Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Panay Kain Tulog ATBP Complex Food Crawl: Coffee and More at Artsy Cafe

A cup of coffee or a satisfying and comforting meal, Artsy Cafe offers all these and more...

Artsy Cafe opens a second branch at the new Panay Kain Tulog ATBP Complex in Quezon City serving their own take on comfort food, ranging from light snacks, pasta, salads, and sandwiches to heartier full meals, burgers and steaks. Located within a unique property complex with two other restaurants and a hostel, Artsy Cafe is one of the coziest spots this side of the metro.

The brightly colored structures within the Panay Kain Tulog ATBP Complex in Panay Avenue is the perfect backdrop for a cozy and whimsical dining spot, Artsy Cafe, one of the many dining options in the integrated property. Inside, the playful and colorful interiors exude a comforting warmth, perfect for coffee or a light yet satisfying meal. 

Artsy Cafe offers hearty and refreshing salads, like the Market Salad with Chicken (P 160, L) draped in a sweet and tart vinaigrette and the Apple Walnut Salad (P 220, R) fresh apple slices and walnuts adding both flavor and texture to the dish, ideal starters before the savory mains.

After the pair of refreshing salads, you're just about ready for Artsy Cafe's signature mains. Artsy Cafe sources its bangus directly from Bonuan in Pangasinan, and their signature Bangus En Papillote (P 300), is an absolute must-try. The natural sweetness of the milkfish is highlighted in this dish, with clean and delicate flavors. Other Bangus Specials include Herb & Spice Belly, Bangus Belly Salad, Bangus Sisig, Sinigang na Tinapa, and Sizzling Bangus.

Artsy Cafe also offers a variety of pasta dishes, like the Chicken Parmigiana (P 160), with tender and juicy chicken fillet breaded and deep-fried topped with cheese and marinara sauce. There's just nothing like pasta for a comforting and satisfying meal. Artsy Cafe's other pasta dishes include Bolognese, Puttanesca, Beef & Sausage, Lasagna, Frutti de Mare, Carbonara, Sardina ala Provencal, Creamy Salmon Basil, and Baked Macaroni.

Or you can try something new and different yet comfortingly familiar. Artsy Cafe recreates the classic ham and eggs with their innovative Crater Sandwich (P 225), soft, freshly-baked bread with ham and egg served with homemade chips and grilled tomatoes. It's a light yet flavorful sandwich dish with rich flavors, perfect to start your day or as a light snack. Other options include the Grilled Cheese, Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Cheese, Club Decker, Tuna Melt, Chicken Wrap, Steak Sandwich, Sausage and Cream, and Grilled Cheeseburger.

The Artsy Burger (P 260), Artsy Cafe's own signature burger, is another tasty option, with a thick and juicy beef patty topped with cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato on a soft sesame seed bun.

Comforting entrees with rich home-style flavors are also perfect options for satisfying meals at Artsy Cafe, including the savory Lengua (P 180), with fork tender beef tongue that almost melt in your mouth, draped in a rich and creamy gravy with mushrooms. Served with rice and vegetables, it's a complete meal in itself. Other savory entrees include the Baby Back Ribs, Katsudon, Grilled Fish Fillet, Broiled Prawns, Chicken BBQ, Kare-Kare, Beef Ampalaya, Sigarilyas sa Gata, and Bacon Pork Belly.You can also enjoy hearty breakfasts served with garlic fried rice and egg with their Breakfast Tapa, Daing na Bangus, Longganisa (Vigan, Alaminos, or Chicken), Breakfast Pinka, and Tapang Bangus.

And here's the beef. The Fillet Mignon (P 295), a tender fillet of beef covered in gravy and served with mashed potatoes and vegetables should satisfy your craving for serious beef. But if you're really hungry...

...there's the T-Bone Steak (P 295). For the price, both steak dishes offer satisfying  meals with more bang for your buck. Tender with bold beefy notes matched with value for money, it's another winning pair at Artsy Cafe.

For dessert, Artsy Cafe offers an indulgent selection of sinful treats, like Banana or Mango Crepes (P 65), Coffee Jelly Parfait (P 120), Brownie Cheesecake (P 150), Mango Pudding (P 130), Strawberry Matcha Cake (P 195), Layered heaven Cake (P 195), and Espresso Panna Cotta (P 80), take your pick.

The Cheesecake Crumble (P 170) is another creative reinterpretation of a classic dessert, with ice cream, almond slivers and blueberries combining for a perfect finish to your meal at Artsy Cafe. This one's a personal favorite.

Cap your feast with a freshly brewed Cafe Latte (P 100), made with your choice of premium coffee beans including Sumatra, Sidamo, Sagada, Arabica, Macadamia, Decaf, and Hazelnut-Vanilla. Rich, honest, and comforting flavors matched with value for money, stop by for cup of coffee and a Artsy Cafe.

Artsy Cafe is located at the Panay Kain Tulog ATBP Complex, 23 Panay Avenue, Paligsahan, Quezon City or call (02) 246-9069 extension 525 for inquiries and more information.

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