Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Rice is Right. At Yellow Box Rice Company.

Sumptuous rice meals packed in bright yellow boxes. The rice is always right...at Yellow Box Rice Company.

Yellow Box Rice Company offers comforting and flavorful rice meals conveniently packed in attractive boxes matched with excellent value for money. If you're looking for a quick and satisfying meal without busting your wallet, head on over to Yellow Box Rice Company...

Packed in distinctive yellow boxes filled with sumptuous on-the-go meals, Yellow Box Rice Company serves a variety of comforting rice meals to satisfy any craving any time of day. Matched with reasonable prices, a Yellow Box Rice Company meal is always a win-win situation. 

The best way to get acquainted with the different rice meals at Yellow Box Rice Company is to go for their popular bestsellers, the Yellow Box All-Time Classics, like the All-Veggie Mongolian (P 65-Junior/P 85-Regular), with fresh vegetables sauteed in that familiar and comforting Mongolian style for a light flavorful and healthy meal. The richly seasoned vegetables and the soft and fluffy rice combine for a hearty and guilt-free meal that's packed with bold flavors, all for less then a hundred bucks. 

You can also opt for the Chicken and Squid Mongolian (P 95-Junior/P 117-Regular), with the same richly seasoned vegetables on rice, with the addition of tender chicken and squid for even more flavors in a box.  

The Beef Yakiniku (P 99-Junior/P 123-Regular), with soft and fluffy rice topped with fork-tender beef strips and bean sprouts, is another tasty option at Yellow Box Rice Company. The juicy beef and crunchy bean sprouts offer contrasting textures with distinct notes for another satisfying meal. The rice absorbs all the richness of the toppings, making each spoonful burst with vibrant flavors.

If you're looking for some pork love, Yellow Box Rice Company has that covered too. The Sisig Rice (P 95-Junior/P 117-Regular), with fluffy and flavorful garlic rice topped with tender pork mask, green peppers, and onions, recreates the classic local favorite with its rich and savory notes tempered by a layer of soothing heat for balanced flavors. 

If you wish to go easy on the heat, Yellow Box Rice Company can place the spicy green chili on the side for your Sisig Rice. 

And here's the beef. The Beef Salpicao (P 99-Junior/P 123-Regular), with tender strips of beef sirloin sauteed with mushrooms and crunchy garlic on rice, is one of Yellow Box Rice Company's consistent bestsellers. As you open the box, the fragrant aroma of the garlic rises and one bite immediately tells you why this is their most popular meal. The juicy and beefy notes of the tender beef combine with the rich flavors of the mushrooms and garlic, all absorbed by the rice, delivering full and rounded flavors with each spoonful.  

You can also enjoy homestyle local flavors, like the Adobo Rice (P 95-Junior/P 117-Regular), with chunks of pork slow-cooked in the classic adobo-style topped with fresh tomatoes...

...and the Binagoongan Rice (P 95-Junior/P 117-Regular), with tender pork cutlets sauteed in a rich, sweet and mildly salty shrimp paste topped with Baguio beans and strips of tart green mango slices. The sharp notes of the shrimp paste cuts the richness of the savory pork, punctuated by the slices of green mango to cleanse the palate, and you're ready for another big bite. Other Yellow Box All-Time Classics include Beefsteak Pinoy, Beef Teriyaki, Squid and Mushroom Ala Pobre, Chicken Misono, Chicken Teriyaki, and Chicken Salpicao

And there's more. If you still can't decide,Yellow Box Rice Company's All-Day Picks include tasty meals like the Daing na Bangus with Salted Egg Rice (P 123-Regular), with richly seasoned garlic rice topped with tasty strips of daing na bangus, salted egg, leeks and spring onions, another tasty option.

The New Orleans Jambalaya (P 117-Regular) recreates classic Cajun-inspired flavors with chunks of tender chicken, ham, spicy sausage, and vegetables in richly seasoned and spiced tomato sauce. Other All-Day Picks include Sardines with Salted Egg Rice, Tinapa with Aligue Rice, and Tinapa with Salted Egg Rice.

Breakfast for lunch? Why not. Yellow Box Rice Company's All-Day Breakfast Meals includes Corned Beef and Egg, Tapa and Egg, Tocino and Egg, Longganisa, and Bacon and Eggs. A wide variety of convenient and tasty boxed meals at affordable prices, the rice is always right...at Yellow Box Rice Company. 

Yellow Box Rice Co. is located at the second floor, Petron La Vista, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City  or call 781-1668, 572-2858, 0922-873-9274 and 0917-585-5636 for more information and deliveries.

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  1. Hello, Nice to meet you. I come here from Google community of Food blog.
    Wow! These look very delicious!
    In particular, I want to try "The Beef Yakiniku"!
    Because I am a Japanese, so I want to try Japanese taste one, at first!

    1. Hi Luna, thanks for visiting my blog! And yes, the Beef Yakiniku is delicious! Thanks again!

  2. I want to try the Sisig on a box :)
    Sisig is one of the best food trip in Pampanga.


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