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Now Boarding: Marriott Manila Opens Manila Life Cafe at NAIA 3

Leaving from and returning to Manila starts and ends with a tasty encounter at Manila Life Cafe. NAIA Terminal 3 now has a new and flavorful dining option for travelers...

Manila Life Cafe by Marriott Manila adds local flavors to classic western favorites for a unique dining experience at NAIA Terminal 3. From All-Day Breakfasts, Manila Tacos and Burgers, Mama's Comfort Bowls and the Manila Street Food Platter, Manila Life Cafe offers travelers and visitors to Manila a tasty introduction to local flavors. Now open at NAIA Terminal 3, welcome aboard Manila Life Cafe...

Access to Manila Life Cafe from Marriott Manila and the Resorts World Manila integrated resort and casino complex is via the newly constructed Runway Manila, an impressive bridgeway leading to the airport. You can walk or hop on the golf cart for a leisurely ride all the way to the airport without the usual vehicular traffic below.

The bridgeway itself is an impressive example of engineering and design, with glass and steel combining for a sleek and contemporary vibe. After a few steps, the view of the airport and the legendary volume of vehicles appear, and you're far away from it all high above the busy avenue.

Runway Manila provides a convenient link to the airport from Marriott Manila and the Resorts World Manila complex without the usual heavy traffic, as travelers walk in complete air-conditioned comfort. Hauling your luggage is a breeze without breaking a sweat. Soon, the terminals with commercial aircraft come into view...

...and after going through the security checks, you've arrived at Manila Life Cafe greeted with a warm smile by the friendly staff. At Manila Life Cafe, guests can check in and check out directly with the off-site concierge and front desk (R) while having a tasty meal before or after your flight. Now that's cool...

Inside Manila Life Cafe, the calming earth and wood tones exude a casual warmth setting you at ease accentuated by distinct Filipino icons, from the timeless Jeepney to a curated playlist of classic Filipino pop music for that unmistakable Manila vibe. The spacious interiors also include a private lounge, the perfect spot to chill at the airport. 

But it's the wide array of  comforting dishes that really sets Manila Life Cafe apart from the usual dining options at the airport. Take Manila Life Cafe's sumptuous starter, the Manila Street Food Platter (P 290) with homemade fish balls, chicken fritters and fried quail eggs served with sweet soy dip, spiced vinegar, and sweet and sour sauce. It's a dish that triggers childhood memories taking you back in time. 

If you prefer a refreshing salad, why not have one with the traditional flavors of the south with the Grilled Chicken Inasal Salad (P 280), a hearty bowl of crisp garden-fresh iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, salted egg and creamy garlic dressing. The salad offers a fresh and inventive spin infused with local flavors and the familiar notes of the chicken inasal pairing well with the nutty hints of the garlic dressing. Comfortingly familiar yet refreshingly different, this is what diners can expect at Manila Life Cafe.  

Not to be missed at Manila Life Cafe are their signature Manila Tacos, including the Crisp Fish Tacos (P 330) with sustainably caught mahi-mahi fillet, tart green mango slaw, and garlic sour cream. This one's a personal favorite. The delicate notes of the crisp mah-mahi come through followed by the vibrant flavors of the green mango slaw and rounded out by the nutty garlic cream. It's the creative fusion of familiar local flavors that makes these tacos different, and it just works perfectly. It's a light yet filling meal before or after your flight, and there's more...

Other tasty taco options include the Chicken Inasal Tacos (P 310) with tomato, onion, salted egg and garlic sour cream, and the Pork Sisig Tacos (P 330) with chicharon, pickled onions, green chili, calamansi lime and rich onion sauce. Just like the Crisp Fish Tacos, the layers of different local-inspired flavors come together in a seamless blend. 

Manila Life Cafe also offers a variety of imported beers like Stella Artois, Heineken, and Corona as well as local beers, including San Miguel Light, San Miguel Pale Pilsen, artisan craft beer from Crazy Carabao Brewing and Manila Life Cafe's very own Manila Life Ale, perfect with the Sisig Nachos (P 270). Crisp nachos get a local makeover topped with pork ragout, jalapenos, pickled onions, chicharon and onion cream for another tasty surprise at Manila Life Cafe. And once you start, you can't stop. Another bite and another round of beer before the next flight out.

