Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Go All-Out at H.I.D. Burgers

Why stop at a double or triple when you can go all-out...

...with a quad stack at H.I.D Burgers. Soft buns, almost like the familiar pan de sal, topped with flame-grilled chicken patties, H.I.D. Burgers offers a flavorful and healthier alternative to the usual burgers. And you just can't have enough of a good thing, so going all-out with an off-the-menu quadruple at H.I.D. Burgers is always a good thing. Seriously.

Simply choose from H.I.D. Burgers' selection of signature burgers and load up on the flame-grilled chicken patties or customize your own burger with a quadruple patty configuration (for more on H.I.D. Burgers and their line of signature burgers, see my earlier post, Healthy and Irresistibly Delicious at H.I.D. Burgers). The patties are firm yet juicy unlike the usual chicken patties, delivering rich savory flavors. And when you have a quadruple stack of flame-grilled chicken patties, that's pure burger happiness times four.

Add some fries, and you've got a winning set-up. Four flame-grilled chicken patties...good times. Though it's not officially on the menu, you can probably try your luck or charm the kitchen crew to prepare one for you.

But if going all-out with a quadruple stack isn't your game, there's always the Beastmode BLT (P 200) for that winning trifecta of beef, cheese, and bacon.  Go all-out or take it slow, it's your call. Game?

H.I.D. Burgers is located at is located at the Ground Floor, City Golf Ortigas, Dona Julia Vargas Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City. You can also check out their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/hidburgers/.

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