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#FiredUpBBQ: Discover Barbecue Without Boundaries at RackShack

Fork-tender flame-grilled pork ribs, succulent pulled pork, savory Texas Hot Links and Crack Fried Chicken. Everything you love about an authentic BBQ feast fresh from the grill and all the BBQ sauce you's fired-up barbecue at Rackshack.

Barbecue is almost like a religion, steeped in tradition with a specific set of rules. There's a certain way in preparing barbecue as well as eating it. Break one of the rules and it's no longer legit barbecue. From Kansas to South Carolina and Texas and the rest of the world, barbecue is a culinary institution that measures authenticity with the quality and cut of the meat, the spices and seasonings to rub the slab, the number of hours in the smoker, and the type of sauce used to baste and glaze the meat. But if you want to have fun with your own rules and enjoy ridiculously good barbecue at your own pace, there's an exciting new place just for you. From the same group that brought you Racks and the best ribs in town comes another innovative dining concept to take your BBQ dining experience to the next level at Rackshack. Ready to experience barbecue without boundaries? Read on and discover fired up barbecue at Rackshack...

For over twenty years, Racks has been firing up the grill with its signature ribs (for more on Racks, see my previous post, Real American Country Kitchen Style: New Look and All-Time Favorites at Racks ). This rich heritage and equity remains at the very core of their newest dining concept with Rackshack, located at Level 5 of SM Aura.

A key element in any BBQ experience is the sauce. And you're the boss with the sauce at Rackshack. You can have your Pork Ribs, Pulled Pork, Texas Hot Links or Crack Fried Chicken with your choice of sauce, or even your own combination of sauces. At Rackshack, you can enjoy five different signature sauces to pair with your classic BBQ meal, and the best part? You can have as much sauce as you want. Choose from the all-time favorite, the Rackshack Mother Sauce with its mild sweet and smoky notes, the Spicy Mother Sauce with its flavor-driven spicy kick, the Carolina Gold with its distinctive sweet and tangy hints from its mustard base, the Kansas Sauce with its sticky sweet and spicy blend, and the Hoisin Sauce, a refreshingly vibrant Asian-inspired sauce with just the right level of heat. Choose one or better yet, try them all and create your very own BBQ sauce combo. At Rackshack, there are no rules. In fact, you make the rules. So just pour on the BBQ sauce. And pour some more...

The Rackshack dining experience begins with choosing your main event: Pork Ribs, Pulled Pork, Texas Hot Link or Crack Fried Chicken. You can have it sauced up with your preferred BBQ sauce, or served dry as you customize your BBQ meal with Rackshack's five signature sauces right by your table.

At the semi-open kitchen, diners can catch a glimpse of the tender fall-off-the-bone ribs flame-grilled to perfection... your order is prepared. At Rackshack, it's all about choice and doing it your way. "Barbecue should have no boundaries," shared Rackshack founder Chukri Prieto. "We want to turn barbecue into a unique social and interactive experience. Choose a favorite among our sauces or pick two or three for your own blend."

After selecting your main event, pick your sides and choose your sauce. That's a BBQ meal in three easy steps. And that's what sets Rackshack apart, you get a real BBQ meal with all the sauces you want. And there's something for everyone, from mild and sweet, tangy, Asian-inspired and spicy. "You can always mix and match these sauces to fit your unique taste," adds Chukri Prieto. Now that you know the steps and the options for sauces, it's time to eat. Rackshack's Pulled Pork (P 185) served with Garlic or Steamed Rice is a comforting meal with tender shreds of flavorful pork that pairs well with the Spicy Mother Sauce. The savory richness of the pulled pork is balanced by the heat of the Spicy Mother Sauce, capped by the familiar smoky hints. The Hoisin Sauce adds a fresh new layer of flavor to the pulled pork with its bold flavors. That's all part of the fun at Rackshack. For the sides, Rackshack offers Shack Beans (P 60), Shack Slaw (P 60), QP Corn (P 60), Harajuku Potato Salad (P 60) and Steamed or Garlic Fried Rice (P 45). You'll want some extra garlic rice with this one.

The classic Pork Ribs (P 245) paired with the Mother Sauce is an homage to the original Racks' brand, with fork-tender pork that's juicy and well-seasoned with that familiar charred bark on the outside with its distinct smoky notes. It's the familiar flavors you've loved at Racks, and you'll find it here at Rackshack. Add some of the Spicy Mother Sauce for just a layer of heat and you're good to go. Change the pace with a drizzle of Carolina Gold, and the pork ribs are transformed to another classic barbecue style with the vibrant flavors of mustard. Or go for the Kansas Sauce with its sweet and spicy notes. The different sauces make each bite different with a unique set of flavors.

Not to be missed are Rackshack's signature Texas Hot Links (P 165) that pairs well with the Spicy Mother Sauce. The sausages deliver rich, savory and well seasoned notes along with just a hint of smokiness. Stuffed with chunks of pork, the richness of the pork comes through with each flavorful bite. The links are quite tasty on its own, but a drizzle of the Spicy Mother Sauce adds that burst of flavor to complete the experience.

You can't go wrong with fried chicken. Go for the Crack Fried Chicken (P 185/2pcs), tender and juicy chicken with a crisp outer layer seasoned with a rich blend of spices. It's a meal in itself. I enjoyed this with the Carolina Gold Sauce

Wash it all down with a cold Lager from Engkanto Brewery and it's good vibes all the way at Rackshack. You can opt to dine indoors or stay outside and enjoy the breeze at The Sky Park. At the outdoor bar area, you can also enjoy fun games like the Treat or Dare Dart Board, Rackshack-style Beer Pong, Foosball, and other board games. Another round of beer? Absolutely.

But there's more to Rackshack than barbecue pork ribs. Savor a variety of global flavors for tasty options to complement your comforting BBQ feast. Drawing inspiration from Southern, Mexican, English, Spanish, Asian and even Japanese flavors, Rackshack also offers savory dishes like the Carnitas Plate and Fish and Chips. Have a refreshing bowl of Rackshack's Street Corn Salad...

...or a bowl of Fries, Nachos and Onion Rings to go with your cold Lager from Engkanto Brewery.

And you can even customize your Nachos just the way you like it, opt for the Regular (P 115), Loaded (P 245), or Ridiculous (P 325) when Loaded just isn't enough. A variety of options and your own rules. That's Rackshack.

Craving for something light? Rackshack's Creole Garlic Shrimp should do the trick with plump shrimps seasoned with a blend of flavorful spices and garlic, just one of many tasty options at Rackshack.

But save room for dessert. At Rackshack, you'll find that perfect ending to a homey and comforting BBQ meal with ice cream served with your choice of toppings or go for a classic dessert throwback...

...with the nostalgic Brownie Smores (P 150), a moist and chewy brownie topped with roasted marshmallows and drizzled with chocolate.

Rackshack redefines barbecue for the new generation adding yet another tasty layer to the BBQ experience. And it's just ridiculously good. Ready for barbecue without borders? Stop by Rackshack, now all fired up at SM Aura...

Rackshack is located at Level 5 of the The Sky Park, SM Aura Premier, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila or call 632 541-4766 for inquiries and more information.

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