Monday, March 28, 2016

Fowl Play at FowlBread

The Tasteless Restaurant Group's Bad Bird takes its signature Umami Fried Chicken to the street with its newest concept... 

From the same group behind Bad Bird, Le Petit SouffleHole in the Wall, Wrong Ramen, and Hanamaruken Ramen, the Tasteless Restaurant Group spins its own signature and irreverent style at the center of Bonifacio High Street with FowlBread...

FowlBread does more than just piling up their signature fried chicken on a piece of bread, it takes the Bad Bird experience to a whole new level with their new Chicken Sandwiches (more on Bad Bird at Hole in the Wall on my previous post on the launch of Let's Eat TV). FowlBread, located right smack in the middle of it all at Bonifacio High Street, is a welcome addition to the bustling food scene at The Fort.

At FowlBread, diners can take a peek at the open kitchen layout and see the signature dishes being prepared. With options to dine by the open kitchen with outdoor tables and stools, or inside an enclosed air-conditioned space, FowlBread exudes a cool community eatery vibe, adding to the overall dining experience. 

Pair your meal with FowlBread's line of non-alcoholic beverages like their Strawberry Hibiscus Cooler (P 180, L) and Frozen Pineapple Yakult Cooler (P 260, L) or better yet, an ice-cold Pedro Elementary, English Ale (P 190, R). FowlBread offers a wide range of both local and imported craft beers, and if you have a favorite, you can find it here.. 

While it's all about the chicken at FowlBread, don't forget to to try the flavorful Garlic Egg Noodles (P 170), soft yet firm and chewy noodles coated in a light yet richly seasoned sauce bursting with the bold nutty hints of garlic with every bite. It's a deceptively simple yet comforting dish, no-frills and uncomplicated, but the flavors really do pop out with its umami-style seasoning.

The much-talked about sandwich, Fowlbread's signature Chicken Sandwich (P 215/P265 with Salted Fries/P 295 with Garlic Fries), was then served. The tall sandwich is piled high with a perfectly crunchy and juicy chicken fillet, topped with tart and crisp pickles and radish, capped with another piece of crispy chicken skin on a soft buttery bun with creamy Russian dressing. Each bite is a delectable play on both flavor and texture, with each component weaving its own distinct notes in a comforting and seamless blend. Once you start, you just can's stop. Available in three spice levels, from Safe, Spicy to Chemical, the layers of soothing heat pair well with the juicy and crisp chicken.

The pickles and radishes cut through the richness of the crunchy and juicy chicken fillet for balanced notes, with the rich Russian dressing completing the flavors. And that crispy chicken skin really does the trick making this sandwich one of those absolute must-try chicken sandwiches. Be adventurous with this one, go for the Spicy or Chemical variant and enjoy the heat, perfectly washed down with an ice-cold craft beer.

It's more than just a chicken sandwich, with a healthy dose of naughty fowl play, and it works. Still on soft opening at the time of our visit, all you need is one bite, and FowlBread is more than ready to satisfy your craving for something familiar yet refreshingly new and different.

FowlBread is located at B3, Bonifacio High Street, 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. For more updates, visit their FB Page at

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