Saturday, September 5, 2015

Meet You at The Lobby: New Dishes at The Peninsula Manila's Legendary Lobby

For over 38 years, The Lobby has become synonymous with memorable dining experiences, as it continues to be the metro's premier meeting place. Meet me at The Lobby...

Since 1976, The Lobby at The Peninsula Manila has been the perennial meeting spot for the metro's elite, and remains one of the iconic landmarks in the Makati CBD. The expansive space and high ceilings are flanked by two grand staircases on each side, adding to The Lobby's elegant and timeless appeal. Matching The Lobby's dramatic interiors is its equally impressive cuisine, with many of its beloved signature dishes gaining prestigious awards, including its indulgent Halo-Halo, cited by Time Magazine as the "Best Legal High" in 2006.

High above the elegant lobby is the impressive 12-metre "Sunburst" (L) by national artist Napoleon Abueva, with its 21 rays and 33 spears set against a silver leaf lined dome. All around The Lobby, natural light filters through the wide and ornate panoramic glass windows, draping the entire space with a soothing glow.  

The Lobby is open 24-hours a day, with its signature dishes, including all-day breakfast, just a short order away with the courteous and friendly staff always ready to serve. The Peninsula Manila's Executive Chef, Mike Wehrle, ensures that the culinary legacy of The Lobby continues with each and every dish, 24-hours a day, seven days a week. 

Start your dining experience at The Lobby with a refreshing and freshly squeezed Dayap Juice (L), made from local limes, along with freshly baked bread (R) served with butter. Executive Chef Mike Wehrle starts us off with a selection of dishes from The Lobby's new "Naturally Peninsula" light and healthy cuisine... 

...with the Rice Paper Roll with Mint and Garden Vegetables (P 530+), fresh, delicate rolls stuffed with finely shredded carrots, enoki mushrooms, cucumber, white turnips with sweet chili coriander. The rice paper is light and paper-thin, allowing you to experience all the natural flavors of the fresh vegetables. The subtle sweetness of the vegetables, and the fresh and crisp "snap" combine for rich flavors and textures. A dip in the sweet chili coriander sauce spikes up the flavors with its bold notes and comforting layer of lingering heat. The Lobby's new "Naturally Peninsula" line of dishes emphasizes freshness with the finest organic and all-natural ingredients for light and healthy dishes with clean flavors, ranging from sandwiches and burgers, soups, salads, and appetizers, to main courses.

The Lobby's Roasted Pumpkin Veloute (P 560+) was served next, a thick and hearty broth with seared scallop, pumpkin oil, and roasted seeds. The comforting dish is thick and creamy, with a rich buttery note, making every sip burst with vibrant flavors. Delicately soft yet firm, the scallop is perfectly seared, adding its own unique briny sweetness to the medley of flavors. The pumpkin oil and roasted seeds add both flavor and texture, and the seared scallop completes the dish.

For the mains, the Oven-Baked Atlantic Salmon (P 980+) was served, another of The Lobby's new "Naturally Peninsula" line of light and healthy dishes, with quinoa, peas, tomato-vierge emulsion. At The Lobby, light and healthy doesn't mean flat flavors, in fact, the bold notes of the fresh and organic ingredients add its own subtle yet intense flavors to the dish. The tender and juicy Atlantic Salmon is perfectly baked, with delicate flavors, complemented by the sharp notes of the tomatoes with quinoa and peas for a light yet satisfying dish.

Executive Chef Mike Wehrle's rustic 36-Hour Braised US Beef Short Rib (P 1,150+), with truffled potato mousseline, root vegetables, and Shiraz jus was then served. The fork-tender beef delivered rich flavors, absorbing different layers of flavorful notes from the equally rich red wine sauce and vegetables. The dish packs a flavorful beefy punch, with the tender beef almost melting in your mouth after a tedious 36-hour braising process. This is comfort food, elevated in the classic Peninsula style, and a personal favorite.

Cap your dining experience with The Lobby's classic desserts, like the Flourless Malagos Chocolate Cake, a medley of chocolate flavors with chocolate mousse, caramelized pecan nuts, and frozen Malagos sorbet...

...and The Lobby's signature Banana Turon, with caramel sauce and homemade jackfruit ice cream. Only the finest ingredients are used in all of The Lobby's wide and extensive menu, and the use of premium local ingredients like Malagos chocolate adds a deep, rounded and indulgent note to the Flourless Malagos Chocolate Cake. The local turon, a popular snack, is given that special Peninsula touch, with sweet bananas and jackfruit rolled in crispy, light, and delicate paper thin wrappers sprinkled with sesame seeds. Pair it with the creamy homemade jackfruit ice cream, just perfect.

Another scoop of homemade Jackfruit Ice Cream, and another memorable dining experience at The Lobby ends on a sweet note. The new "Naturally Peninsula" light and healthy dishes, along with the signature classics at The Lobby, provide flavorful options, each one guaranteed to make your visit to The Lobby always special. And after 38 years, The Lobby remains fresh and contemporary without skipping a beat, and still the place to meet. See you at The Lobby...

The Peninsula Manila is located at the corner of Ayala and Makati Avenues, 1226 Makati City, or call 887-2888 for inquiries and reservations.

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