Saturday, March 26, 2016

Lunch by the Sea at Vitalis Villas

Juicy ribs, homestyle pizza, sinigang, fresh seafood, and an amazing view of Sabangan's time for lunch at Vitalis Villas. 

Dining at Vitalis Villas is an experience in itself, complementing the spectacular views of Sabangan Cove to complete your summer getaway at the North's newest luxury lifestyle destination.

Bright blue skies formed the perfect backdrop for Vitalis Villas' stunning dove-white structures, and days like these are guaranteed in summer (for more on Vitalis Villas, see my earlier post on my travel blog here).

Take a dip in one of Vitalis Villas' many infinity pools and take it slow, have a drink, and it's another perfect day at Vitalis Villas.

But it gets better. At the lower pool deck overlooking Sabangan Cove, the staff of Vitalis Villas set up the table for lunch by the sea. The staff then served the day's lunch, with dishes fresh from the ovens to kick-off our feast by the sea...

...with a pair of homestyle pizza fresh from Vitalis Villas' very own wood-fired oven, the All-Meat Pizza topped with Ilocos Bagnet (L) and a Four-Cheese Pizza (R). And our lunch by the sea is off to a great start (see more of Vitalis Villas' extensive menu and signature Mediterranean-inspired dishes on my previous post here).

A bowl of comforting Sinigang, tart and refreshing, opens up your palate for the main courses...

...and the fresh and clean notes of premium Smoked Salmon, served with crisp toast, completed the first part of the feast.

For the mains, Vitalis Villas served its tender, fall-off-the-bone Rum Ribs laid on thick-cut country fries, with each bite delivering the smoky yet subtle sweetness of rum. Just perfect.

Then, more dishes were served, with comforting local dishes like Chicken Inasal, tender grilled chicken with a soy-calamansi dip...

...and the tasty Chicken Sisig, with chunks of chicken sauteed in a skillet with onions and chili topped with an egg.

To complete the feast by the sea, Vitalis Villas' signature Pork Sisig was served, with pig's cheeks sauteed in onions and chili in a metal skillet. Extra rice? Absolutely.

Dining is just one of the many layers that complete one's travel experience, and at Vitalis Villas, you can place a big check on the list for its hearty cuisine.

After a satisfying lunch, time to hit the pool with a glass of single-malt. And before you know it, it's time for dinner...

For more on Vitalis Villas, you can contact 0916-552-2794 or call Vitalis Resort and Spa at (077) 673-0037, (02) 806-5380 or 0917-580-0848 for inquiries. You can also contact the Manila Sales Office located at +632-373-3333 local 201 or email You can also visit their informative and helpful FB Page at for more updates. 

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