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The Freshest Catch for the Third Straight Year at the Sustainable Seafood Week Launch

Fresh, sustainable, traceable...and about time too.

Starting February 28 to March 18, 2018, the metro's finest hotels and restaurants will be showcasing the freshest, sustainable and traceable seafood in celebration of Sustainable Seafood Week, now on its third year. It's an initiative that has gained momentum since it began in 2015, creating awareness and a deeper appreciation for responsible marine resource management. Here's a preview of what you can expect from the various participating hotels and restaurants for the 2018 edition of Sustainable Seafood Week...

For the third straight year in a row, Marriott Manila hosted the launch of Sustainable Seafood Week at its massive Grand Ballroom showcasing the freshest masterfully executed seafood dishes from the best chefs, restaurants and hotels in the country (for more on Marriott Manila's advocacy for sustainable seafood, see my earlier posts, Sustainable, Traceable, Fresh and Right at the 2nd Sustainable Seafood Week Launch on last year's kick-off and Taking It To The Barangay: The 2017 Marriott Asia-Pacific Culinary Workshop's Chef's Challenge using sustainable seafood). And for three years, the vision remains the same, to establish an open and dynamic platform for involved stakeholders to discuss the status and challenges for more sustainable seafood, bringing inspiring solutions for change in the fisheries and aquaculture sector and to raise awareness in public. As consumers, we all have a stake in managing our marine resources right. And it all starts with being informed and making the right choices. 

Christian Schmidradner, General Manager of Meliomar Inc. (L) joins Marriott Manila's Executive Chef Meik Brammer and the rest of the industry in doing seafood right. This year's launch promises to be even bigger than last year just by looking at the tasty samplers from the different stations. 

And when the country's very best chefs from prestigious hotels and restaurants get together, you can be sure of sumptuous seafood in one place... the tasty Tandoori Jhinga Salad (L) and Seafood Biryani from The AccorHotels group. The global group includes Raffles Makati, Fairmont Makati, Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Joy Nostalg Manila, Novotel Manila Araneta Center and other hotels in the country, each highlighting an endless selection of other fresh seafood dishes.

That evening, the metro's top chefs gathered to celebrate the country's freshest seafood, and it was good seeing old friends like AG New World Manila Bay's Executive Chef James Williams and New World Makati's Executive Chef Robert Davis (L) as well as Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco and others from the Discovery Leisure Group (R).

Marriott Manila's team led by Executive Chef Meik Brammer (L) served up their sumptuous Clam Chowder in Sourdough Bread, Fish Tacos and Salmon Gravlax all evening long, while Shangri-La at The Fort's Chef Carlo Huerta Echegaray (R) shared his refreshing Peruvian-style cuisine from Samba.

Joining the seasoned chefs that evening were aspiring young chefs from Enderun (L) and CCA (R), and the future looks promising. Executing their elegantly plated samplers, the young chefs kept in pace with the metro's best hotels and restaurants in showcasing the finest and freshest catch of the day that night.

And it was great to see Novotel Manila Araneta Center's Chef Rajan and Joy-Nostalg Manila's Executive Chef Edgar Alejandria join hands with the rest of the industry in giving a thumbs up for sustainable seafood, along with noted chef Philip John Golding (R) and the Disciples of Escoffier (R).

Like the earlier editions of Sustainable Seafood Week, guests experienced not only the country's wide variety of fresh seafood...

...but the many creative ways and executions of seafood dishes prepared by the country's top chefs, hotels and restaurants.

The elegant Shrimp with Potato in Bouillabaisse Sauce by Joy Nostalg Manila is one of many creative dishes featured that night...

...along with its intricate Pan-Seared Cod with Mango Salsa offering guests a variety of fresh and vibrant flavors.

The young chefs were not to be outdone, whipping up their own inventive creations of sustainable seafood dishes like this hearty sampler from Enderun...

...and CCA's Pan-Seared Barramundi Fillet with Pumpkin Ginger Puree and Edamame. Just being in the midst of all this culinary talent is an experience in itself. The future looks good indeed.

Chef Carlo Huerta Echegaray of Shangri-La at The Fort's Peruvian restaurant, Samba, served his signature Ceviche de Atun highlighting the clean, fresh and briny notes of the ocean layered with just a whisper of citrus notes. 

And the 2018 Sustainable Seafood Week launch featured many other tasty bites inspired by global flavors like the Crispy Balls with Selva Black Tiger Prawns. It's amazing to experience seafood prepared in a variety of ways. It not only tastes good, it also feels right knowing that the ocean's bounty served that day come from sustainable and traceable sources with the best practices.

Executive Chef James Williams of AG New World Manila Bay served the signature seafood specialties of The Fireplace, including Baked Scallops...

...and many more tasty bites that evening. With so many options served during the launch, just deciding where to start wasn't an easy decision to make. 

Marriott Manila featured their Salmon Gravlax, sliced and prepared as you approach. All the participants at the 2018 Sustainable Seafood Week launch featured live stations were each sampler was prepared a la minute for freshness. Marriott Manila will also highlight Selva Shrimps in their dining outlets in celebration of Sustainable Seafood Week. Indulge in a variety of shrimp dishes along with the extensive buffet spread at Cafe Marriott for the same price of P 1,950 for lunch and P 2,150 for dinner.

The variety of fresh seafood and the creative culinary executions were definitely scaled up in this year's edition of Sustainable Seafood Week. The use of sustainable seafood by major hotels and restaurants have increased in the past three years, with stricter procurement guidelines enforced to support this advocacy.

Marriott Manila's Executive Chef Meik Brammer (L) paced the ballroom checking on each station. Meanwhile, the flurry of activity kicked up a notch as more guests arrived to savor the freshest seafood at the different stations. One by one, each sampler dish is served...

...with its presentation intact despite the never-ending queues for more.

The Discovery Leisure Group offered their Boodle Fight, a sumptuous seafood feast in itself... New World Makati's team of chefs constantly replenished their stocks of fresh, succulent and plump oysters on ice.

One more plate of Salmon Gravlax...

...with another shooter of Clam Chowder from Grind, but there's still so much more to try.

As more fresh oysters were shucked...

...and served, the concept of sustainable seafood slowly sinks in. Smarter options and better practices, and everybody wins.

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