Genki Sushi's Salmon Handroll (P 80)...

...followed by the crispy Salmon Skin Hand Roll (P 80). The crisp texture of the salmon skin added contrasting textures to the tasty hand roll, with strips of cucumber providing a fresh snap with every bite.

The colorful Salmon Roe Hand Roll (P 250) rounded out my first set of orders, capped with the mildly sweet and briny salmon roe for fresh and clean flavors. The capacity of each tray is set for three dishes, with each dish priced from P 60 to P 420. Then, the next batch of orders arrived, as the Space Shuttle slowed down by the tableside sending out an audible alert. Very cool.

The rich and vibrant colors of Genki Sushi's California Roll (P 150) deliver equally rich layers of flavors and textures. Dipping it in Genki Sushi's proprietary Shoyu sauce with wasabi completes the flavors.

The Genki Roll (P 150, L), with soft and creamy premium salmon, brings rich yet delicate notes, as the Creamy Spicy Salmon Roll (P 150, R) delivers just a whisper of comforting heat to kick up the flavors. The variety of dishes, and flavors, at Genki Sushi are as impressive as the ordering and serving system. 

The fresh flavors of the ocean come through with Genki Sushi's Shrimp Roe (P 80, L) and the equally colorful Flying Fish Roe (P 80, R), with each crunchy bite releasing a burst of briny notes. Pure, clean flavors that can only come from the freshest and premium ingredients.

The next batch of orders reflect the creativity of Genki Sushi's kitchen, with the richly flavored Shrimp Garlic Butter (P 120, L) and the intricate Squid Taberu Layu (P 120, R), topped with fresh scallions and chili for contrasting notes that blend seamlessly together.

The Scallop Polloch Roe (P 200) is yet another of Genki Sushi's innovative sushi creations, combining fresh scallops with lightly seared fish roe for a new flavor experience.

Genki Sushi's diverse menu include donburi bowls, like the refreshing Salmon Oyako Don (P 320), with creamy salmon and salmon roe on soft and fluffy Koshihikari rice. A meal in itself, a refreshing option for heftier appetites. Genki Sushi also offers other varieties of donburi bowls, including Tendon (P 300), Unadon (P 350), Chicken Teriyaki Don (P 350), Black Pepper Chicken Don (P 190), Shrimp Tempura Udon (P 350), and the Chirashi Don (P 420), a personal favorite.

For dessert, you can indulge on some of Genki Sushi's signature sweet options, including Green Tea Ice Cream and Strawberry Ice Cream (L) or the Green Tea Cheesecake (R) with the mildly bitter notes of the green tea tempering the richness of the cream cheese for balanced flavors...

...or go for the soft, velvety smooth and creamy Rare Cheesecake, a chilled non-baked cheesecake that's just perfect to cap your sushi feast at Genki Sushi.

With an extensive and wide variety of dishes, each served fresh and prepared to order, Genki Sushi offers a new dining experience enhanced by its modern system of ordering and serving by simply tapping on a screen. Traditional flavors and technology combine for a unique Genki Sushi experience, now open at the Bonifacio Stopover Pavillon.

Genki Sushi is located at the Second Level of Bonifacio Stopover Pavillon, Rizal Drive corner 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City or call 624-2867 for inquiries and more information.

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