Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Let's Eat, Now On TV

You've read it. Now, you can watch it on TV...

The city's trusted food guide, Philippine Star's Let's Eat, is now on TV serving up delicious food and juicy conversations with its premier telecast this Thursday, September 30, at the Lifestyle Network.

The new TV show's hosts are no strangers to good food, with food writer and social media consultant Spanky Enriquez (L) and food columnist and restaurateur Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi (R) guiding viewers in a 30-minute tour of the metro's best and hottest dining spots. The success of Philippine Star's Let's Eat Magazine, a monthly publication released every last Sunday of the month, led to the eventual transition to television. As envisioned by Philippine Star's dynamic SVP for Sales and Marketing, Lucien DyTioco, the move to television was the logical next step. "With the success of Let's Eat as a magazine curated for amateur and professional foodies, it was only logical and eventual that it transcended a more popular medium--television. We've decided on this shift out of a desire to create a community of diners where people can share their dining experience and contribute to the richness of the Filipino food culture," shared Lucien DyTioco.

At the formal launch held at Century Mall's Hole in the Wall, Spanky Enriquez and Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi chatted with guests, including ArroZeria's Chef Chele Gonzalez (R) and other noted foodies in a light and casual atmosphere filled with good vibes. And that's the kind of vibe you can expect with the new TV show.

The Philippine Star's SVP for Sales and Marketing, Lucien DyTioco (middle), is flanked by the new TV show's hosts, Spanky Enriquez (L) and Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi (R) during the formal launch. The show's hosts promise to deliver more than just a 30-minute dining show, but a smart and witty conversation behind each and every dish or restaurant featured on the show. And if the duo's entertaining repartee during the launch at Hole in the Wall was any indication, you can expect a fun and enjoyable ride with the new show's premier telecast.

At the launch, signature dishes from Hole in the Wall's popular purveyors were served, including the bestselling Banh Mi from Phobobo...

...and the Umami Fried Chicken from Bad Bird for a hefty and satisfying lunch. After all, this is what you can expect from Let's Eat, simply good eats.

For dessert, we sampled more of Hole in the Wall's signature offerings, including the soft yet moist Japanese-style Cheesecake from Green Cheese...

...and the indulgent cookie creations from Chef Miko Aspiras and Scout's Honor. And you can be sure to see more of the metro's good eats at Let's Eat, now on TV. Catch Let's Eat on its premier telecast on September 30, 8pm, at the Lifestyle Network...and enjoy the first bite. Regular episodes will be aired every Wednesday at 8pm, with replays every Thursday at 11:30am.

Let's Eat is brought to you by the Lifestyle Network, Philippine Star, and PhilStarTV.

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