Breakfast in a sandwich? Manila Life Cafe's figured that out perfectly with the "Tapdelog" Tapa & Egg Pandesal Sandwich (P 250) with tender and savory beef tapa and fried egg on a freshly baked pandesal-type bread. And what's not to love with this sandwich, with all the comforting flavors in a unique sandwich that can only come from Manila Life Cafe.

Manila Life Cafe also adds it own unique spin to burgers, using large freshly freshly-baked pandesal for a tasty local touch with the Manila Life Bacon & Mushroom Burger (P 390), a flavorful combo with a juicy homemade all-beef patty topped with Cheddar cheese, bacon crisp and mushrooms served with house fries...

...and the Crispy Chicken Burger (P 320) with crisp and juicy chicken patty with inasal marinade, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, garlic soy aioli and house fries. Both burgers feature hefty patties, so prepare for big juicy bites. The pandesal really works with this duo, adding just a whisper of subtle sweetness with every bite. You can also opt for the classic Manila Life Cheeseburger (P 350) for that comforting burger fix.

Nothing like a bowl of comforting noodles before or after a long flight, and Manila Life Cafe's It Takes Gutz Homemade Bam-I (P 330) is just what you need upon arrival or before take-off. Inspired by beauty queen and actress Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez' cherished family recipe, this popular dish from Cebu is loaded with fresh seafood and crunchy garlic bits for rich bursts of flavors with every bite.

If you prefer more traditional flavors, Manila Life Cafe's Pancit Luglug (P 350) with rice noodles, homemade shrimp sauce, plump shrimps, crunchy chicharon bits and boiled egg should do the trick. A squeeze of fresh calamansi and you're ready for nostalgic local flavors.

But if you're really hungry, Manila Life Cafe's Mama's Comfort Bowls are the perfect options. Take the classic Pork Adobo (P 350) with braised tender pork belly in soy sauce and vinegar topped with egg on steamed white rice with a side of atchara, and that's it, game over.

Here's some pork love in a bowl. Manila Life Cafe's Sisig Rice (P 350) with crunchy pork sisig, green chili, fried egg and calamansi on steamed white rice is a full meal in itself, guaranteed to satisfy any serious craving or appetite. The crisp texture and rich flavors are perfectly tempered by the egg, tart pickled red onions and green chili for complex yet balanced notes. 

How about some tender and savory Beef Kaldereta (P 380) just the way mom used to make it? The fork-tender beef draped in a thick and flavorful sauce with vegetables just takes you back home at the first bite. Add some chili sauce for just that right layer of heat, and you've got another winning meal at Manila Life Cafe.

And what's better than all-day breakfast fare? Manila Life Cafe's Manila Sunrise Plate (P 290) with pork longanisa, tocino, sunny side-up egg and garlic rice served with tomato and salted egg relish with pickled atchara, fried eggplant and soy vinegar dip with chili is a meal I can have all day long.  

Manila Life Cafe also offers a wide variety of freshly baked pastries, pies, muffins, desserts and cakes including including savory treats like the Chicken Empanada (P 85) and Beef and Mushroom Pie (P 85), perfect with cup of freshly brewed coffee. Or why not have a slice of the indulgent Leche Flan Cake (P 85/slice)?

But save room for Manila Life Cafe's signature desserts. Manila Life Cafe's decadent desserts in jars always hits the spot with the Purple Yam Roll (P 205) made with Good Shepherd Ube, soft purple yam joconde sponge cake, cream cheese filing and sweet macapuno strings and the creamy Mango Sago (P 180) with Guimaras mango cubes, smooth and milky mango puree, tapioca pearls and pomelo bits.

Soft, smooth and indulgent, it's the perfect ending to a comforting feast at Manila Life Cafe. Real food with real flavors at the airport, made with the signature Marriott Manila touch.

Manila Life Cafe elevates airport dining to a whole new level, and with Marriott Manila's team of skilled chefs at the kitchen, you just know you're getting the very best. And the prices are quite reasonable too considering the quality of the dishes, making it a far better dining option at the airport. Whether you're boarding a flight or coming back, or just in the area of NAIA Terminal 3, Manila Life Cafe is a dining destination in itself. Come aboard and rediscover familiar local flavors at Manila Life Cafe, now open at NAIA Terminal 3...

Manila Life Cafe by Marriott Manila is located at the end of the newly built Runway Manila, the new bridgeway leading to NAIA 3, 4th Level, NAIA Terminal 3, Andrews Avenue, Pasay City or call 632-988-9999 for inquiries and reservations.

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