Friday, March 25, 2016

Mediterranean Flavors at Vitalis Villas, The North's Newest Summer Lifestyle Destination.

Good food can make or break what could be a memorable vacation. 

And great food is always part of the package at the new and luxurious Vitalis Villas. Get your suntan lotion ready and prepare to feast at the North's newest luxury summer destination... 

Vitalis Villas is the North's newest luxury development located along the tranquil Sabangan Cove in Ilocos Sur (for more on Vitalis Villas, see my post on my other travel blog here). The new luxury resort is built along the contour of the natural cliffs above Sabangan Cove, gently sloping down to its calm waters. The impressive property boasts luxury villas that's perfect for families and large groups for extended vacations,

The stunning structures, in pristine dove-white with shades of blue, reflect the brilliant summer sun, and it's an impressive view from Sabangan Cove. More than just a destination, Vitalis Villas offers a refreshing and liberating lifestyle getaway from the metro, with its laid-back and casual vibe matched by its excellent service, facilities, and its hearty cuisine.

And it gets better inside in one of the well-appointed villas. Each spacious villa includes a kitchen, dining and living areas with separate bedrooms for privacy. The soothing white-on-white color scheme adds to that luxurious villa vibe, your own private sanctuary by the gentle waters of Sabangan Cove. 

Along the different levels of the gently sloping cliff, you'll find one of many infinity pools, just pick your spot and take in the sun.

The sound of Sabangan Cove's gentle surf and the rippling waters from from the multiple fountains by the infinity pool is tempting, and you'll need some major self-control to resist the urge to dive right in, at least long enough until after lunch.

And on cue, lunch was served in the nick of time just when you pondered on taking that plunge at the infinity pool. Lunch began with a pair of tasty appetizers, with creamy and nutty Hummus served with warm pita bread...

...and a refreshing Tzatziki, with yogurt and cucumbers that's just perfect with the summer heat, cooling you down with each bite. Chef Robby Goco of Cyma and Green Pastures is the consultant chef for Vitalis Villas, and you'll find some familiar touches, and new surprising spins, in the extensive menu at Vitalis Villas.

Next, a duo of pasta dishes were served, starting with the creamy Uni Pasta, made with fresh sea urchin roe, tomatoes, peppers and capers. Sabangan Cove's bountiful waters and rocky outcrops are rich with sea urchins, and you can find local fishermen every morning harvesting sea urchins in the calm waters. And it just doesn't get any fresher than that. The flavors are fresh and clean, punctuated by the tart cherry tomatoes, smoky peppers, and sharp notes of the capers for balanced notes.  

The richly flavored and meaty Pasta Bolognese was served next, a comforting pasta dish with soft yet firm Fusilli, savory ground beef and black olives topped with Parmesan for a tasty punch.

A classic and rustic Mediterranean-inspired Moussaka, with layers of soft eggplant and ground beef topped with cheese and served with thick-cut country fries, completes the Mediterranean summer feel at Vitalis Villas. The dishes may be deceptively simple, but one bite bursts with rich flavors for a memorable meal by the sea.

Just leave it to Chef Robby Goco for his inventive spin on local flavors with his signature pizza at Vitalis Villas. Fresh from Vitalis Villas' very own wood-fired oven, a pair of freshly prepared pizza were served infused with distinct local flavors, like the All-Meat Pizza topped with Bacon, Pepperoni, Beef and Ilocos Bagnet, guaranteed to satisfy your protein craving in no time...

...and the Katuray and Anchovy Pizza, topped with wilted Katuray, an indigenous flower plant also called scarlet wisteria; anchovies, garlic, green onions, fresh tomatoes, and goat cheese with shards of Pecorino Romano on homemade pizza dough. The addition of local ingredients, like Ilocos Bagnet and Katuray, add unique notes to the pizza, making familiar dishes new and excitingly different.

After a satisfying meal, ditch the coffee and go for a classic single malt to get you in that cool Vitalis Villas vibe. Better yet, take your single malt with you for a dip at one of the many infinity pools at Vitalis Villas.

After hours in the infinity pool, it's time for dinner, with Vitalis Villas' sumptuous Boodle Feast ideal for groups, with Bagoong Rice topped with crispy Pork Bagnet, Deep-Fried Catfish, Grilled Squid, a comforting bowl of Sinigang, and served with a side of fresh tomatoes and green mangoes. And dessert too. Good food guarantees a perfect vacation. And you can't go wrong with the extensive menu at Vitalis Villas. It's been a long day lazing around the pool, and tomorrow is yet another day to, well, do absolutely nothing. And you can do just that, at the north's newest luxury lifestyle destination...

For more on Vitalis Villas, you can contact 0916-552-2794 or call Vitalis Resort and Spa at (077) 673-0037, (02) 806-5380 or 0917-580-0848 for inquiries. You can also contact the Manila Sales Office located at +632-373-3333 local 201 or email You can also visit their informative and helpful FB Page at for more updates. 

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