Thursday, March 31, 2016

Comforting Options by SEVEN Comfort Cuisine

You can do it the hard way, or go for the smarter yet comfortingly tasty option...

Just leave it to SEVEN Comfort Cuisine to prepare your special meals for any occasion, all you have to do is pick-up the phone and have your plates, and appetites, ready for the feast.

Seven Comfort Cuisine's culinary style is simple and uncomplicated, yet full of vibrant and rich notes that's just so comforting with its home-cooked flavors. Using only the freshest ingredients, each tray with the SEVEN Comfort Cuisine label signals the start of the feast without the hassle. With their extensive menu, you can customize your special feast for any occasion. Time to open up the trays and enjoy...

Seven Comfort Cuisine's Veggie Red Rice (P 500 good for 10-12 persons) is not only tasty, it's healthy too. The soft red grains have a subtle nutty note, complemented by the mild sweetness of the vegetables for a rich blend of flavors and textures. And it pairs well with any of SEVEN Comfort Cuisine's signature mains for a comforting feast in your own home. SEVEN Comfort Cuisine also offers a savory BBQ Spam Rice (P 650) for even more options.

For the mains, SEVEN Comfort Cuisine's creamy Cheesy Pork Mushroom Gravy (P 859 good for 6-8 persons/P 1,350 good for 10-12 persons) should satisfy any hefty appetite, with tender pork draped in a rich gravy blended with cheese and mushrooms. The delicate notes of the tender lean pork are punctuated by the rich and distinct layers of flavors from the cheese and mushrooms. It's a hearty dish with home-style flavors, and you'll go for seconds. And thirds. Other Pork dishes include the Caramelized Peppered Pork (P 750/P 1,250), another savory option. You can also choose from a variety of Beef dishes like Teriyaki Beef Skillet and the Classic Beef Pot Roast, Chicken trays like Thai Basil Chicken Bites, Chicken Pandan, Tender Appled Chicken, Grilled Persian Chicken Kebab, and Buffalo Chicken, a Lamb dish like SEVEN Comfort Cuisine's Lamb Locale, and Seafood dishes made with the freshest ingredients such as Fish Fritters and Aioli Dip, Spanish Fish Fillet, Seafood Pumpkin, Creamy Prawn Thermidor, 9-Spice Prawn Stir-Fry, and Cheesy Salmon Bechamel. SEVEN Comfort Cuisine also offers healthy Vegetable dishes like Cheesy Roasted Cauliflower, Yasai Teppan, and Ratatouille Ragout.

No celebration is complete without noodles, and SEVEN Comfort Cuisine's Savory Chicken Mushroom (P 600 good for 6-8 persons/P 1,000 good for 10-12 persons) adds that celebratory vibe to your special occasion. Not your usual pasta, it's a comforting pasta dish with an Asian spin. The soft yet firm pasta is mildly sweet with just a whisper of soothing heat from the spices, with tender chunks of chicken, nutty shitake mushrooms, and peanuts completing the flavors. The dish also reflects SEVEN Comfort Cuisine's wide range of tasty options. Other pasta dishes include Vongole (P 600/P 950), Tomato Basil (P 750/P 1,150), and Baked Bacon and Zucchini Lasagna (P 800/P 1,350).

Each dish is conveniently packed in sealed aluminum trays to maintain freshness, and ready to serve once delivered. Perfect for get-togethers at home or at the office, convenient and hassle-free, SEVEN Comfort Cuisine is definitely the comforting option for any celebration. For dessert, you can choose from SEVEN Comfort Cuisine's Solo Desserts (minimum of 9 per order) like Pannacotta in Vanilla, Coffee, Cinnamon, and Melon flavors; Creme Brulee, Molten Chocolate Lava, and White Chocolate Cheesecake. With a wide variety of signature mains and desserts, leave the cooking to SEVEN Comfort Cuisine and enjoy your feast in the comfort of your home.

For more on SEVEN Comfort Cuisine, you can call, SMS, or Viber 0920-272-6588 for orders (2 days advanced notice required) and inquiries for pick-up (QC area) and delivery options. You may also check out their cool Facebook Page for more on their extensive menu offerings at or their Instagram account at  

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