Sunday, March 11, 2018

High Steaks: A Special Wine Pairing Dinner with Friends, Stockyard Beef, Whitebox and Don Revy at The Fireplace

An intimate gathering of friends, both old and new, makes a wine pairing dinner at The Fireplace even more special...

The Fireplace and S & L Fine Foods, Inc. collaborate for a memorable wine pairing dinner with premium Australian beef from Stockyard and fine wines from Whitebox and Don Revy. The rich flavors of the Land from Down Under fires up The Fireplace for one night...

That evening, Robert Fergusson, CEO of Don Revy; Sophie Kennedy, Marketing Executive of Stockyard Premium Australian Beef; Executive Chef James Williams of AG New World Manila Bay and Chef Philip John Golding, Chief Operating Officer of S & L Fine Foods, Inc., welcomed guests to the intimate wine pairing dinner...

The Fireplace is no stranger to intimate and memorable dining experiences, with its elegant interiors draped in a warm and ethereal amber glow. It's the perfect spot for an intimate wine pairing (for more on The Fireplace, see my previous posts, What's New at The Fireplace... on their signature dishes, Beat The Monday Blues with the Burger and Free-Flowing Beer at Fireplace on their earlier weekday offers, Made in Saga: The World's Best Comes to New World Manila Bay Hotel and One Night Only: The Saga Beef Sake Dinner at The Fireplace featuring the renowned Wagyu beef from Japan's Saga Prefecture, and Rare Delights and a Tomahawk at The Fireplace). Showcasing the best of Australia, Executive Chef James Williams of AG New World Manila Bay and Chef Philip John Golding of S & L Fine Foods, Inc. created a special one-night only menu using premium Australian beef from Stockyard paired with wines from Whitebox. The family-run Stockyard is a consistent gold medal winner at branded beef competitions back in Australia for over twenty years with its signature Long-Fed Angus Gold raised on formulated high energy locally grown grains for a minimum of 200 days resulting in tender beef with rich flavors. Served in many fine-dining restaurants around the world, Stockyard fits right in with the range of savory offerings at The Fireplace. Our wine pairing dinner began with the fresh and clean flavors of premium beef in its purest form, the Carpaccio of Long-fed Sirloin drizzled with lemon oil, fried shallots, parmesan and dijon aioli paired with the refreshingly crisp Whitebox Chardonnay. The savory richness of the long-fed beef is delicately balanced by the lemon oil, parmesan and dijon aioli with the fried shallots adding both texture and flavor and perfectly finished by the light fruity notes of the Whitebox Chardonnay from Australia's Yarra Valley.  

For the second course, Executive Chef James Williams served his savory duo of seafood and beef, the Twice-Baked Crab Souffle with Fricassee of Slow-Cooked Beef, a masterfully executed and elegant spin on surf and turf with fresh arugula paired with Whitebox Pinot Noir.

The vibrant briny sweetness of the crab souffle comes through with every bite, followed by the deep rounded notes of the beef with its distinct richness. The contrasting notes come together in a seamless blend, pairing well with the mildly tart berry notes of the Whitebox Pinot Noir to cleanse the palate.

Using both traditional and modern winemaking techniques with the latest technology, Whitebox offers an extensive range of wines for any and every occasion. From crisp whites to bold reds, each dish was perfectly paired with endless rounds of wine adding a festive vibe to the evening.

For the main course, Executive James Williams presented his Long-Fed Sirloin with Braised Chuck Crepinete on Red Wine Reduction with Celeriac Puree, elegantly plated with asparagus spears paired with the Whitebox Heathcote Shiraz. With its juicy pink center, a savory richness lines the palate lingering long after the last bite with pure flavors.

The tender sirloin almost melts-in-your-mouth delivering bold beefy notes capped by the flavorful red wine reduction. The creamy celeriac puree completes the dish.

The different layers of fruity, chocolate and earthy hints of the Whitebox Heathcote Shiraz perfectly complements the pure beef notes of the sirloin. Fed exclusively with all-natural whole wheat, barley and sorghum for 200 days, one can taste the subtle nutty notes of the grains for that unique Stockyard experience. 

The evening's wine pairing ends with an indulgent dessert, the Duo of Limoncello and Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Pops with Minted Marshmallows and Sweet Red Wine Creme Anglaise paired with Whitebox Jeff Fenech Signature Yarra Valley Shiraz along with assorted cheeses with quince paste, Truffle Gouda, Gorgonzola and Gouda. Great food, good wine, and good company at The Fireplace...just can't get better than that.

For more on Stockyard Premium Australian Beef and special wine pairing dinners, visit the FB Page of S & L Fine Foods, Inc. here at

The Fireplace is located at Level 5 of New World Manila Bay Hotel, 1588 Pedro Gil corner M. H. Del Pilar, Manila or call +632-252-6888 or visit their website at for more information.

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