Thursday, January 19, 2017

Perfect Pair: The Ebi King, Ramen Nagi's Newest Limited Edition Ramen.

The richness of pork and the distinct salty notes of shrimps come together in another innovative Limited Edition ramen from Ramen Nagi...

Start the new year with Ramen Nagi's newest Limited Edition Ramen, the Ebi King. The richness of the pork-based tonkotsu broth and the briny shrimps combine for a new ramen experience, it's the perfect way to start the new year right.

Ramen Nagi's new Limited Edition Ebi King (P 450) takes the classic tonkotsu broth to a whole new level, infused with the bold and intense notes of shrimps. The noticeably darker broth, cooked with Ramen Nagi's special shrimp oil, adds a vibrant layer of flavor and depth to complement the richness of the tonkotsu broth. Topped with dried shrimp powder, each sip delivers a burst of briny shrimp flavors pairing well with the pork broth and noodles. The seasonal Limited Edition is a tradition reflecting the innovative culinary style of Ramen Nagi's founder, Chef Ikuta Satoshi, when he earned a distinct reputation for serving a different kind of ramen everday for 365 days.  That creative and inventive spirit continues with Ramen Nagi's new limited releases (see my earlier post  on Ramen Nagi's previous Limited Edition ramen, A Spicy Encounter with Ramen Nagi's Nagoya King). The new Ebi King is a welcome addition to Ramen Nagi's line of signature ramen, offering a new flavor experience (for more on Ramen Nagi and their classic Original King (Butao), Red King (Akao), Green King (Midorio), and Black King (Kuroo), see my earlier post, Ramen Nagi: Your Favorite Ramen Opens at Robinsons Galleria).

The comforting and familiar creaminess of the tonkotsu broth lines your palate with its richness lingering long after the first sip. The shrimp oil and shrimp powder adds a salty sharpness to the Limited Edition ramen, tempering the rich notes for perfectly balanced flavors. It's the contrasting layers of flavors that make this ramen different, rounded out by the special spices for that soothing heat. 

And there's nothing quite like a fork-tender slab of pork belly to complete your ramen. Pork and shrimps combine for a perfect ramen pair, and Ramen Nagi has another winner with the new Ebi King.

When all the different components come together for that perfect bowl of ramen, it just makes the day so much better. Customize your new Ebi King with Ramen Nagi's signature extras like Tamago (P 60) and Seaweed (P 60), and it's time to slurp away.

After a satisfying ramen meal, why not take home some of Ramen Nagi's tasty Nagi Chips, available in Butao (Original), Akao (Spicy), Kare (curry), and Midorio (Nori). Crunchy and richly flavored, perfect with a cold beer.

If you're craving for a new ramen flavor experience, make a quick stop at Ramen Nagi and let the friendly staff introduce you to their latest Limited Edition ramen, the Ebi King. But better hurry, Ramen Nagi's new Ebi King will be available for a limited time only, or at least until chef and founder Ikuta Satoshi comes up with another new ramen creation...

Ramen Nagi is located at the Ground Floor, Robinsons Magnolia, New Manila, Quezon City or call 470-1356 for inquiries and more information. You can also visit their FB Page at for updates.

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