Thursday, March 1, 2018

#YouGotSomething So Work On It: Axe You with Chef Nicco Santos at Bucky's

What people say doesn't define you. You got something. Work on it.

The world's number 1 male fragrance brand has always encouraged men to embrace their unique style. But Axe is taking it further and deeper by focusing on substance as well with the introduction of its newest variant, Axe You. Leading the charge are four young men who have succeeded in the fields of music, art, film, and food, the Axe guys. In a unique launch held at Makati's hip Poblacion neighborhood, Axe revealed its newest fragrance as well as its masterclass program dubbed Project You. Targeted at the emerging Gen Z demographic often perceived as entitled, privileged, and impatient, Axe fully connects with this often misunderstood segment expressed via a bold and fiery new fragrance to ignite passions, inspire creativity and work on that something they've got.

Smooth and confident yet casually understated, Axe You recognizes the entitled, privileged, and impatient generation. But Axe takes the extra step for this new breed that clearly has something. "Axe has always been about giving guys the best shot at success, and that's what we are continuing to do with Project You. We want to give you guys out there the opportunities they may not be able to get elsewhere, and we want to see what they'll do with these," says Jeremy Chua-Yap, Axe Brand Manager.  Project You is an innovative series of masterclasses, each hosted by an Axe Guy, where knowledge in a particular field of expertise will be shared to chosen participants in a unique challenge. Each challenge winner will then get a rare opportunity to work with and for the Axe guys.

That night, the Axe guys were introduced in an innovative simulcast around Poblacion's popular hotspots by Unilever's Head of Public Relations, Apples Aberin and celebrity host Sam YG at Bucky's and The Smokeyard. Linked via the simulcast, each Axe guy from different locations in Poblacion connected...

...adding an exciting buzz to the always bustling Makati neighborhood. The Axe guys represent the very best and brightest, men of style and substance reflecting the spirit and character of Axe You led by Chef Nicco Santos of Hey Handsome and Your Local, rapper Curtismith, street artist Jappy Agoncillo, and film director Gino Santos. Coming from different and diverse fields, yet each one is driven by both passion and creativity with that cool confidence. Jappy Agoncillo's got the color, Gino Santos' got the vision, Curtismith's got the rhythm, and Nicco Santos' got the flavor. To sign up for Project You, simply log on to and see if you have what it takes. The Project You Masterclasses will be kicked off by Innovating Traditions with Chef Nicco Santos on March 17 followed by Wordsmith with Curtismith on April 21, Art Wars with Jappy Agoncillo on May 19, and Beyond Cinema with Gino Santos on June 23

For Chef Nicco Santos, reinventing traditional flavors to create something refreshingly new and different is not only fun but an essential part of his creative process. His restaurants, Hey Handsome and Your Local, continue to amaze with their inventive cuisine. For his masterclass, Chef Nicco Santos will mentor the chosen participants in creating inspired new dishes from traditional flavors, infusing their own style with a unique twist. And who knows, you may even be Chef Nicco's sous chef for a month and even be part of his culinary team for this year's edition of Madrid Fusion. All you need to do is make that first step and click on the link for Project You (in case you've missed the link above, here it is: For the other masterclasses, the successful participant may even direct an entry for Cinemalaya with Gino Santos, rap with Curtismith on the big stage, or create wall art in historic Escolta. Pretty exciting times, and you get a chance to show what you've got with Axe You and the Project You Masterclass series.

"Authentic for me means fusing elements and making it my own," shared Chef Nicco Santos as he prepared his signature dish, the Smashed Duck. In his own distinct style, Chef Nicco Santos highlights familiar Southeast Asian flavors with that unique spin for a refreshing new take on a classic.

The richness of the duck and the vibrant hints of Kaffir lime brings layers of both flavor and texture to the palate. Elegantly plated, the dish feeds both the eyes and the palate, an expressive style that made Chef Nicco Santos one of the metro's rising culinary stars...

...combining for a new flavor experience. It's a bold and fiery personal culinary style that weaves in seamlessly with Axe You's expressive DNA for the emerging young segment of consumers.

A special Kaffir lime infused cocktail was also served with just a whisper of heat from the fresh chili for a whole lot of good vibes all night long.

Later that evening, The Smokeyard's signature dishes were also served including Crisp Pork Cracklings, Chicken Skin and Potato Fries as well as the popular best-sellers of Bucky's (for more on Bucky's, see my previous post, #PoblacionHop: A Food and Art Hop at Makati's Poblacion Hop Inn Makati Avenue)... their all-time favorite Mozza Nugs served with a rich and tart marinara sauce.

And the food just kept coming...

...with The Smokeyard's Pulled Pork Sliders served with Sweet Potato Chips to cap another memorable night out at Poblacion.

The successful launch of the newest fragrance from Axe, Axe You and the Project You Masterclass Series culminated with a simultaneous celebratory toast from all locations.

But the festivities continued long after that final toast, with more rounds of cocktails served to guests. Chef Nicco Santos and his team (L) joined the Project You Masterclass aspirants from CCA (R) in one memorable evening in the always vibrant Poblacion scene.

And with more cocktails, you'll need more of Bucky's Fried Chicken. A light spray of Axe You then opens up a whole lot of possibilities, and the night is young...

For more on Axe You, visit their FB Page at

Bucky's is located at 5666 Don Pedro Street, Poblacion, Makati City or call (02) 886-9955 for inquiries and more information.

The Smokeyard is located at the Ground Floor, 5666 Don Pedro Street (right beside Bucky's), Makati City or call (02) 771-1288 for inquiries and more information.

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