Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Master Oyster Shucker Reigns at the Glasshouse

And this year's Master Oyster Shucker is...

New World Makati Hotel recently hosted the much anticipated Master Oyster Shucker competition at the Glasshouse for the third straight year as part of its continuous efforts to raise awareness on sustainably sourced seafood under this year's edition of the Sustainable Seafood Week initiative. With four of the metro's finest chefs ready for battle, the competition also sheds light on a pressing and challenging environmental concern. Making smarter choices and supporting best practices is just one of many ways to get involved in the sustainable seafood movement.

This year, four master chefs compete for the Master Oyster Shucker title at New World Makati Hotel's elegant Glasshouse (for more on the Glasshouse at New World Makati Hotel, see my previous post, Firing Up The Glasshouse at The Fireplace Pop-Up). The special competition is on its second year and is part of the ongoing program of activities under the Sustainable Seafood Week initiative with the aim of continuously raising awareness on sustainably sourced seafood (for more on the 2018 Sustainable Seafood Week program, check out my earlier posts, The Freshest Catch for the Third Straight Year at the Sustainable Seafood Week Launch and Sustainable, Traceable, Fresh and Right at the 2nd Sustainable Seafood Week Launch from last year). The contenders for the coveted title include (from left to right) noted chef Philip John Golding, Chief Operating Officer & Culinary Director for S & L Fine Foods Philippines; Executive Chef of New World Makati Hotel and reigning Master Oyster Shucker, Robert Davis; Executive Chef of Hyatt City of Dreams Manila, Chad Ogden; and Executive Chef of AG New World Manila Bay Hotel, James Williams.

Christian Schmidradner, General Manager of Meliomar, Inc. (L), welcomed guests to the second Master Oyster Shucker competition. A leading proponent in the Sustainable Seafood movement, Meliomar leads the way in sustainably-sourced and traceable seafood. And the movement is gaining momentum on its third year.

"We are pleased to have this opportunity to once again show our support for the sustainable seafood movement. As a major hospitality brand, we view it as our responsibility to be a platform to promote ethical and environment-friendly fishing practices," shared Farid Schoucair, General Manager of New World Makati Hotel.

With a bucket of fresh oysters and the clock set for three minutes, the four contenders for the Master Oyster Shucker title kicked-off one of the more exciting programs for this year's edition of Sustainable Seafood Week. The cheers and applause from the crowd filled the Glasshouse... the quest for this year's Master Oyster Shucker come one step closer, one shucked oyster at a time. The swift yet deliberate twists and the furious pace of the competition becomes a blur, and with half the time remaining, it's still unclear who's got the upper hand. Since the first competition held last year, many say this is, by far, the closest yet.

And with the three-minutes over, the shucked oysters were presented for the decisive count. Who will take home the trophy this year?

Executive Chef Robert Davis of New World Makati Hotel successfully defended his title as Master Oyster Shucker for the third straight year. The three-peat champion of oyster shucking beams with a casual coolness beside the trophy, which remains firmly within the Glasshouse of New World Makati Hotel.

After the competition, guests were treated to a lavish seafood feast, which included fresh and succulent oysters on a half shell that's perfect with just a squeeze of lemon.

The plump oysters deliver a briny sweetness, the flavors of the ocean on a half shell. It just doesn't get better than that.

The Glasshouse then served other seafood dishes, like Oyster Kilpatrick with Worcestershire Sauce topped with bacon and watercress with contrasting flavors and textures coming together in a seamless blend. It's a tasty preview as New World Makati Hotel celebrates Sustainable Seafood Week with a sumptuous array of sustainably-sourced seafood for the month of March. Diners can enjoy a seafood feast of chilled seafood on ice, sizzling grilled seafood, traditional Japanese sushi and sashimi and so much more at Cafe 1228 for only P 2,199 per person for lunch, P 2,499 per person for brunch, and P 2,599 per person for dinner. Guests can also enjoy Cantonese cuisine with a seafood twist at Jasmine Restaurant like Stir-Fried Nylon Shell with Chinese Wine, Braised Bangus Belly with bitter cucumber and black bean sauce, and Crispy Baby Oyster in XO Sauce and many more.

That day, another memorable dish served was the delicately Nori Wrapped Sous Vide Salmon with Oysters and Champagne Cream. Stuffed with oysters draped in a rich and creamy sauce, it's a seafood dish that just keeps going back for seconds. The premium salmon just melts in your mouth, lining your palate with an indulgent richness.

And what better way to end an exciting Master Oyster Shucker competition than with a plate loaded with the day's freshest catch, each one sustainably and ethically-sourced.

From Steamed Chilean Black Lip Mussels in tomato, garlic and white wine to Peppered Tataki of Yellowfin Tuna, assorted seafood dim sum, salads and more oysters, it was yet another memorable dining experience at the Glasshouse. The clean and fresh flavors were enough to bring home the idea that making the smart choice matters. And knowing where the fresh seafood comes from, how it's caught, and its social impact on local fishing communities and the environment is a realization that takes you in the right direction. 

This year, the Master Oyster Shucker trophy remains firmly inside the Glasshouse, as Executive Chef Robert Davis of New World Makati Hotel eagerly awaits the next challenger. And this year's third edition of Sustainable Seafood Week is off to a great start...

The Glasshouse is located at the Second Level of New World Makati Hotel, Esperanza Street corner Makati Avenue, Ayala Center, Makati City or call 632-811-6888 for inquiries and more information.

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