Monday, October 16, 2017

Perfect Starts on the Last Day of Chef Chin Gallegos-Bagis' Modern Spanish Cuisine at Spectrum

It was the last day for Chef Chin Gallegos-Bagis' unique take on Modern Spanish Cuisine at Spectrum, and just like the preview a week earlier, it's all about perfect starts. From the very first bite from the first plate of appetizers followed by even more tasty nibbles from succeeding plates, perfect starts always sets the tone for your dining experience at Spectrum...

And perfect starts are always expected at Spectrum with its wide range of dishes supplemented by the unique and inventive cuisine of private chef Chin Gallegos-Bagis of Pio's Kitchen. On the final day of Modern Spanish Cuisine by Chef Chin at Spectrum, I go for one more round of tasty appetizers for another perfect start...

It was a lavish spread, from cheese and charcuterie to garden-fresh salads and artisan bread with a selection of flavorful pates, dips, and spreads. And just like my first time during the preview, Chef Chin goes all-out with her sumptuous feast of starters (for more on the preview of Chef Chin's flavorful spin on Modern Spanish Cuisine at Spectrum, see my earlier post from last week here at Celebrating Modern Spanish Cuisine with Private Chef Chin Gallegos-Bagis of Pio's Kitchen at Spectrum).

That day, the impressive offerings included tasty pate, dips and spreads...

...paired with a selection of freshly-baked bread of all shapes and sizes, from crisp bread sticks, artisan baguettes and rolls to savory loaves topped with mushrooms and olives. 

The day's freshest catch were also on the table that day, including Chef Chin's Shrimp Cocktail...

...and different variations of seafood Ceviche like Tuna and Salmon. The briny sweetness and delicate clean notes of the fresh seafood come through with each bite, kicked up by tart hints of lemon and vinegar and capped by the contrasting textures of fresh vegetables.

Don't forget to sample the different salads prepared with the freshest ingredients. Chef Chin weaves her innovative spin with a creative flair, combining fresh greens and vegetables for tasty salad... this platter of black olives, red onions, and marble potatoes... Chef Chin's Salad al Fresca with oranges, cheese, and pomelo, a delightful blend of vibrant flavors... chickpeas, cucumbers, red onions, and tart tomatoes. Simple and uncomplicated, yet with complex and vibrant flavors, each one a tasty expression of Chef Chin's culinary style.

The traditional Cheese and Charcuterie Board featured some of the finest Spanish cheeses and cold cuts, just what you need for that perfect start at Spectrum.

The different flavors also included fresh nuts and dried fruits, allowing you to explore different notes on a single plate.

Enjoy your platter of cheese and charcuterie with a glass of wine or Sangria to complete the mood.

One plate of tasty starters followed by another. And yet another. It's all about perfect starts. And Chef Chin nails it with her sumptuous selection of appetizers and starters.

Perfect starts require an equally impressive follow-through, and Chef Chin's savory mains included her signature Paella...

...and the Paella Negra, a winning pair from Chef Chin's private dining kitchen. Customers swear by Chef Chin's signature paella dishes at Pio's Kitchen. Soft, fluffy and moist, each spoonful releases rich flavors infused by the different toppings and ingredients.

And at Spectrum, you can indulge with both paella dishes in one plate.

Then, leave it to the different chefs of Spectrum's many live stations to satisfy your cravings, from fresh Sushi and Sashimi... a plateful of the day's bountiful catch of plump Shrimps, succulent Clams, large Mussels, and fresh Elephant Clams delicately sauteed in garlic butter.

How about some Baked Lobster topped with creamy bechamel?

Make it a winning pair with Baked Oysters.

The buffet selection at Spectrum offers a wide array of savory dishes, from dim sum to freshly prepared pizza and pasta, traditional and comforting Filipino dishes, Asian flavors and if you're up for it, authentic Indian cuisine. 

Make it a real feast with a hefty and juicy slice of premium US Striploin at the Carving Station with a side of grilled vegetables...

...along with other savory options, like richly seasoned Roast Leg of Lamb (L) marinated with a blend of spices and herbs and served with several sauces to choose from and the iconic Lechon (R), the classic whole roasted suckling pig that adds to the festive vibe at Spectrum with its tender and juicy pork capped by a crisp layer of crackling.

But save room for dessert. From indulgent cakes and decadent pastries to homemade ice cream, the Dessert Station at Spectrum lets you complete the cycle of festive flavors that began with a perfect start. It's always about that perfect start. And a sumptuous follow through completed by a wide assortment of savory mains down to dessert.And it's all here at Spectrum...

Spectrum is located at the Ground Floor of the Fairmont Makati, 1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, Makati City or call Restaurant Reservations at 795-1840 or email for inquiries and reservations.

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